Cedar Potting Bench

Potting bench

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Happy Spring, Friends!


Cedar potting bench, potting table, call it what you want! Someone is going to win it!

I am delighted to be part of the Gardener’s Supply Company’s product review program. Recently they sent me this FABULOUS potting bench to review for my honest feedback. Well, if you can’t tell already, it was love at first sight! This high quality, easy to assemble potting table was exactly what I needed. And, I am excited to host this giveaway because one lucky reader is going to WIN their very own bench! <!–more–>

Are you ready to win?

To enter today’s giveaway, leave a comment below – tell me your favorite thing to plant! One entry per person, please.

Comments will close by 9:00 a.m. EST on Friday, March 25th.

✿The winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator and announced in this post shortly thereafter.

Here’s my story:

Many years ago I purchased a potting bench from a local antique dealer. The bench was made from 100 year old barn wood; it was big and heavy (not very functional) but I liked it. However, the antique piece was more like art in the garden then a ‘true’ functional gardening essential. I placed the bench in the far corner of my backyard knowing I would never really use it; it was very cool looking, don’t get me wrong.

After ten years or so, the old bench rotted away and was dismantled for fire wood. Since then, I have wanted a new potting bench for years – one I could actually use for gardening! I see many DIY tables on the Internet and they are quite nice. But I am not crafty enough to build my own so I admire them from afar. Then Gardener’s Supply Company asked if I thought my friends (YOU) would be interested in winning one. Well, as you can imagine, I squealed ‘YES!

A few days later, two large boxes were delivered to my home. Guess what was in them? This lovely cedar potting bench for me to assemble and review. Now it’s March in Michigan; there’s not a lot of gardening happening so receiving anything garden related this time of year is like Christmas all over again. I didn’t care how cold it was outside, my new gardening toy would soon be assembled in my family room and placed outside immediately.

Let’s get down to business:

My job was to assemble the bench first and swoon over it later. I mentioned earlier, I am not super handy at building things but this was easy to assemble, I even surprised myself. There were eight screws for the base and a few others, that’s it! Here’s some pictures of not-so-handy me effortlessly assembling my new bench.

Potting Bench Assembly 2

There are only eight screws to assemble the base. Easy peasy!


Potting Bench Assembly 3

An Allen wrench was included. It made assembling so easy!


Potting Bench Assemby 1

I used a power drill for the 4 screws that hold the top shelf to the base, that’s all!


Potting bench with dry sink

Dry sink with a plastic bin for soil! Just what the gardener ordered!


Potting bench with tool hooks

There are 4 forged hooks for gardening tools. The power drill came in handy here, too!


My new potting bench

Ta Da! That’s me and my new potting bench – hurry up spring!

Here are some highlights:

  • Lovely potting station with a lot of work surface for gardening
  • Both sides on top slide open for easy access to the dry sink
  • Bottom shelf is perfect for storing watering cans and extra pots
  • Upper shelves add more storage
  • Handy hooks for gardening tools
  • Rot resistant attractive Western red cedar with plated steel hardware

FYI: Gardener’s Supply Company is on Facebook, Twitter: @gardenerssupply and Instagram: gardeners.

Friends, I am so excited for you all. Please tell your friends, share the love and joy because someone is going to be a winner…good luck!

576 thoughts on “Potting bench

  • By carol borowski - Reply

    I look forward to spring and summer as I love to get my hands dirty! Have so many bulbs popping up now and my trees are budding out too! I have perennials in my large garden, flowering bushes and trees, plus do annuals. Unfortunately can’t have veggies as our trees are over 100′ tall and we have too much shade so they get very tall – the veggies-
    . But I do love my hydrangeas as I have mostly blue- varying shades – purple and white.I have lived on Cape cod where they grow all over and get gorgeous with the very deep blue!
    I would love to have the potting bench as I do not have a dedicated one and have to improvise with all planting and care of my gardens all around my house!!!

    • By Kathy Moon - Reply

      I love this pitting bench! It is exactly what I’ve wanted. I love to do container gardening with all kinds of different plants in the summer. I especially love tough, drought tolerant plants. I hope I win!

    • By Stephanie broyles - Reply

      I currently have a small garden with herbs, corn,green beans, brussel sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Looking forward to planting a lemon and orange tree.

    • By edye vanhouten - Reply

      love spring…seeing all the flowers popping up and of course the baby animals coming out of hiding…

      happy spring

    • By BL - Reply

      I think it would be really cute with a shelf of herbs – my favorite!

  • By Linda Weber - Reply

    Would love to win this~

  • By Kathy Parsons - Reply

    Just what I need!!!!——flowers….lots and lots of flowers!

  • By Kelley - Reply

    I love planting annuals! Love all the color and beauty around my house. This bench is wonderful!

  • By myrona porter - Reply

    There really are so many things to plant that I can’t even pick a favorite. I guess you could say that everything is my favorite to plant. Lol

  • By Linda Brown - Reply

    Where to begin……I can’t choose a favorite thing to pot! I love to pot up everything! My sweet pup used to either dig up or lay in everything that I planted in the ground so I’ve learned to pot my garden, hanging baskets and pots all over! Benches make it so much easier and are pretty too! What a place to hang out, love the look of this bench.
    Thanks, Linda

  • By myrona porter - Reply

    Eveything is my favorite to plant. There really are so many things to plant that I can’t even pick a favorite.

    • By Melanie DeBoard - Reply

      I love to plant container gardens!!!

      • By Melanie DeBoard - Reply


  • By Janet Valdez - Reply

    I love spring & watching plants come to life!! I could sure use this table!!

  • By Carol - Reply

    I love to plant flowering plants such as African daisies and lillies that provide color and variety to our gardens throughout the year.

  • By Meg Hart-Smith - Reply

    I can’t wait to plant all my pots of herbs and annuals, but what I really love is planting vegetables in my raised beds. No tomato tastes better than one you grow yourself!

  • By kathie - Reply

    love to plant day lilies.

  • By Iva hallmark - Reply

    I love plants of any kind! I love to create hanging baskets with with multiple variety that will cascade over the sides! My absolute favorite is the variegated Jew. For the inside – pathos ivy – LOVE THEM! For the yard – roses – any color- iris any color – lilly – any color. Trees – oak – I love to start from an acorn and watch it grow!!!

  • By Mary walton - Reply

    My most favorite thing to plant is impossible to say because I love everything about gardening
    But I can say I am currently working on hollyhocks ,velvet queen sunflowers and I have some radishes coming up
    I am always hopeful to win

  • By Linda Howell - Reply

    I love planting flowers of all varieties. My yard has many shady spaces so Impatients and Hostas have become my friends.

  • By Susanne worthington - Reply

    Early May is the time I plant all my herbs and vegetables. I cant wait to get my hands in the soil and fill my pots!

  • By susan carroll - Reply

    Love to get good flowers on sale. Will plant just about anything. I have a table I use for planting and the top is falling in. So hope to win this but Congrats to whoever the lucky person is!

  • By Angie - Reply

    I’m new to gardening, so I’m enjoying everything about the whole process of planting new flowers and starting a veggie garden in raised beds. My favorite flowers are mini sunflowers and tulips and tiger lilies so far. I’d love to have the chance to win this bench. My kitchen table has been my friend to get my seedlings ready when it’s too cold out.I live in Canada and in one of the coldest provinces. It would also keep my table clear of dirt.

  • By eileen - Reply

    Hard to choose one thing that is my favorite to plant, so I will choose peas. They get to go in the ground early, and nothing compares to fresh peas!

  • By Kathy Lee - Reply

    I love your site and all of your wonderful post and ideas! I love to garden! I am a high school math teacher and days can get pretty stressful. When I come home after those tough days, and weeks I love to spend time outside planting, weeding, tiding and just getting lost in the gardens. Gardening is the best way to release the stress! We recently found about 100 old windows and are going to build a greenhouse. This potting bench would be a perfect start to my new greenhouse! My favorite thing to plant is zinnias and marigolds. My mother always planted these in her garden and they remind me of her and they make me smile 😊

  • By Lynne Majewski - Reply

    I love to plant all different kinds of flowers throughout my property, so that they bloom at different seasons, allowing everyone to enjoy them all year long. I also love coming up with different ideas for potting annuals , displaying them in unique objects that catch everyone’s eye. 😊

  • By Kim B Smith - Reply

    I love creating my containers, it is my art, mental and physical therapy. The soil feels amazing! I love nurturing the containers as the grow, weeding, feeding, pruning and such.

  • By Dianne McNeil - Reply

    Love this potting bench, clean lines , great to have a shelf ….I could and would use this bench, I am a plant addict, both inside and out….so useful for doing up my ornamentals.

    • By Dianne McNeil - Reply

      I would and could use this wonderful potting bench, love the addition of the shelf above the working surface.
      It will make potting up my seasonal ornamentals so much easier, I would be delighted to become an owner
      Of this creation, it would grace my garden shed very nicely

  • By Pamela Graham - Reply

    Be still my heart…I love starting herb and annual flower seeds. Happy day to have this bench to work with!! I hope I am selected!! Happy Gardening!! Pamie G.

  • By William Arreaga - Reply

    I love cactus and succulents!!! My kids (3 and 5) guide me on which ones to choose. Actually we had to sell lots of pots to close friends so we could pay the bill at the hospital when my daughter was born in Virginia.

  • By Barbara Wheeler - Reply

    I cannot wait to get out in the yard and get the garden ready for planting. I grow a multitude of vegetables and enough to sustain us until the next crop is ready the next year. I have 9 different gardens in every nook and cranny around the yard. I have been complemented over and over for my lack of weeds in my gardens, I call that weed therapy. I have the perfect spot for that potting bench and I have wanted one for years.

  • By Bonnie Wright - Reply

    I would love one of these. Already have some of my seeds planted.

  • By gregory - Reply

    I love planting cranesbill (hardy geranium) and herbs of all kinds along with moonflower and purple hyacinth bean.

  • By Brenda Ayotte - Reply

    Spring is my most favorite time of year. living in Texas we don’t has a long spring, but I still enjoy getting out and planting in my vegetable garden and herb garden! Love my rose garden and the roses are so pretty every year! This beautiful garden bench would looks so pretty at my house! I don’t have a place now to do my potting! Wish everyone the best of luck, who ever gets it will have fun with it! Thank you

  • By Pam - Reply

    Raised Beds for Veggies, waiting on Heirloom Tomatoes and Purple Bell Peppers to Mature. Salad Table Bib, Romaine Lettuce and Radicchio Red Chicory. New Zealand Spinach. Lemon Mint, Spearmint, Sweet Basil, Rosemary and Dill growing in pots. Trying to Start a Day Lily Area Garden. Lots Going on in PamsLand. 🙂 Would be so Blessed to have This to Help Keep all Twines, Tools and a Place to work off of. Thanks Two Women and a Hoe for the Opportunity.

  • By Wanda Juhl - Reply

    I want be gardening as much this year. My husband passed away a year ago, and now I live in an apartment. I loved growing lilies and hydrangeas. I have some window boxes here. I will plant flowers for birds and butterflies. I would like to win this. I would put it at my daughters place. She is going to have a garden for us. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you!

  • By Darla Feeheley - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant are those bulbs/cuttings and segments of plants from gardens of my friends and family. We all love to sip wine and do our own little garden tours at each other’s homes. I had a very dark purple lilac and a pussy willow tree that I shared cuttings with my sister and friend Thea. In return I received beautiful separated Day Lilies from my sister and fast spreading Liriope for my shade garden from my friend Thea.
    I also love to purchase the plants on sale at the end of the season that look like they need a lot of care and rehabilitation…it’s the challenge and sometimes the surprise of what comes from the unmarked half-dead brown clump that would have otherwise been thrown out.

  • By KimO - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant are tomatoes, love the first tomatoes

  • By Susan Baker - Reply

    I can barely stand it when we begin getting a touch of spring. I’ve already placed all my plants outside on the front porch. Should we have a little cold spurt I will cover them with a sheet or blanket. My tulips have shot up, (no tulips yet.) My hostas are about 3″ tall in several areas around the yard. I am working right now on creating a little retreat area surrounded by flowers and plants. I put a table with chairs and umbrella in the area. Also a lounge chair and another set of chairs with a smaller table. I love planting. Hosta’s are my most favorite. Roses I love. I can’t think of anything I don’t like planting.

  • By Deb ford - Reply

    I love to plant just about anything. I have two raised beds and many potted plants. Gardening is a passion and a distraction from the seriousness of having a husband who has suffered a stroke. I have spent many hours in the hospital planning a garden on paper.
    I grow herbs to strawberries and vegetables. Would be a great help to have a potting bench.

  • By Carol Anderson - Reply

    I love to plant all kinds of plants. Would love to win this. I don’t have anywhere for planting my plants.

  • By Dee - Reply

    Tomatoes! There’s just nothing better than a ripe, juicy homegrown tomato.

  • By Carol Larson - Reply

    Love to plant snapdragons and day lilies

  • By Dottie - Reply

    I look forward to planting my tomatoes and basil every year. For flowers, I look forward to planting Rosemoss.

  • By Tammi Roach - Reply

    I’ve always wanted to have a potting bench. I just saved plans for one using pallets but this would be so much better.
    Impatiens are my favorite flower to plant. Love to have them growing everywhere.

  • By Una Byers - Reply

    I must say, I do love my hostas. Planting, dividing, moving them around and sharing divisions with friends. But sadly, my ash tree is coming down any day now and there goes a lot of my shade so all the hosta plants beneath will need to move. But there is a bright side, more light for the veggie garden! So I will need a potting bench as I don’t have one now and I have just the spot for it, behind the garage! 🙂

  • By Sue Fawcett - Reply

    I like to plant herbs and wildflowers!

  • By Mary Taylor - Reply

    Love the potting station very nice. My favorite flower’s to plant is all of them. Just to get my hands in the dirt is priceless. Garden is my therapy and my motto. Plant’s bring me joy and always excited when spring arrives I get frisky and live in my yard doing what I love the best which is gardening.

  • By Jim Algie - Reply

    Planting a seed of anything allows me to see what life is all about. Great way to teach children or even older people.

  • By Mike Feight - Reply

    Favorite thing to plant, VEGGIES of any kind especially any peppers, an all flowers friendly to bees and butterflies. I belong to a seed exchange, try it. It can be great fun.

  • By Meg Wirick - Reply

    This would be so helpful to have. I currently pot at my kitchen sink, lol! Some of my favorites are irises, lilacs, and of course my roses. 🙂

  • By Cindy Berg - Reply

    I’d love to plant herbs and flowers, but have a spine/back problem. This is perfect for someone with a bad back who loves to plant things!!

  • By Dinah Breeden - Reply

    Would love to win this! I can’t wait till get my flowers planted. It’s my favorite thing to do. Being outdoor and enjoy fixing the arrangement and this what make me happy with the sunshine and seeing beautiful flowers. I also enjoy looking at your page to see everyone flowers and decors. Thank you! Good luck to everyone!

  • By MaryLee Saban - Reply

    My all time favorite to plant are my variety of herbs, followed closely by all the bright flowers from early Spring bulbs to the last to hang on in the Fall.

  • By Kim - Reply

    I love filling my pots with beautiful annuals. Each year I try to out do the previous year. I can’t really pick a favorite annual but love a variety of colors and textures. I have a new perennial bed I’m working on as well and enjoy watching as the sprouts pop up through the ground in the spring. I would love to have this bench!!!

  • By Jen - Reply

    love getting vege seeds and starting them off. Having been years without a garden, I now love the fact I can once more get outside into my own yard and grow veges!!! Gardening restores, refreshes and heals every part of your being, it should be compulsory, and part of every schooling!

  • By kathy krallman - Reply

    My problem is I love to plant everything . Annuals,veggies.blubs, Perennials, seeds..
    We have a short growing season where I live.
    Once it warms up I start potting and planting like crazy.

  • By Mary Speidel - Reply

    Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. Memphis is my hometown, and when the trees begin to develop new leaves and buds, the color of the green is like no other that I have seen. Just like you, my previous potting bench finally rotted, and I have been on the lookout for another one that is actually functional. This one looks llke just what I need to help me with the transplanting of my tomatoes and peppers into my 4’x4′ veggie gardens.

  • By Diane - Reply

    I love plants with lots of vibrant colors!

  • By Janet ivins - Reply

    I love to plant just about anything. Especially veggitables. There is something so wonderful about picking and eating something you helped create. I moved in July last year and had to leave what I had planted so am excited to garden this year.

  • By JoAnn Melton - Reply

    Haven BEATEN Pancreatic cancer I find joy in the simplest things, including light gardening. This bench would be a great tool in that process as I piddle in the dirt!

  • By Tina Waller - Reply

    Spring is one of my favorite times off the year. I look forward to planting Impatiens in all colors all over my back yard in pots and in the ground. It is a beautiful thing to sit out on my deck in the morning and have coffee while taking in all the color and beauty and listening to the birds singing. God is good.

    • By Paula Appleton - Reply

      I love all perrinals, and all my spring bulbs are coming up, my bushes are starting to bloom. But live in Michigan and afraid the weather is gonna hurt my bushes and trees ! Also if I could get a chance at winning that bench would be a dream come true!

  • By Monic Campbell - Reply

    I start all my flowers and herbs by seeding . That potting bench would be perfect for me .<3

  • By Rebask - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant? EVERYTHING! I am extremely eclectic, I LOVE to play in the dirt; I have herbs, veggies, flowering bushes, trees (fruit, ornamental and regular) various wild grasses and Wild Flowers galore. I collect the seeds each year to ‘help’ nature along the following year. I save my veggie seeds by using only ‘heirloom’ plants.

    This is a beautiful bench. Of course, I hope I win, but I wish best of luck to all entries.

  • By Mary Lou Hess - Reply

    Hard to pick a favorite, but the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed splitting and sharing/swapping with other folks in town whom I’ve found through our local FB page. (A potting bench would be a great help!) Hostas, daisies, yarrow, ground covers. Glad we’re having an early spring, unlike last year 😊🌷

  • By Kathryn Derauf - Reply

    I am sooo looking forward to Spring and being able to plant here in Wisconsin. I love to plant different annual flowers every year, but my favorite are Rubeckia, Black & Blue & Hot Lip Salvia’s, Cleome, Cosmos.
    I sure would love the potting bench. What gardener wouldn’t just love it!

  • By Barbara Billings - Reply

    My favorite things to plant are spring flowering bulbs with my grandchildren. Crocus, daffodils, dwarf iris, hyacinth and snowdrops. The children grow as the flowers do and every spring we go out and remark about that growth. Priceless!

  • By Rita Landolt - Reply

    Spring is the earths way of renewal. I am so excited for the glorious season of planting seeds to do my part!

  • By Nancy Miller - Reply

    Just love spring time and getting the yard and pots ready for the season. My favorite thing to plant is my fairy garden. It has various herbs and a little strawberry patch, too!

  • By Lydia - Reply

    I have herbs, veggies and flowers in my garden but this year I am starting flowers for a cutting garden.

  • By Judy Fines - Reply

    OOhh Ive never had a potting bench, would make my gardening a lot easier. Ive had 2 back surgerys and ive been told to take it easy on gardening. But I can’t I just love it so much. My kids say I need intervention but I will never stop buying plants, its great therapy to enjoy gardening. I worked at a garden center before I had to retire due to back issues, best job ever being surrounded by beautiful plants everyday I miss it. There are 2 cemetaries that I go to and fix up total strangers gardens by their headstone. Just something I started doing a few years ago, while I’m doing my brothers plot. Gardening will always be a passion, thank you for this opportunity. I Love Two Women & a Hoe you post suck lovely flower pics. Thank you 🙂

  • By Martha Franks - Reply

    I have a deck with lots of big pots on the bench that goes around 2 sides. It gives me great joy to fill them with annuals. I also love to plant lettuces which come up quickly.Would love to win the potting bench!

  • By DJ Northrup - Reply

    It’s early here in Minnesota but spring is coming early, the bulbs are coming up and I’m uncovering the beds already! Can’t wait to see what grows this year!

  • By Kathleen Barry - Reply

    Blues are my color. I have planted hydrangeas, delphinium, and hardy blue geraniums. Can’t wait to get out and start planting again. I have always wanted a potting bench and have just the spot for this beauty. Good luck to all!

  • By Nicole - Reply

    I love container gardens!

  • By Ruth Garriott - Reply

    I just purchased my first house and I am trying to get some curb appeal going. I have a covered porch with lots of room for hanging baskets and potted plants. Right now all of my garden tools are mixed in with my regular tools so it takes me twice as long to do a project . I live in Northwest Indiana and I can’t wait for Spring to arrive. My plan is to do my porch first and then begin tackling my backyard which right now only has grass . I love the gardening ideas that Two Women post on facebook and now I want to create some of these ideas in my yard .

  • By Mary wilwerding - Reply

    I love. To pot everything but try something new each yr

  • By Pam - Reply

    I Love to plant flowers!!! I love all the pretty colors on my front and back porch/deck!! This bench is gorgeous, and it sure would be a big help for my poor back. :0) Instead of bending over to fill my planters, I could stand at the bench!!
    Happy flowers, Happy me!!!!

  • By Kay Tebbe - Reply

    Plants are my senior citizen challenge…will they grow here…up north in Minnesota…and of course…I name them! My grandmother in Nebraska had a big bay window full of plants year round. They had a very large outdoor flower garden for their bee operation. Thanks for the great online site!

  • By Bobbie Meaux - Reply

    Love to plant colorful flowers and herbs!

  • By Marie Churchill - Reply

    I enjoy all flowers and ground cover. The more color, the better. I am excited for Spring to arrive permanently, so the front flower bed of our house can get an update by Jan Bills. The old lilac bushes will be replaced with lime Hydrangeas, which will really open up the front view of our house. I love hanging with Ja,

  • By Beverly Richardson - Reply

    From Tennessee everyone knows tomatoes are legendary! Fried green tomatoes, BLTs and eating straight off the vine. Tomatoes are my favorite to start from seed for a wide variety of traits and them transplant into my garden. A potting area would be delightful. Happy gardening!

  • By Helen Dunlap - Reply

    I would love to win this. It would make my planting so much easier to not try to contain the mess. I really like to plant my own herbs in containers. When they are ready, I love to bring them inside and hang them to dry. They really make the house smell wonderful

  • By Karina Carrillo - Reply

    I didn’t grow up with any type of gardening. I grew up in the Projects of East L.A. in California. When I was a teen we moved to the south west side of Los Angeles. We moved into a house. It was my first time living in a house. By then I was a troubled teen. One afternoon I was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette, I was 14 years old, and a lady accross the street noticed I was young and smoking while my mother was inside, so she knew I was given up on. She called me over and asked me if I can help her plants flowers. I told her I knew nothing g about planting or flowers. She said that it was okay and had me dig holes. Her front yard looked amazing after we were done. She then kept in touch with me and had me go over and help her garden every week. She told me I was a natural and had a green thumb. At that time I was “too cool” to show any emotion, but deep down it felt good to know someone cared and taught me that I did indeed have something to give to the earth. Since then I been gardening. Gardening became my therapy, my escape from reality, my life. Gardening changed my life. Now I’m grown and have my own home and have two kids and they garden with me. I don’t really buy plants, I rescue them. When people throw out plants I take then home and nurse them back to life. I love propagating plants sharing them with my nueghbors. Especially succulents, those are my favorite. I’m sorry if my post was too long, I never shared this story with anyone, but I do think about that lady who changed my life often.

  • By Brenda Caldwell - Reply

    My favorite things to plant are annual flowering plants. I love trying all the new varieties and finding out what works and what doesn’t. After all, in gardening, there are no mistakes, only experiments…Right?

  • By Rennee' Hernandez - Reply

    I love to plant succulents! My Instagram hashtag is #succulentsnob
    Good luck everyone!

  • By Sierra Fairless - Reply

    I love mini snapdragons and all perrinals.

  • By Suzi Blomgren - Reply

    Flowers every type

  • By Lesa - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is flowers. By the time it’s spring, I’m overdue for some color and brightness 😀 All the beautiful colors make me happy

  • By Judymoon - Reply

    I started seeds in cat litter jugs and set them out in the snow. It’s still freezing here, a day before spring starts, but the calendulas have powered through, despite everything. I will really be looking forward to planting them!

  • By Margie Gordon - Reply

    I live in the Northeast and the winters are way too long! When Spring arrives I am just busting to get outside and plant, vegetables as well as flowers. I try to surround myself with as much color as possible in celebration of a new season!

  • By Jeanne - Reply

    I love cherry tomatoes. I grow 7 different kinds. I plant extras at bus stops in my neighborhood…..so waiting folks can have a healthy snack. The bench would be a great help!

  • By Pat - Reply

    A friend and I ‘rent’ space in a local community garden, and this would be wonderful to start my veggies in!

  • By Debbi Hempe - Reply

    One of my favorite herbs is basil and I would uss the bench for my basil and all my herb and veggie planting. we are also redoing all our landscaping this year so a potters bench would be a tremendous help. Many thanks

  • By Sheila Bloom Strong Mulcany - Reply

    Flower gardening has been my therapy since my husband passed away from colon cancer at the too young age of 44 in 2005. I can think and pray and dream and plan while I’m digging in the dirt. I love flowers and especially the spring bulbs. Those first glimpses of the early crocus, followed by the daffodils is the promise of warm weather yet to come. And, I just married a wonderful man 2 months ago who now is helping me with some yard projects I’ve been dreaming about! Fingers crossed to win this beauty! Thanks!

  • By Kathy Macko - Reply

    I love planting vegetables, herbs, and flowers. This year I started my vegetables from seed and have been very successful. Will have more than I need, so I will have fun sharing my vegetable plants with friends, family and community gardens.

  • By Becky Pilkenton - Reply

    Oh! What a wonderful prize to Win! …Everything is budding out in North Carolina…Spring is Here!…Can you imagine I teach Plant Propagation and Greenhouse Production at a local college and don’t own a potting bench… What is my favorite thing to plant?…..Everything …Love my Veggies And Herbs.. and Love Container Gardening with a mixture of annual flowers, perennials. and of course veggies. Thanks for the chance to win and Good Luck to All!!

  • By Beverly Nadeau - Reply

    I love planting everything but especially Pansies.

  • By Susan Poland - Reply

    I love vegetable gardens, flower gardens. any sign of nature- grass growing, trees blooming. I love my Butterfly Bush. I, unfortunately work a lot of hours and my time is limited to my weekends. This bench would make life a lot easier to access items, relax and enjoy our spring and summer months in Indiana. Congratulations to whoever does win this. It is really an awesome treasure.

  • By PenCenedella - Reply


  • By Joyce Alder - Reply

    Lettuce, tomatoes!

  • By Tammi - Reply

    I want a bench so bad and I too get this catalog!! And dream about having their products!!!

    • By Joslynn Linthicum - Reply

      I Love planting flowers, herbs and veggies! Tomatoes are my favorite to plant! I would Love to win this bench please! 😊

  • By Gail Gundrum - Reply

    My most important and best thing I love to plant first is marigolds. They are so beautiful and keep all the bunnies out of my garden. ☺

  • By anne marie goodridge - Reply

    ive never planted anything before as ive never felt settled in the homes ive been in, but now ive found my dream home i want to make a start with a beautiful garden 🙂

  • By traci - Reply

    I love to plant perenials. Well all kinds of plants really, who am I kidding. But my first love is daylilies. And I love to start my veggies from seed. This great bench would get alot of action at my house.

  • By Laura Rhoades - Reply

    I love to plant EVERYTHING! If I had to name one thing in particular i imagine it would be a veggie garden. I love the idea of producing an abundance of food from a small seed. I also love the idea of sharing that food with my friends and neighbors.

  • By Chrissy - Reply

    I think my favorite thing to plant changes every year!! I think the plant I most enjoyed the benefits of planting was raspberries. I also love planting green chile out here in New Mexico.

  • By Lavona - Reply

    Definitely pansies in the fall and pentunias in the spring. My herb garden also has to rank up toward the number one position.

  • By Susan C - Reply

    I love to plant flowers and flowering bushes. My favorite is hydrangeas – evrry year there are new variations, and I’m running out of space!!

  • By Annemarie Catania - Reply

    I love to plant antique perennials and roses. My garden is a combination of Victorian and Cottage Garden elements. I have a beautiful purple potting bench but my husband stole it! I see it covered in his things and my heart aches for one of my own XO

  • By Shannon - Reply

    I love to plant tomatoes and lavender!

  • By Claudia - Reply

    When I saw this offer…my heart skipped a beat!
    I have always loved GARDENER’S SUPPLY products for their beauty as well as function! Receiving their catalog or browsing their website soothes my spirit. To see this offer the day before the official arrival of Spring could not be more perfect!
    I would be delighted to win, & place that potting bench near my gardening prep.area!

  • By pat - Reply


  • By Pat Mull - Reply

    I have several plants to transplant soon. Could really, really use this potting bench!

  • By Tammy Moritz - Reply

    HERBS!!! There! I said it!! Even though tradition has it that I love love love to receive perennials for Mothers Day to add beauty and texture to my yard, it’s the basil, cilantro, dill, rosemary, etc., etc., that really gets me excited!! I would love to add this gardeners bench to my yard to welcome all the beauty that comes with spring and planting!

  • By janet - Reply

    Lopvge this. Juist moved and this would look great in my new yard! Planting Peonies this year. (my first attempt!) <3

  • By Laurie R. - Reply

    I love planting and growing roses!

  • By Katie Porter - Reply

    I love planting bulbs in the fall. Watching them come up before spring is like a gift. I love remembering what I planted and seeing all the beautiful flowers at the end of winter. It’s like a visit from a dear old friend!

  • By Janet - Reply


  • By Bonnie Gregory - Reply

    I love petunias. Have multiple pots of them every year.

  • By Elizabeth - Reply

    Perennials, annuals, herbs and vines

  • By Teresa McGuire - Reply

    I have always wanted a potting bench. My husband was going to make me one, but it is still on his ‘ to do’ list! I love planting perennials because they usually come back each year…one of God’s many miracles! I also like to add annuals to pots and planters to add color on our deck and porch. Winning a potting bench would give me a spot to keep all gardening things in one place. 😊

  • By Melinda Stephenson - Reply

    My favorite is the first thing I plant in spring. Whether it’s a vegetable, flower or shrub, it’s the excitement that the planting season has begun! As to what I must plant each year it would be annual Salvias, especially ‘Lady in Red’ and ‘Hot Lips’, and others like them in different colors. They really attract the butterflies, hummingbirds, and Hawk moths.

  • By Lynn - Reply

    I really LOVE this gardening bench!!! I love to plant tomatoes & lots of herbs! Thanks for the contest.Gardener`s know the best dirt. :))

  • By Jody Larter - Reply

    I love growing seeds and watching them become my plants. I just puchase a seed heat mat to help them along. 😊

  • By Rachel - Reply

    I love to plant a variety of super colorful plants that have various blooming times throughout the season. All season long I have a pop of color throughout my entire yard!!

  • By Pam smith - Reply

    Perrienials abd vines. Love your lighthearted fun.

  • By Cris Cantin - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant? Oh that’s hard…favorite flower, definitely cosmos. When it comes to veggies, it’s a three way tie between Orange Banana tomatoes, Perfection fennel, and New England Pie pumpkins!

  • By Shara Podobinski - Reply

    I absolutely love planting flower landscapes, so it’s hard to pick a favorite thing to plant. That being said, my favorite flower is the hydrangea, so I guess I’ll say that’s my favorite thing to plant.

  • By Trish - Reply

    I love planting any perennial that flowers.. I also love my ferns!!! Happy Spring.. I want this fabulous potting table…

  • By Jodi Knittel - Reply

    I would love to win the bench!i have lots of house plants that are ready to be repotted. My favorite thing to plant are herbs. I love to cook! So I plant an herb garden right by our back door. Last year I planted oregano, Italian parsley, cilantro, rosemary, and mint for mojitos

  • By Leslie Dyke - Reply

    I love springtime planting! Everything is coming to life 😄

  • By Lynn Favers - Reply

    Absolutely love to plant hydrangeas, so many beautiful choices! And any herb…..

  • By Linda Ketcham - Reply

    There is no end to what I love to plant! Just as I am enthralled watching clouds take shape and float by, the beauty and lives of flowers never ceases to amaze me. Waiting for that plain little seed to germinate and produce always leaves me in awe. Have you ever just sat next to a plant and really looked at it? It’s intricacies and shape, how it moves during growth and knows where to find warmth and light. Plants are truly alive, there is no doubt about that! This bench would be my special place to strengthen my relationship with my garden.

  • By Rhonda Smith - Reply

    I love planting everything but my favorite are vegetables!!! Working in my garden is so therapeutic and rewarding!!

  • By Marie Malfitano - Reply

    If I had to pick one thing favorite to plant, it would be tomatoes. I absolutely love nurturing them until the fruit is ripe and ready to eat. There’s nothing better than fresh homegrown tomatoes. This beautiful potting bench would be an absolute Godsend for me, as I live in a very limited area and don’t have anywhere for storage or work space. My grandchildren and I love working outside and gardening -anything and everything!

  • By Judi Boruta - Reply

    Everything! I especially love fresh greens and herbs from my vegetable garden.Tomatoes and peppers too. I have so many flowers that I love to mix in with my vegetable garden, as well as roses, butterfly bushes, and anemones. My garden is my passion, a living work of art. Welcome Spring!

  • By Pamela Garrett - Reply

    This would look great on my porch I cannot wait till flower planting time it’s the best time of the year, to watch things grow

  • By Patti - Reply

    My favorite things to plant are jalapeño and lots and lots cilantro!!! If bacon was a plant I’d plant rows and rows of bacon!!!

  • By Deborah - Reply

    As I’m on my “L’s” with gardening & growing plants, one of the best plants for me is the “Chain of Hearts” & so far I’ve made 6 little other “Chain-of-Hearts” from the one.
    I’m also enjoying succulents as they “appear” to be easy.
    This year I hope to get a vegetable garden up & running + successfully put my ‘Whisteria’ in its forever home.
    The “Potting Bench” would be a fantastic tool to have to help me develop “Green Thumbs”

  • By Don - Reply

    We plant a vegetable garden every year in raised beds. This year we elevated the beds to approximately 36″ Less bending for our age. We also plant roses and various flowers. House plants also. If it will grow we usually try it. We usually build what we need so a bench already made would be really nice.

  • By Kristin - Reply

    Where do I begin? I had a dear friend share with me her love of gardening a couple of years ago and I was instantly hooked! Hostas, lilies, irises, vinca, ivy, mint, herbs! 😃 She created a monster! Lol This bench would allow me to take it to the next level! Thank you! ❤️🌸🌱🌺🌻🌷🌹

  • By Penny Briscooe - Reply

    I am starting a new garden here in Montana, where the growing season is short. My favorite thing to plant are things I will see next year…daisies and Hollyhocks, trees and lilac bushes! Will be frustrated at not being able to transform this years in one season!

  • By Barbara Erk - Reply

    Love all flowers but my favorite to plant are coneflowers. Most importantly, THE DEER DON’T EAT THEM as they’re native to Michigan. They’re perennials and maintenance free. They spread and fill up my garden—and surprise me every year because I don’t know where they’re going to come up. They bloom later and look beautiful when others are fading away.The tall, dried stems sticking out of the snow remind me, in the middle of winter, that another spring will come. And, lastly they come in countless colors and textures so that I never get tired of checking out the new ones.

  • By Donelle ketchum - Reply

    Ferns and Russian sage are my favorite plantings.
    Black eyed Susan’s and bee balm are my favorite flowers to grow. My yard is 3/4’s flower garden and I keep adding more plants

  • By Judiann Hasier Lesko - Reply

    Growing up as the daughter, and granddaughter, of avid gardeners I inherited my green-thumb! I love planting and growing all sorts of things from wildflowers to veggies to tropical hibiscus and orchids to beautiful trees (southern magnolia is my favorite with the northern magnolia a close second). I’ve been chomping at the bit to get my veggie garden started, but it’s just a bit too early to put most of the plants out. That doesn’t mean I don’t have them started in my mini-greenhouse in my “plant room”. 🙂 I could really give this potting bench a workout year round! I really try to grow my own veggies, and put them up for the winter, to try to get away from all of the GMOs and other crud and poisons in our food supply. I believe that is the source of many of the disease processes that we suffer from today in society. We eat too much frankenfood. And, I just can’t get enough of beautiful flowering colors and interesting looking plants. I have a potted tree / bush called a Zig-Zag that I resurrected from a clearance bin at Lowes. It’s happy and thriving. I enjoy rooting cuttings from my house plants and sharing them with family and friends. My life would not be nearly as rich without getting my hands in the dirt and growing beautiful and tasty things! These are the gifts that God has given us to enjoy, so why not enjoy and share them?!

  • By Gabriele - Reply

    I’d plant succulents. They are my favorite by far.

  • By Debbie Moore - Reply

    I love to plant vegetables and flowers. My favorite vegetable to plant is heirloom tomatoes and my favorite flower to plant is geraniums.

  • By Penny Galusha - Reply

    I love to plant perennials and vegetables. Thank you!

  • By Vanessa Qualls - Reply

    I would love this potting bench.
    I love planting flowers in pots or in the ground. Most of all I love to plant flowers that my mom passes to me from her yard. She has an amazing green thumb. I also have her massive fig trees and chevaliers . She had banana trees that she gave me. At one point I had raised 35 banana trees. I live in the south and keep these various trees in pots on my deck and around the pool. They are gorgeous but my hubby doesn’t like when we move them in the fall. He built me a. Green house and though it’s a job to move them twice a year , it’s worth it . Thanks for the opportunity to enter and share my love for flowers and plants.

  • By Linda Boll - Reply

    I love to plant almost anything! My favorite is probably roses. I have a perfect spot for the planting bench!

  • By Karen Summers - Reply

    I love to garden and this potting bench would be the perfect addition to my garden to help me organize and save my back! I love to plant period. I’ve never stopped to think of a favorite thing to plant but if I had to choose it would be herbs because you can grow them in small spaces or pots. And I love to use fresh herbs in cooking!

  • By Benita - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant every year are the ornamental planters (super large to small, and window) that I place around my property! Can’t wait!

  • By Charlotte - Reply

    I’d luv to WIN this for potting my petunia’s!

  • By Sarah Cowen - Reply

    I live in Texas where we eat pico at almost every meal. I love to plant tomatoes, peppers and cilantro – three of the ingredients in pico! I’ve needed a bench for years!

  • By Laurie Norton - Reply

    I love working in the yard & especially in the Spring. We go to the nursery year round looking for plants to add to our property. Usually we plant Nandina year round, & then flowers when the weather warms up. Our problem is out smarting the gophers that love our plants as much as we do!!

  • By Maria Alamillo Ramirez - Reply

    My husband has always been the gardener but my first project will be to start my herb garden. I also love sunflowers and my children love planting those seeds!

  • By CEIL ROCK - Reply

    Daylilies are my favorites, but bearded iris and peonies are tied for second place.

  • By Irene Harper - Reply

    I guess my favorite thing to plant are some of my heirloom perennials. I love sharing them because most of them are not available except from another gardener.

  • By linda butler - Reply

    I plant Marigolds EVERYWHERE

  • By Showey - Reply

    Hello. My name is Showey and I’m a Hosta-holic. I realized I had a problem when I began parking the car in the garage and hauling out my new Hostas after dark so my neighbors couldn’t see them. Then I began designing and planting in her Hosta beds.

  • By Emma Valentin - Reply

    love all perennials, bulbs (dwarf ones, especially <3) and small bush/trees mostly from cuttings 🙂 and annuals from seeds! that includes decorative vegetables and vines <3

  • By Susan Lawrence - Reply

    I just love to plant most anything that will grow.

    And this would certainly make it more comfortable. And stylish!

  • By Debbie Aronica - Reply

    My planting favorites are old fashioned flowers. Snapdragons, ZInnias, Bachelor Buttons, Hollyhocks, and Geraniums to name a few.
    Looking forward to this planting season. Just moved into a new house. There are surprises popping up everywhere. Just the other day I found a pussy willow tree. Can’t wait to mix the old with the new!.

  • By Kathy Long - Reply

    Don’t plant many veggies – only tomatoes, cucumbers. Plant more for butterflies, etc. Garden is a Monarch Waystation. Broke my arm last April, so couldn’t do any gardening. I’m right handed and that’s the arm I broke. Have lots to make up for this year, that potting bench would be a tremendous help. Love it.

  • By MF de Gonzalez - Reply

    I love growing tomatoes and basil!

  • By Jan Atkinson - Reply

    I love to plant various plants from flowers to vines in my containers. I like to watch them grow and become amazingly beautiful. I also love it when all my flower beds are cleaned out, shrubbery pruned and all weeded out with fresh mulch. Then all my perrinials start to bloom and it looks beautiful. Perrinials are my favorite to watch them grow from beginning to the end year in and out. 🙂

  • By Wendy Pachla - Reply

    PERENNIALS! Coneflowers, garden phlox, perennial geraniums, roses, my late mother’s daffodils, poppies – you name it! Along my driveway border and rock garden. Heaven is paved with flowers!

  • By Suzanne Boag - Reply

    I love native plants! Planting for wildlife is my thing:-)

  • By Paula - Reply

    I love to plant sunflowers.

  • By Marjorie Partner - Reply

    I like planting from seeds my Giant Sunflowers. The grandkids and neighborhood kids like watching them from sprout to 10 feet tall. I also enjoy sharing my vegetables with the neighbors and family.. I would so appreciate being the lucky winner!

  • By Tilli - Reply

    It’s a TIE!! Between the first thing I plant each spring ~ love the smell, feel and scent of fresh dirt…. And ANYTHING I plant with grandchildren… Seeing their excitement and pride is immeasurable. ❤

  • By Janet - Reply

    Vegetables, perennials, annuals I love them all.

  • By LaVonne Parker - Reply

    Love to be outside in the yard…Love all flowers and vegetables great therapy..winning this bench would sure help my back, plus it is so nice looking…..

  • By Lucy - Reply

    I LOVE to propagate anything from cuttings, especially succulents. The idea that I’m making new plants from old brings me such joy 💗

  • By Debi - Reply

    I love planting vegetables and flowers, plants my friends and family give me and transplanting flowers from the old farm and recently heirloom seeds!

  • By Sylvia Forbes - Reply

    My back yard is filled with a vegetable garden, the back patio has potted herbs, and there are all kinds of flowers around the house. This year, I’m going to try planting kale and chard, and have several new peonies, too. Just bought about 60 gladiolas which I’m hoping will brighten up one side of the house. I’m also trying out growing lettuce indoors this year, for the first time. It will be fun to see what grows best! The bench would help me get it all organized and planted!

  • By leigh ann - Reply

    I love to plant vegetables, seeing the blooms bringing a tomato or cucumber, it is always amazing. 😊

  • By Ann - Reply

    My best friend is obtaining her Master Gardener designation at a local school. She’s been gardening for years and LOVES it. If I were to win, I would give this to her. She’s an amazing gardener, much better than me. Would love to win this for her.

  • By janet niehaus - Reply

    I love to be outdoors once it warms up in Minnesota and plant flowers and help my daughter plant a large vegetable garden. Love your pictures. This bench would be a present to my daughter as she starts many vegetables from seed. Thanks.

  • By Beverly McKnight - Reply

    I like to plant flowers, any kind of flowers, annuals or perennials doesn’t matter to me which they are!

  • By Jan Sanders - Reply

    I garden at my church where we have 3 large gardens of perennials, annuals and shrubs. I do
    a number of containers also. I’m an older gardener and it would be so much easier to plant containers on a bench than on the ground. I like planting anything but I love planting whatever is new and unusual.

  • By Carey - Reply

    Digging in the dirt is my stress relief and salvation. I like to try growing about anything, annuals and perennials.. A potting bench would be great to have.

  • By Sandy - Reply

    My BFF got me into gardening and I fell in LOVE.. I love playing in the dirt/soil planting vegetables. The work you put into a vegetable garden then watching them grow and once everything grows.. You get to EAT and spread the wealth to others 🙂

  • By Deborah Scalise - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is herbs to keep up on my deck so all I have to do is open my sliding door , go out , snip and cook. I have an old potting bench that is falling apart and cannot afford to replace it right now.

  • By Sarah Wozniak - Reply

    I love to plant vegetables. Any kind will do but romaine is my favorite. I live the lushness of a couple of plants in a row.

  • By Jill Myer - Reply

    My favorite flower to plant is purple petunia! I love the way they smell!

  • By B Blakely - Reply

    MY potting bench was stolen I try to pot up with out it but it is very hard as I have arthritis & it kills me to struggle with pots on ground & dirt in wheel barrow,
    I need a table type of situation so I can use a tall stool to sit & pot up all the annuals & pots I the yard. Lots of them!!
    I also love the 2 Ladies & Hoe Very practical (good ideas for handicap sometimes could use more??) & beautiful too

  • By samra burris - Reply

    hi, first…wonderful bench, please pardon my typo’s. i am fighting my way thru multiple strokes and do chemotherapy weekly. gardening is my solitude, my therapy and a way to enjoy activities with my children and grandchildren. we garden vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and zuchinni. also flowers and fresh herbs.simply love gardening. i grew up in the city, but spent summers in Kentucky and southern Illinois with family. thinkin i was bout 4 when as i put it “i pulled up n plucked potatoes”…..my gracious did they all cackle, but i’ve been hooked since….i would be honored to win this wonderful bench….n can assure y’all it would go to a loving home…..Bless y’all…n hurry Spring….

  • By K. Runge - Reply

    Beautiful! I love flowers. All kinds.snapdragons, pansies, petunias and geraniums. I would love to have a potting bench like his.

  • By Susanne Rice - Reply

    This is for real ????

  • By LaVonne Parker - Reply

    I love all kinds of gardening, flowers veggies and from seeds too….like to watch ’em come up….my theraphy is gardening..This bench would be perfect….need to win it…….

  • By Elizabeth - Reply

    I just love your plant stand! My favorite flower is a salmon Geranium. North Carolina

  • By Marsha Stone - Reply

    I enjoy repotting my house flowers and dividing them if needed for plants to share. It’s a necessity here because I have quite a few to repot or starting new ones. I love making my own baskets in the spring to enjoy until the weather turns too cool. Plants inside the house clean the air naturally! The potting bench is designed and built to last and would be appreciated and well used.

  • By Belinda Boothroyd - Reply

    I love this bench! I love to plant dwarf Russian sage with Autumn Joy sedum and some grasses. Interesting to look at for 3 seasons! I also love red geraniums with variegated leaves–they stand out from anywhere in the yard1

  • By Marsha Stone - Reply

    I enjoy repotting my house plants and dividing them if needed for plants to share. Also I love making my own baskets in the spring. I’d love to win this potting bench, it’s just what I need and it would be well used.

  • By Marsha Stone - Reply

    I enjoy repotting my house plants. I love making my own baskets in the spring. I’d love to win this potting bench.

  • By Terry Lambert - Reply

    Love planting so many things, but I cannot get enough beebalm in my yard. I adore its flowers and make tea out of the leaves.

    The potting bench would be well used. 🙂

  • By Synnove Heggoy - Reply

    Love this bench – and looks like it is easy to put together1

  • By Lynn M - Reply

    I am pretty new to gardening – having tried to plant edibles for the first time last year. My favorite thing to plant is fruit trees and bushes. I like the flowers and the fruit are tasty and just knowing it was something I helped along is such a feeling of accomplishment.

  • By Carol - Reply

    I’d certainly use it to plant all my annual containers and hanging baskets.

  • By Tina - Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity. I enjoy planting zinnias to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It’s difficult as a gardener to narrow it down to one thing. .as the correct answer for lifelong gardeners is “everyyhing” lol

  • By Ming - Reply

    Love planting tomatoes, peppers, and flowers. Gardening allows me to take time out of the day and to enjoy life.

  • By tammy k - Reply

    Love to plants hibscus

  • By Roberta P. - Reply

    I would love to win this beautiful potting bench!! I have the misfortune to have clay soil and I plant everything in pots!!
    I would put this to good use for sure!!

  • By Sandra Anaya - Reply

    I love planting just about everything because plants represent life, new and old. I love the colors of plants and flowers that can brighten anyone’s spirits even on the worst day!! I spend time every morning with my plants.

  • By Sandra Anaya - Reply

    Everything. Plant’s bring new life every year

  • By Mia - Reply

    Augh! It’s like you’re asking me to pick my favorite child. Hmmmm….it’s a toss-up between tomatoes, roses, and zinnias. Oh, and daffodils. Wait, basil. Augh!

  • By sandy nichols - Reply

    Just right for my new community garden project here at senior housing. Already 2 neighbors and I garden near our apartments but I am submitting a grant to build raised beds and give everyone a chance to have a few tomatoes, etc.. There are 80 households in my community. We will all benefit from this potting bench!

  • By Jaimee - Reply

    I love planting veggies and dahlias!

  • By Elena - Reply

    I love anything that has to do with gardening and love all sorts of plants…I’m itchy to get back into my garden to see what has survived winter. This potting bench is a dream!

  • By Karen H - Reply

    Can’t choose a ~favorite~ to plant because I like them ALL! I have perennial flower beds & foundation plants that come to life in the Spring, have 4 raised vegetable beds, plus a field for numerous pumpkin varieties, gourds & vines. My potting bench that I win (wink!) will be used to plant about 25 containers (vintage pots and contemporary ones) of annuals along with some herbs & grasses, that are set out on our patios & porches. Can’t wait to start playing in dirt!

  • By Trudy Covington - Reply

    Anything and everything! I’ve been dying to get into the garden but its still too cold to plant. Good time to clean up though!

  • By Melanie C - Reply

    Potatoes, asparagus, zinnias and passion flowers are all favorites of mine!

  • By Eileen Fisher - Reply

    I love perennials…my sister once called me a ‘Perennial Pig’! If I see one I like which I don’t have, I’ve just got to get it. I don’t really have a favourite…I love them all. Never met a perennial I wouldn’t try, at least once.

  • By Pam L - Reply

    anything and everything!!! the bench is beautiful

  • By Julie Campbell - Reply

    I love to plant anything!! I have recently moved to SLC. I left all of my garden toys, pots, and furniture in California.
    This would be the perfect item to start my new garden collection!!!

  • By sherry Loudermilk - Reply

    I love to plant everything but weeds. Plants for butterflies.

  • By Joyce Quinton - Reply

    Recently moved back to IL from AZ and can grow produce and flowers much easier than in the hot climate. Favorite plants are bulbs for spring blooms, herbs and various tomatoes that taste the absolute best! Gardening is a necessity for best stress relief! Love it and am trying to acquire tools to get this going!

  • By Teresa L - Reply

    I have so many new seeds to try this year that I can barely “contain” myself…lol This bench looks not only functional but beautiful as well. Would love love love to win one of my own!!! Thanks so much for the chance!

  • By Nia - Reply

    I need this Potting bench since I don’t have a shed or garage. I would use it to plant everything from kale, tomatoes…lots of tomatoes, sunflowers, poppy’s, herbs of every kind and what I can’t eat, I’ll give away. Why would one want to waste vegetables when it is such a blessing to give and I’d love for you to give me this cute potting bench.

  • By Wendy Gump - Reply

    I really need this, gardening is my stress reliever. Potting and getting my hands in the soil makes me smile. I think my favorite thing to plant is carrots.

  • By Linda Erwin - Reply

    I love ferns and always pot several for my front porch and hanging pots for the patio. I love red geraniums and petunias too!

  • By Beth Runk - Reply

    Flowers!!! All kinds, all colors–they make me so happy!!

  • By Angie Vela - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is herbs. We cook with them but I also share with friends, and with neighbors as they walk by. I’m always planting something!

  • By Kat Niamtu - Reply

    My favorite thing to grow is sweet basil. I harvest many times throughout the season, and freeze the leaves. Use the leaves in your favorite recipes-it brings the flavor of summer to your dish even in the dead of winter.

  • By Beth Runk - Reply

    Flowers!!!! All kinds, all colors–they make me so happy!!

  • By Diane - Reply

    I need this so bad! Love it!,,

  • By carol sutton - Reply

    It would be heard to choose just one thing because I love everything !! But I guess I love to do beds , I love to take something that someone was going to through out and make something beautiful out of it !! I love all types of flowers but I really love Roses , hostas, hygrangers, any lilyies, all types of grass , Gerber daisy , putana, azaleas, love the potato vine ,pansey’s , and almost all succulents!!! Sorry for the long reply !! But I can really use this bench to work on the out side and not have to stop and clean up go inside and then back out side to finish !!! Thank you and happy planting !!!👍

  • By Angy Stimson - Reply

    I love to plant annuals and do my own baskets and planters! I love this potting bench as I don’t have one right now.

  • By Linda Knypstra - Reply

    For my annual clay pots containers and repotting all my house plants

  • By marilyn faber - Reply

    My favorite is lavender to plant…

  • By Sandy - Reply

    Herbs, dahlias & veggies

  • By Karen Tarchala - Reply

    My husband enjoys planting all kinds of hot peppers, especially Ghost Peppers. This year I will try my hand at creating several Fairy Gardens around the yard. Happy gardening! 🙂

  • By Jennifer Peterson - Reply

    I love to plant hostas. A new potting bench would come in handy for all the seedlings I have been growing this winter.

  • By Linda Sims - Reply

    I love planting lots of colors of coneflowers and rudbeckias!!! They just make the whole perennial bed look so happy and cheerful!!! I also have a collection of hostas that often need to be divided……this potting bench would be fantastic for the task!!!!

  • By Beth Anne - Reply

    I love to plant anything that grows💐

  • By Sandy Hendricks - Reply

    I love planting flowers I can divide and share. This bench would be a welcome addition next to my outside sink.

  • By Amy - Reply

    Love the bench!! I want to do more containers this year…especially herbs and veggies!

  • By Sarah Dillingham Waterman - Reply

    This bench would greatly assist me with all of my gardening! My husband and I like to start our seedlings for our vegetable garden, we always plant too much and love to share. I like to start annual seedlings and share with friends and family! Share the beauty and love💗

  • By Shabana ali - Reply

    I love to plant carrots and beets.

  • By Deb Maddalena - Reply

    I love to grow flowers. Of all kinds, but the ones I love most are Tea Roses. I have had them for many years and last year we had a hard frost in the spring and it killed almost all of them. Sad, yes, but now I get to start over! I also enjoy having a garden and this year I am in a little cottage that has a yard that is just wide open to possibilities. I am going to put raised beds in and on the walls of the fence, vertical planters made from pallets. It’s so exiting! I will put a walkway through the garden and I make stepping stones, so will put those down. They are very pretty and will add color to the whole of what I am trying to create. I will have a water feature made from bird baths that I also use leaves for and I am so exited to see it all done! So you see, a Potter’s Bench sure would come in handy! Thank you for letting me blather on!!

  • By Tawny Bohannon - Reply

    Love all my flowers ! Snapdragons , touch me nots and fouroclocks are my favorite

  • By Jana Graham - Reply

    I am swooning over this lovely potting bench….sure would help my disk degeneration to be able to stand and pot my plants this Spring. I love planting Herbs & my favorite flowers…petunias, lilies of the Valley, marigolds & many more. <3

  • By Betsy Pauzauskie - Reply

    I plant both flowers and vegetables. However, vegetables are my favorites to plant AND EAT, With goose neck squash and zucchini my favorites of favorites!

  • By Deirdre Barnett - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is milkweed for the monarchs!

  • By kathy shiflett - Reply

    the last two yrs we have concentrated on flowers and plants that are attractive to bees. our bee population is in danger and its up to the home gardener to help with this problem. i would love to use this bench to help save our bees.

  • By Nikki Saretto - Reply

    My yard is small so I am a lover of container gardening. Vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers and herbs grow well on my back deck. Would love a garden bench to hold all my potting necessities. So compact and organized.

  • By Susan Walsh - Reply

    I love to plant morning glories. They are my favorite flower and so I try and plant them everywhere I can. I love going outside every morning and seeing all of the beautiful blue morning glories blooms all over my yard. The fact that they only bloom for one day makes each blossom so special.

  • By Bridget Mahrle - Reply

    I love to work on potting indoor plants and porch flower pots. They warm up and light up any space inside or out.
    Thank you for the opportunity to be in this wonderful drawing.

  • By Susan Peterson - Reply

    Creating large mixed planters is my favorite, lots of room for creativity, coming up with unexpected combinations. That nice potting bench would be a great help!

  • By Susan Peterson - Reply

    Love creating large mixed planters with unusual combinations. Would love to have that nice bench!

  • By Betty D - Reply

    Looking forward to starting some spring flowers and veg plants. This work bench would come handy for doing so many things.

  • By Wendy - Reply

    I love to plant pansies.

  • By Joy Dixon - Reply

    I plant 6 or 7 different hot pepper varieties every year. I dry them, then grind in my food processor for a nice mix. I give lots to friends – they love my hot pepper flakes! I also like growing beets, which I pickle and conserve with my grandmother’s recipe.

  • By Carol Lovely - Reply

    Love planting,Vegies,sunflowers and Zinnias are my favorite.Love Spring Gardening,get so excited.My Birthday is in March and my Hubby always gives be gift cards for Lowes. Can’t wait to see what mother nature has in store this season.I keep a Garden Journel,love to look back and see what I’ve written about in previous years.Would love this Beautiful Gardening Bench.

  • By Lenning Gomez - Reply

    I love to plant herbs, Hostas, and Geraniums!!! I would love the potting bench!!!

  • By Jeva Gontier - Reply

    I love to pot plants for my friends.

  • By Cynthia - Reply

    I love to grow my yearly Vegetables (sugar-snap peas, carrots, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and sometimes “experiments”), Herbs (always Basil, Marjoram, usually Sage but *warning* no matter how attractive and interesting No One needs that much Mint) and both edible (Nasturtiums!) as well as decorative (Morning Glories and Moonflowers) Flowers.

    LOL just typing this up is making me SO eager to get started on gardening!

  • By Chrissy Super - Reply

    Cannot wait to have my hands in the dirt. I lose all track of time and every care in the world when I’m gardening. I love perennials….my favorite being coneflowers. Had a potting bench years ago…it somehow ended up on my son’s back porch?? A potting bench makes gardening even more enjoyable. Happy planting everyone!!!

  • By Love planting 22 - Reply

    I am so happy to report I have moonflowers growing inside already, along with pink daisies, garlic chives, ornamental red peppers, and 2 amaryllis. My red and pink coneflowers have not yet hatched. What a great way to welcome the
    first day of spring !

  • By Pat Giaquinta - Reply

    I love to plant potatoes because my grandsons love to help. Our 4 year old grandson keeps asking me “Gamma, when are we going to bury potatoes?” so, you can see, he is anxious to start this year’s garden. One of the 9 year old twins also is anxious to bury potatoes & carrots. Our 11 year old grandson wants to start an herb garden this year and has his own basil plant to start off with. It will be a busy year in the garden this year but potatoes truly top the list especially when it’s time to harvest. Happy Spring 🙂

  • By Kimberly - Reply

    I love growing every thing.
    But mostly love my house plants.(50+)
    This would make a perfect Father’s Day gift.My dad gets out of the Rehabilitation Center on Thursday and will be staying with my husband and I. This would help me get him with his physical therapy.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  • By Donna Bagnulo - Reply

    I like to repot my favorite annuals and bring them into the house during the winter. Most take, some do not. My potting shed is leaning and ready to fall over. My husband has been promising to fix or even make me a new one…but, has not yet. This would be a very welcome addition to my garden.

  • By Denny Wood - Reply

    I love planting all things – from flowers and herbs, to fruits and vegetables, to succulents and trees – and enjoy the nurturing to watch them grow, flourish and produce. But perhaps, I enjoy violets the best as they remind and ‘connect’ me to my grandmothers who lovingly maintained colorful window gardens in their tiny homes.

  • By Barb - Reply

    I love to plant everything. All plants are beautiful. my favorite.. planting bulbs in the fall . They supply the most beautiful flowers in the spring after the drab days of Winter. The colors are a sneak peak of what is to come for the summer season… And my veggie garden. Love this bench.

  • By Lisa Simms - Reply

    I love to plant trees!

  • By tami - Reply

    I love to plant perennials. I’m partial to fancy Echinacea, peonies, Iris and daylilies.

  • By Alice - Reply

    My favorite things to plant are herbs. While cooking nothing beats walking outside into your backyard and picking fresh herbs; my favorite is rosemary.

  • By bertha harvey - Reply

    Love to plant cosmos.

  • By Barbara Asmussen - Reply

    I love to plant impatiens all around in my perrenial beds to fill in space and color.

  • By Tina - Reply

    I am anxious to get my hands back in the dirt. I love to plant just about anything, although I have to say one of my favorites is lady’s mantle.

  • By Sara Mika - Reply

    Oooo! Oooo! Pick me! Pick me! I plant oodles and oodles of potted marigolds each spring to place around my garden as natural and beautiful critter repellent. This gorgeous bench would make such chores a happy breeze!

  • By Daina Moran - Reply

    Me and my husband are in the process of buying a home and this was my first attempt planting flowers and a small garden. Thank you

  • By Audrey Crowe - Reply

    Thank you for sharing pictures of this fine potting bench! I have been admiring this bench for some time now. I enjoy planting spring flowering bulbs. As I plant, I imagine the joy that comes as the bulbs begin to emerge from the ground. Thank you for this chance to win this potting bench!
    Happy Spring to you! Audrey

  • By Joslynn - Reply

    I Love planting tomatoes!🍅🍅 I would Love this bench please! 😊

  • By Tess - Reply

    I am trying to be better at this gardening stuff, I love working outdoors, it is such good mind therapy and I love to plant sunflowers !!

  • By Mary Jo Svajlenka - Reply

    Love my houseplants during winter and love planting annuals during summer. And yay for spring and all the bulbs peeking through 🙂

  • By Sharon Hansen - Reply

    That looks great! I have always wanted one, but it never was in the budget. I have always loved planting flowering plants for the spring and summer, have not done it for sometime as knee surgeries has had me in the chair. Looking forward to be at it again. Usually use an old card table. This would be such a luxury!

  • By Amanda Deloach - Reply

    I love planting flowering trees and shrubs…they add so much to your landscape.

  • By Jennifer Shuty - Reply

    Happy 1st day of Spring!!! I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt! I love planting just about everything. I have s few bulbs coming up already 😊

  • By Kathy Moody - Reply

    I enjoy all sorts of plants and watching them flourish under my care. Although, in some cases not – LOL. I like getting my hands dirty and working with the soil is my solace! I also try to plant something unusual every year for the fun of it. I have a small raised garden and with my growing passion for gardening, flowers and vegetables have also been planted in containers. My garden is my happy place and I would love to have a potting bench like this!.

  • By Lisa - Reply

    Tulips! My favorite. This is a lovely bench!!

  • By Helena Wasilewski - Reply

    Love the colors of pansies and impatients – can change the entire landscape! I change the color choices yearly, keeps the neighbors on their toes for sure. Happy first day of Spring! Although, we are expecting snow in CT tonight, yikes! Love the potting bench and thank you!

  • By Kaye Watts - Reply

    This bench is just what i need, i love getting my hands dirty, however due to back problems, can no longer kneel down and play in the dirt, and have to be content with a raised garden bed my Hubby made me out of railway ties, and pots on our deck. Just cannot wait to get my dragon wing begonia’s in my pots, just waiting on the last frost to visit .. Would love to win this bench would
    make potting just so much more fun..

  • By Liz Gallien - Reply

    Food, my favorite thing to plant is food. Starting seeds when there is still snow on the ground and a bitter cold in the wind brings spring in to my home and heart well before it arrives outside. As a whole food cook I love knowing what went into, and on, the food I eat.

  • By Jeanne McIntyre - Reply

    I love it! I only like to plant one thing … Everything! 🙂 Especially flowers!

  • By BXS - Reply

    Along with our flowers and herb garden, we grow hot peppers…the hotter the better.

  • By Anne Pirie - Reply

    I love planting flowers and herbs, mostly. I’ve planted just about everything from vegetables to trees and shrubs over the years.

  • By Linda Weber - Reply

    I love planting almost all flowers, but some of my favorites are marigolds and zinnias, can’t wait for warmer weather to get started! 8|

  • By Kathy Fowler - Reply

    Its hard just picking one thing but I’ll pick petunias. I plant so many vegs and flowers and really could use a bench.I’m so ready to get my hands in some soil.

  • By Kelly Rolfe - Reply

    Faves to grow as of last year were lavender and hot peppers! Crazy combo but they loved growing as neighbors!

  • By Pat S - Reply

    I love growing roses. Among my favorites are the sterling silver roses and white climbing roses.

  • By Kelly Rolfe - Reply

    Love the bench.

  • By Maria - Reply


  • By Linda Wiley - Reply

    I have planted almost all veggies, but my favorites are tomatoes and most flowers.

  • By Frances LeClair - Reply

    I love to plant roses. They are so beautiful and add awesome color to my garden.

  • By Linda Wiley - Reply

    I plant herbs, flowers and tomatoes and love okra.

  • By Linda Wiley - Reply

    Vegetables, flowers and herbs are my most favorite plants here in Ks.

  • By Susan A Miller - Reply

    I have been gardening since a kid. My mom taught me names of flowers and of course vegetables. I took care of our gardens, we raised much of our own food, mom canned so much! I have almost always had a vegetable garden and flower gardens. I am retired now so I can get outside and work in my yard when ever I want. I have a small yard which is mostly flowers and a vegetable garden! I enjoy the people walking by and stopping to admire my flowers, it gives me great pleasure to see their smiles. I make my own hanging baskets so this bench would be awesome! I love Lilies, petunias, roses, zinnias, maragolds, mums, tulips, daffodils, pinks, I love them all! I have won a prize for my yard 3 times since I moved her in 2006. My house burned in 2007. My yard was destroyed in the process of removing my burnt house and then moving my new home on the lot. I cried it looked so aweful. But after picking up 20-25 bags of burnt boards, insulation, shingles, etc, I worked so hard to make it pretty again. I have many different types of plants and flowers much more than I had before the fire! I am always planting or repotting! My geraniums that I keep inside over the winter need repotting so this bench would be awesome!

  • By Linda Wiley - Reply

    All types of vegetables, but mostly flowers.

  • By diane chizmadia - Reply

    What a great way/platform to get kids outside, be it planting, crafting, or decorating. A special place to work from, store their finds and continue on. There’s something special about nature especially when you can make it , grow it, or reuse it.

  • By Renee Thompson - Reply

    Well from the numbers, I’d say succulents are my favorite… I plant those the most, but that’s because I’m really good at killing them 🙁 I have only a few that are doing well!

    But really I love planting zucchini! They don’t give me any trouble and are delicious.

  • By Kimberly - Reply

    I have just purchased a home and can’t wait to start planting.

  • By Ahoffman - Reply

    Tomatoes….lots and lots of tomatoes🍅🍅🍅

  • By Mandi Mailhot - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is a garden!!! My husband and I would rather be outside any day of the week and my husband Mikel is really the green thumb of the family, so our playground is the yard 🙂 We do not have a work table for gardening. We would love and enjoy it 💚. It would make a great addition to our yard area.

  • By Josiah James - Reply

    Love to plant tomatoes and peppers! Ours have been growing under lights for almost 3 weeks, and getting close to 5 inches tall! Also, I’m trying to grow dwarf blueberry bushes for the first time this year. They will be in containers of course.

  • By Barbara Dietz - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is vegetables. Anything that can be utilized and shared is always a bonus!

  • By Susan - Reply

    My favs Are Pineapple Lilies and Peruvian Lilies. But I also love Foxglove, Day Lilies, Peonies. Plus I like to plant flowers that the bees and butterflies like. You can’t get me to go into the house in the summer, I’m always in my garden.

  • By Diane Harper - Reply

    Planting everything for mostly shade garden. Love hosta mixed with evergreens. Broad leaf evergreens and no to pulling weeds!

  • By Barbara LaBeau - Reply

    I Eagerly anticipate the frost free date in May so that I can plant tomatoes in my kitchen garden, then I wait for the first ripe ones to pluck them off the vine and eat them before they make into the kitchen.

  • By susanne - Reply

    LOVE to plant lots and lots of bright colorful flowers! My hubby does veggies…this would be totally awesome for both of us…maybe I would share:))

  • By sandi filloon - Reply

    I love to plant tomatoes, this was passed down from my Daddy…:)

  • By JoAnne - Reply

    I love planting parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and other delectable herbs.

  • By Katherine - Reply

    We were just looking at some gardening things today, including a potting bench. We decided to wait on several things because after a week of warm in the 70’s weather, we are expecting a freeze tonight.

    We did get some different types of herbs, which I enjoying planting- especially different varieties of thyme.

  • By Erin Solin - Reply

    I raise Monarch butterflies so I am always planting milkweed by the hundreds to feed all those hungry mouths. During the fall migration the Monarchs come in and lay more eggs than you can imagine and feeding them takes a ton of plants. This would be a wonderful addition to the inside of the caterpillar house.

  • By Brenda Cunningham - Reply

    I love planting flowers of all kinds; in the ground or pot it’s all the same to me. Spring is my favorite time of year as the cold gray goes away and colors bloom everywhere. Daffodils are my favorite flower. Ours here where I live in West Virginia have been trying to bloom since December as we have had a mostly mild winter this year. Had the poor flowers so confused.

  • By Tonya Kockx - Reply

    I am a beginning planter/gardener!! I would love this as I continue to learn. I really enjoy hostas and all kinds of grasses!!

  • By Beki Hancox - Reply

    I love to plant herbs. There is something so wonderful about being able to step outside in my bare feet and snip what I need for the dish I will be using that day. My favorite is chives. Love the small of soil and I don’t mind getting dirty.

  • By Debra Varney - Reply

    This would be so handy when I work with my Wild Cherry & Purple Cherokee tomatoes. Lots of others but to many to list. I love that work table…..

  • By Carol Sorber - Reply

    I have always wanted a potting bench..this is fantastic! I can’t pick a favorite..containers, straw bales..clematis. Love to see the spring perennials popping up!

  • By Linda Wiley - Reply

    Love all flowers and veggies…but small garden

  • By Heather Franklin - Reply

    I love planting lilies of any kind. Those and yellow roses are just some of my favorite. Love the bench looks to be very functional.

  • By Laura Oliveto - Reply

    Jan – living in a condo complex, I’m a little limited in gardening opportunities, although I’ve gotten “permission” to do a little planting at the base of a couple trees. However, I do grow cat grass for four feline family members and I love the fact that they get healthy greens as a dietary aid. When they have a fresh batch, they gather around the pot and fight for position. The potting bench would be a welcome addition to the deck and provide a place to keep the potting soil, seeds and drainage stones.

  • By Linda Bowlin - Reply

    I am Forever potting and repotting flowers, starts for trees and bushes, dividing this and planting seeds for that! Having a dedicated place like this Awesome Potting Bench would be Great!

  • By Mary Hall - Reply

    I love to be in the outdoors. I love all flowers. And I plant a vegetable garden. Thank you for the opportunity to win this. Mary

  • By Kit - Reply

    This potting bench is just beautiful. I love that today is the first day of spring. Looking forward to planting my containers with herbs and vegetables. Fresh out of the garden tomatoes and herbs for cooking. Yum!!

  • By Beverlee - Reply

    I love flowers, Tulips, Star gazer lilies, roses…

  • By Nancy Blaisdell - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is my “Memorial Basket” in honor of my great nephew who was stillborn. I have a bench with a flower basket in the middle and baby angels on each side. I put different flowers in the basket every year.

  • By Terry Buhler - Reply

    I love my spring & summer flowers! Zinnias & lilies are my favorites! Would love to use this beautiful planting bench to do so 🙂

  • By Tamme - Reply

    I love to plant any flower, but dahlias are my favorite because they flourish and I get wonderful photographs of them for my collection. I was back home for the week and flowers were blooming and trees were a riot of color. I am so anxious for spring to hit Iowa. This potting bench would make a great addition to my patio and save my achy back.

  • By Brekka Belisle - Reply

    For years I’ve enjoyed my perennial flowers and a garden. We moved 6 years ago and I’ve spent that time reestablishing peonies, daylillies and more. We purchased the lot next door to us late last summer and I can’t wait to expand our yard and flowers. This bench would be perfect. I hope I win!!

  • By Ellen Drake - Reply

    It’s a lovely bench. I just joined a community garden would live to have it for starting seeds and transplanting plants into bigger pots. My favorite thing to plant is a salad garden, lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, peppers.

  • By Ginny Condom - Reply

    Recently planting iris seeds has become my favorite thing to plant. A few years ago when I turned 50, my 83-year-old mother gave me an iris seedpod for my birthday, that she had crossed herself. I planted them, and waited and waited, and waited. Finally about seven of them began to sprout. I nurtured them tenderly and watched them grow until finally, just this year they have started to bloom. It’s very exciting to see what they will look like. Each one is different. I now allow all of my iris blooms to go to seed and I’m planting them see what blooms mother nature will bring me next. So yes, it’s Iris seeds!

  • By Shelley Doneth - Reply

    Can hardly wait to get back to northern Michigan to start playing in the dirt! This bench would be a wonderful addition to the love I have for gardening!

  • By Joan E. Sayer - Reply

    I love planting containers gardens but also herbs,this bench would be handy for all my gardening plans.

  • By Audrey Morgan - Reply

    I love to plant flowers and herbs. We have a nice porch to set all the flowers on. So glad it’s spring!

  • By Kristi Jamison - Reply

    Here in windy Kansas, I love to plant wildflowers and succulents …!!!💐

  • By Ann Reynolds - Reply

    Echinacea are my all time favorites. I love all the new colors that are being sold now. I also love, love herbs be vegetables.

  • By laurie - Reply

    My favorite flowers to plant are Forget me Nots and Crocus. They remind me that better days are on their way! Hope springs eternal! The bench is sweet

  • By Kay Garrett - Reply

    It’s hard for me to narrow it down to just ONE thing. 🙂 We grow our own plants starting from seeds in the house, going to grow mats, and then finally to little pots outside before planting them in flower beds and the garden. Of the vegetable line, I’d have to say tomatoes because they just make everything taste better with that fresh from the garden taste. For the flower line, I’d have to say zinnias because my Mom loved them so and they make me think of her. Thank you for this amazing chance! To win would be totally awesome and help in the planting – growing – and make it possible to appreciate and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

  • By Roni WIlhelm - Reply

    I just love gardening! Will plant most anything and watch it grow or just see what comes up! Peace!

  • By Kim Burch - Reply

    Let me see, my favorite thing is plant is roses. They are my favorite flower! I also like planting a vegetable garden every year.

  • By Veda Spalding - Reply

    Love planting my dragon wing begonias in my front porch pots! They get really large thru the growing season😀

  • By Lisa Dumas - Reply

    I love to plant EVERYTHING!

  • By Diane Halpern - Reply

    I’m a succulent/cacti, orchid and rose fancier!

  • By Alana Drone - Reply

    I love the potting bench!
    My youngest son is super busy with his sports, he play lacrosse all year round and hockey during the winter season. Spring and summer is our time to spend mother/son time without a schedule and without any sporting equipment!
    Our equipment of choice is just our gardening tools!
    We have just started our hand at fairy gardens. This year we hope to get a few finished and take them into our local nursing home to brighten their gardens!
    I even have both my boys checking on Pinterest for ideas!
    The potting bench will be an excellent work station for us to help keep all our little projects organized!

  • By Jodi Mincemoyer - Reply

    I have always enjoyed my annuals, but am really getting in to planting succulents. I love how unique they are and am having fun looking for unique planters to plant them in. Also, still like my annual superbell petunias, snap dragons, and more with and a variety of greens.

  • By Sandra - Reply

    I love planting, love the way the dirt feels in my hands. My favorite planting each year is the large cast iron trough that my husband and children got me for Mother’s day 1 year.

  • By Karen Cox - Reply

    My favorite plant to put in the yard is anything green. Last year I planted many different plants and flowers. Planted them everywhere. I also would use the potter for inside plants. I have many different varities and I love to share.

  • By Lisa` - Reply

    I love gardening…I enjoy planting vegetables….just amazing what you can do with a package of seeds…I love canning and freezing them as well…I mostly love going out early morning with a fresh coffee and walk thru and see the plants progress as I hear the birds chirping the squarls jumping tree to tree ..I have added Fairy gardening also going to teach grand daughter when big enough…. really enjoy doing those ….this bench would help to be closer to garden and make it so much easier to transplant and so on…

  • By Dawn - Reply

    I truly love all my gardens, and the varieties of plants throughout them, however, my favorite gardening task is creating my own potted plants. I make around eight potted creations, as well as six hanging baskets for myself. As if that wasn’t enough I usually create some for my mother, friends, and other family members as well. It’s a joy putting beautiful combinations of plants together that I know people are going to love.

  • By Victoria M - Reply

    I like planting tomatoes because I love the flavor and they can be used in so many ways.

  • By Janice Johnson - Reply

    I love to plant potatoes, radishes, green onions and corn.

  • By Barbara Torino - Reply

    I was just lamenting this morning that my potting area is getting pretty shabby looking with the bench that was made from some old boards and 2×4’s for legs. It has seen better days and doesn’t add any glamour to my garden. The bench offered by Gardener’s Supply is so good looking and functional. I grow some perennials and annuals but my specialty is herbs. I love them for their beauty in the garden as well as their usefulness in the kitchen and craft room. That bench would make a wonderful addition to my herb garden and I know Gardener’s Supply to be a reputable company. Many years ago I visited their store when my daughter lived in Burlington VT.

  • By Renee - Reply

    The Love of My life past away last month in his honor I was planning on growing a special garden & plant of a few of his favorite things , Just before He passed We talked about how He use to grow & sell vegetables & some times flowers , when he lived in Findley Lake , & We talked about starting Ours in either April or May so in his honor I still plan to , he had such a green thumb & he sure did love all plants & nature . I even entered another contest to win seeds 🙂 I am also going to have a herb garden & thinking about making several fairy gardens , The cedar potting bench would truly help in several ways & every time I looked at it I’d smile knowing My Daniel was beside Me & looking down with a smile on his face at Our Beautiful Gardens 🙂

  • By Beth Terrence - Reply

    I love planting herbs that I can use for cooking or making teas and herbal remedies.

  • By Anita McDowell - Reply

    I Don’t think I have one favorite thing to plant. I have a home daycare and many of the children live in apartments. And even more have no idea where the food they eat comes from. So several year ago I took it upon myself to educate “hands-on” about the processes of growing your own food, composting, recycling and saving our planet! To make a long story short, the children look forward to gardening season [we live in Iowa and Winters can be long] We all get involved in planning the garden, selecting the crops, caring for them…they actually LOVE PULLING WEEDS, and get so excited to choose recipes to feature the foods we grow. And on those good years, when we have an over abundance, the parents get to take home fresh vegetables for their dinner table!!!

    So overall I guess you could say that I’m growing a healthier community… which means my favorite thing to plant would be the seeds within each child to love gardening!

  • By Jan Kolodge - Reply

    Please, please, this would save me. Ok, Ok, maybe a bit dramatic but gardening is one of my life savers. I love all plants and especially cutting off from other plants and making lots of new baby plants.
    This station would make my life so much easier, I’ve had three spinal fusions and can walk very well and to have everything stationed in one place would make it easier for me to still love my gardening. Have a chair at the station, my walking stick or wheel chair and off I go. I’m very independent and I’ll put this station to what its for –
    Hope I’m lucky enough.
    Hi Jan by the way. “SPRING IS HERE” YEAH….

  • By Gwen - Reply

    Shade gardens are my favorite thing to plant. Favorite plant: pulmonaria

  • By Linda Haczynski - Reply

    I love planting everything!! The problem is finding space! lol!!!

  • By SuE - Reply

    If I could plant all year, everything I planted would be my favorite… however, that is not possible here in Michigan. I love the pot and plant some pink and white begonias mixed in with some hardy impatiens and a dab of some wizard mixed, or just plain watermelon coleus.

  • By Diana/SharingNaturesGarden - Reply

    After trashing up our garage for years with shelves and bags of soil and mulch and plants sitting on every possible surface, my husband finally insisted on having cabinets put in the garage a few years ago. But I really want a potting bench outside, where I can be in the garden and work on pots, etc. My favorite thing to plant is daffodils. In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful and welcoming than the first daffs that bloom in the winter/spring garden. They brighten every day until it is fully gardening season again. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and thanks to Gardener’s Supply. I love them and have spent untold amounts of $ on their wonderful products!

  • By Denise Teague - Reply

    After spending years creating a drought resistant herb and lavender garden in the front yard and a raised garden in the back yard in California, we are starting over in our new house in Texas. We are learning what herbs, vegies, fruits and flowers will be growers and successful in the tropical Houston area. I am so excited. It’s all new and I can’t wait for the harvesting to begin.

  • By Jenny Bortell - Reply

    I love spring and planting.. lacking a potting bench though. I was using the tailgate of my truck, but I don’t have that option this year. lol.. Favorite plants in my yard, and I keep adding to them is hostas. I keep expanding my varieties, starting on a community memorial garden in the park across the street from me now. Very Excited! Love your site by the way!!!

  • By Joann Zimmerman - Reply

    I love planting them all, but my favorite thing lately is hydrangea. I love the old Victorian look.

  • By Donna - Reply

    Love the looks of the gardening bench…I just have a plastic one, so, would love to win this one. I love all flowers and do plant a lot of perinneals.. also, have a planter up town that I plant each year with red, white, and blue…

  • By julie - Reply

    Hello! I would really love to win this bench for my mother! She is 80 yrs young, and is still gardening!! She has a natural green thumb…she has a hard time bending down and doing her potting on the ground, so I though hey what if she had something like this? She loves peonies, carnations, any flower that she can cut and bring into the house to smell their beauty. Thank you for this opportunity of the chance to win one!

  • By Peggy Tyson - Reply

    Love the Gardening Bench!! I have been doing container gardening, since my small yard is mostly shaded during the day. I love to pot herbs and cherry tomatoes on my patio……just within picking distance from my back door! Also, trying my hand at creating my own hyper-tufa containers for succulents. Always love being outside and taking care of my yard.

  • By Pamela Kocher - Reply

    Beautiful garden bench, and it would be great for me to share with my Aunt Therese. She’s 84 years young, and likes to work in the garden, but has difficulty getting up and down. It would be great for her to have this so she can stand and fill her pots, etc. It would also be great to store her gardening tools as well. I go over to help with the beds, trees, and shrubs, so it would help me as well.

  • By Judy Tankersley - Reply

    I love Spring and if it will grow I love to plant it……

  • By Deniese Combs - Reply

    I have a small yard full of perennials but have been focusing my energy this year on starting different types of lavender, catmint, augastache, and other rabbit deterrents to line the perimeter of my yard and flower beds to try to deter the huge woods rabbits we have here in my rural area, which for the past few years have been destroying my flower gardens. I recently turned only 57 years old but I am disabled so I can only plant for short periods of time and I cannot lift over ten pounds at one time so potting soil and all my gardening items have to be transferred to a bucket in small amounts and carried to my patio table so I can pot things, and back to their storage spaces when I am finished. A potting bench like this would be such an energy saver as well as a time saver for me since I would have an area to keep all my gardening items together and not have to place them in multiple areas both inside my home and outside in my tiny shed. I may be disabled but I will not give up my gardening until there is a breath left in me. Gardening, even if I can only do it in small amounts of time, is my greatest joy.

  • By Jillian - Reply

    I love planting basil! It smells lovely, tastes fantastic, and the bees love it.

  • By Glenda Campbell - Reply

    Love, love this gardening bench! Favorite part of gardening is picking that first red juicy tomato and slapping it on two slices of some great crusty bread with bacon of course! yummmm

  • By Shannon M Hannon - Reply

    I love to plant red geraniums because they remind me of my Grandmother, summers spent at her cottage and they just fill me with joy!!!

  • By Jo Ellen Ryan - Reply


  • By Karen Toni - Reply

    Tomatoes, Tomatoes! ! Actually everything and anything, I love to watch my grandson just pick and eat from the garden, brings me such joy!

  • By donna - Reply

    Flowers lots of them😀

  • By KathleenSmith - Reply

    I love to plant anything, herbs, flowers, vegetables, in the ground, in pots, or raised beds. I just love to see the beauty of the work I do. Watching the bees and butterflies come to visit, the birds eating seeds, putting food on the table… There is nothing more satisfying than to grow something beautiful. Painting my world, one blossom at a time… I would love to be able to win this bench. It’s a beauty!😊

  • By Maureen Schroeder - Reply

    Love this bench! My favorite things to plant are herbs, flowers and all kinds of vegetables.

  • By Cynthia - Reply

    I am slowly building myself a garden sanctuary in the corner of my backyard. I am doing most of the labor work myself; I have planted a Crepe Myrtle tree, Irises, canas, rose bushes, and other plant cuttings from several of my friends. I am placing stepping stones around the Crepe Myrtle and a small angel fountain. I am very excited on this project and on the end result.

  • By Cynthia - Reply

    oh, I almost forgot – my favorite to plant is the Iris, they may only bloom once a year but beautiful when they bloom and very easy to maintain.

  • By Tricia Pugh - Reply

    Love watching seeds sprout into plants! I need this potting bench by my new mini greenhouse! Can’t wait for herbs, peas, and tomatoes! Also, lots of zinnias and sunflowers!

  • By SHARLENE - Reply

    Love to plant container gardens, Coleus is one of my favs because so easy to grow and use in a lot of different combos.

  • By Wendy Farmer - Reply

    I love you plant tomatoes! Flowers too. Anything that grows. That table is sweet!

  • By sharon kaldor - Reply

    I love to plant sunflowers!

  • By Mary Hopkinson - Reply

    Seeing as my outdoor table is constantly covered in pots, dirt and tools it would be amazing to win this. My absolute favorite thing to plant is herbs. I love cooking and herbs and spices are big part of my life. Can’t even descibe how much I love the smell of them as well.

  • By Becky Ramskogler - Reply

    Well, you said one thing I love to plant. I’d have say seeds, any kind of seeds. You could say I’m a seed hoarder! I could use that potting bench to pot up flats, and flats of all different kinds of seeds. How very sweet it would be to have a place for all my stuff that I use to plant seeds. Not to mention how nice the potting bench looks, it would be a nice addition !!

  • By Heather Garant - Reply

    I would love to use this to plant an herb garden for my chickens and ducks and also flowers and veggies!! Thank you!

  • By Julianna Griffin - Reply

    Oh, after gardening full-time since 2003, I have to say that I look forward to planting tomatoes the most. I still get extremely excited thinking about all of the endless possibilities: the colours, shapes, sizes, flavours. That leads to dreams about countless uses, fresh, canned, dried. It’s all joy!

  • By Linda Flecker Taylor - Reply

    I got hooked on succulents several years ago and I am totally in love with them. Come Springtime my front deck is covered with succulents in all shapes and sizes. I also plant my tomato and pepper plants on my deck to keep the critters from stealing their fruit.

  • By geraldine vitori - Reply

    This potting bench is what dreams are made of! I would absolutely LOVE to have this in my yard!! I enjoy gardening so much – it just frees the soul. We plant tomatoes in containers so the squirrels don’t get them. I have plants everywhere inside and outside. My favorite thing to plant for the porch hanging baskets and shepherd hook plants are wave petunias. I love purple, so I buy various shades of purples, pinks, and whites – then just mix them up in the planters. I must have a green thumb for petunias, because they grow huge and oh, so beautiful!. Outside, I also have several varieties of peonies, irises, daffodils, naked ladies, and azaleas. This summer, I plan on creating a wildflower garden as well. Looking forward to assembling my new potting bench!

  • By Cindi Klein - Reply

    My favorite things to plant are annual flowers. InstAnt pops of color. Lots of planting and replanting but so enjoyable!

  • By Amy Woods - Reply

    I need this ! I love it ! I love gardening and enjoy planting indoor and outdoor plants especially my vegetable garden. My favorite is probably herbs . I love a fresh basil, tomato and mozeralla salad or panini in the Summer !! Fresh mint for my ice tea ! My family and animals , including my chickens all benefit from growing our own food ! Thank you for this opportunity! !!! -blessings-

  • By Jeanne Arends - Reply

    I love repotting all my house plants that have gotten over grown through the winter months.

  • By Fran Lewis - Reply

    I would so like to have this bench as I start most of my garden plants myself. I usually end up transplanting on my kitchen counter. I grow a large garden to share with my neighbors and anyone else I know in need. I would also like to start my own flowers asci decorate a lot around my house in large pots to conserve water. I think petunias are my favorite, especially the purple because of their fragrance, color and the attraction to hummingbirds. They serve duel purpose, beauty for me, food for the birds.

  • By Alice Emmert - Reply

    Love planting colorful annuals in pots and hanging baskets

  • By Jude - Reply


  • By Joanne Hilden - Reply

    I’m outdoors as soon as the weather allows, working in my gardens, doing yard work, repotting plants, starting new projects, or finishing up projects from the previous year. If it’s raining, I put on my rain gear. The only thing that gets me indoors is lightening and then I’m in one of my out buildings working on some project I have going on. The potting bench would be a God send for me and I could use it year round. In the fall I take cuttings from various trees and shrubs in my yard and get them started to give to friends in the Spring. In the winter I start house plants to give away. It would really be a great help in so many ways and I could actually have a regular work station set up so I wouldn’t have to be hauling things to different locations and setting up tables anymore. It will be a Great addition I’m sure to whom ever wins.

  • By Kat - Reply

    I would love to have this! 🙂 Just bought my first home and need something to place all my fun tools and flowers on when I start planting here soon. Love it!

  • By Lindsay Lang - Reply

    I love to plant herbs and use them for all sorts of things. This bench would sure save my back!

  • By Yvette Carpenter - Reply

    My favorite is Gladiolus. I just love them. I have about 30 planted right now and half of them are from babies from last years bulbs. But I also love the smell of Tomato plants so I usually plant several varieties. I have lots of different potted plants including about 16 houseplants so a potting bench would mean my outside table wouldnt get dirt all over it.

  • By Kim Thomas - Reply

    I would LOVE this! I love to plant herbs, basil especially for pesto, and I don’t have an area like this to plant. This would save my back! LOL

  • By Arlene Allison - Reply

    I love to plant herbs, especially basil. Nothing like harvesting some basil and make fresh pesto.

  • By Jenny - Reply

    I love to plant Hostas, Hydrangeas & peonies!!!
    This beautiful bench would make me happy….

  • By Carolyn Colgrove - Reply

    Garden vegetables are my favorite to plant! Any thing we can can😌

  • By Mia Anthony - Reply

    We located to a small 4 acres in the midwest just over 1o years ago. Unfortunately the region’s trees have been damaged with great loss to ash and elms. Our personal property has lost 40 year old pines and several soft maples that are winding down their lives. I still plant bulbs and more and more butterfly and bird gardens, but I am loving planting new trees! Luckily most of what we planted over teh decade gives us plenty of babies to spread across the property. I also transplant tiny volunteer dogwoods and redbuds that pop up in our woods as under-story trees to the remaining large cover trees. I delight in introducing lindens, and a variety of other trees, that resist our local pests. We may not be here to enjoy them, but the wildlife and subsequent owners will! Meanwhile we have been rewarded with an increase in the bird and butterfly visits.

  • By Lynn - Reply

    I plant everything from seed, but my favorite is collecting seed from wild flowers and plants in friends gardens and planting them. In addition to enjoying hose flowers and all the pollinators they attract, they always make me think of my friends and nature walks.

  • By Fran - Reply

    I am looking forward to using our heirloom seeds this year for the dinner table garden we have. No matter what it is we plant, though, it’s always done with love!

  • By Rhonda - Reply

    I love to grow everything! But if you hold me to one thing, well, maybe tomatoes, or maybe lilies, or maybe…..
    I could go on forever! Would love to have a potting bench!

  • By Dawn Marie - Reply

    My mom and I collect hostas & dayliles! We love to plant anything that brings beauty to our yard! This would be a fantastic gift for my mother, she has always wanted a nice potting table to work on! She just had major surgery to fix an anuerysm near her spine …so gardening may not be possible this summer but this potting bench would allow her to do some planting! 🙂 We can’t wait till the flowers start to bloom!

  • By Lori Brozo - Reply

    I LOVE this! Recovering from back surgery and looking forward to getting back in the gardens this summer. This would be THE PERFECT bench. INSPIRED!

  • By Patricia Lesniewicz - Reply

    This potting bench is beautiful! I had had something very similar when I was married. I left that home and that potting bench behind, and I sure do miss it! The bench at my home was located inside our sun room. It served as a multi-purpose piece of furniture actually! Not only was I able to take good care of my indoor plants at this bench (snipping, feeding, transplanting), but it served as a buffet and bar when we had guests over for year-round parties! I could use the tub for ice, keeping foods cold or for drinks (lining the tub first)! I would set condiments on the shelves. Align soda boxes along the bottom for guests beverage choices. I could go on and on! Love to have this multi-purpose bench again! Brings back a lot of memories!

  • By Kat White - Reply

    Awesome giveaway. I would have to say my favorite thing to plant right now are succulents. You can have so much fun with them.

  • By nancy r rakich - Reply

    My favorite flower to plant is zinnias, they come in such pretty colors and attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and goldfinches, I can’t ever have enough zinnias!

  • By Angie McCabe - Reply

    I love to plant moonflowers! The huge white blooms, trailing up my lamppost, open up under the moonlight Then before dawn they close up and fall to the ground.

  • By Kerrie Rosenthal - Reply

    My latest favorite thing to start from seed is Angel Wing roses– so fantastic to start a rose from a tiny seed!

  • By PenCenedella - Reply


  • By PenCenedella - Reply

    lavender- love your site

  • By Jerry Lister - Reply

    My favorite plants are water lilies in my pond. The combination of their pads, which serve as a resting place for frogs and dragon flies. together with their blooms, create a beautiful aquatic scene for about 7-8 months of the year. Their life span is short (approx. 2-3 days) but they make way for more blooms continuously. I love to accent the pond both within the water and around the perimeter of the water feature such that color bursts the entire Spring thru Fall Seasons. I look forward to our Ponds’ Spring cleaning in a few weeks, so that the Lilies can be spruced up, fed, and prepped for new growth. My garden truly becomes my Paradise for months of enjoyment.

  • By Anita - Reply

    I love to plant petunias, geraniums, mini roses, verbena, phlox, you name it! Thanks!

  • By Linda Cartwright - Reply

    I love to plant new roses for the spring. Every year I treat myself to a new rose for Mothers day!

    I love this potting bench, it would make potting things so much easier.

  • By Zimmer - Reply

    With all the sad and mean things occurring in our world, it is always nice to know you can escape to the garden! This garden bench would provide the resources to find inner peace and enjoyment. Just looking at it brings a smile to my face! Happy Easter and Happy Spring to everyone! 💐🌺🌷

  • By LaVonne - Reply

    Native perennials!

  • By Deanna Reyes - Reply

    I love to plant hibiscus in containers!

  • By Lisa - Reply

    Here in Zone 9 I just planted collard greens and peppers. Also my potted Gerber daisies are blooming like crazy. 🙂 I really need a potting bench this one would work perfect for me in my small garden..

  • By Jeanne Labana - Reply

    I would LOVE this! i would use it for the many tomato and pepper plants I grow and give away!

  • By Kathy Thomas - Reply

    I love planting tomatoes, corn and beans, but most of all flowers!!

  • By Marilyn B - Reply

    How very difficult to choose a favorite 😳 They are all far to delicious! For today I will choose Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, for it brings color variations for three days. I happen to have the scented species! 💞 🌷💐

  • By Molly M Roelofs - Reply

    I love planting tomato’s, green peppers, strawberry’s, cucumbers, roses are my favorite to plant . Love your post . Thank you.

  • By Nancy Brunson - Reply

    This is such a neat potting bench,I love it !!! I do not have anything like this to work from when I pot any of my plants,flowers or vegetables — and it looks like something I could assemble myself !! I would love to win this potting bench !!

  • By Kim Monroe - Reply

    I love planting my herb garden each year. Basil is my favorite. I also love to use vintage planters for my flowers.

  • By Robyn Franklin - Reply

    I love to plant everything. Have 1 acre of vegetables, fruit trees, blackberries, strawberries, flowers & more flowers. Gardening is great therapy for the soul. It shows us Gods’ miracles. I would love to have this potting bench.

  • By Melissa Yingst - Reply

    I really didn’t get into much in the way of flowers and/or gardening until after my mother passed away in 2011. She left me the house and grounds (oh, about 1 1/2 acres) and my husband and I decided the place could use a little updating. We haven’t raised a garden in a couple of years, but we have gotten into the flowers and shrubs. We had some silver maple trees cut down, removed some shrubs that weren’t doing well and tidied everything else up with either decorative stone or just pruning. We added a couple of knock-out rose bushes, a neon flash, day lilies, four-o-clocks, salvia, azaleas, mophead hydrangea, lilac bush, 2 redbuds, 2 dogwoods and an asiatic lily. We usually purchase something new to plant about every spring and I love the asiatic lilies. Digging online, I learned that I could pull the bulbs from the lily n the fall and just replant them to get more lilies. I started out with one yellow lily 3 yrs. ago and I purchased an orange ‘double u’ asiatic lily last summer. After separating the bulbs from both, I have about 15 new lilies sprouting up this spring. I’m excited!! I want lilies all over the place. LOL I’d love to have a potting bench to put on my little deck with my tools close at hand. They are scattered in the garage and in the house at present and we are dealing with ongoing rennovations inside the house. No place for much of anything. LOL A bench would definitely do a world of good!

  • By Pat - Reply

    Would love to plant my starter seeds using this beautiful bench. I belong to a community garden and it’s time to get dirty! 🙂

  • By Lala Corriere - Reply

    Living in the desert, gardening is a bit tricky. I look for the wow-factor in color, but also the fragrant flowers that attract the butterflies and hummingbirds. LOL…. snapdragons are a cinch here!

  • By millie - Reply

    I have just the place for this potting bench. Will be starting my garden with lots of strawberries.

  • By Gina White - Reply

    My very favorite thing to plant and grow are seeds or clippings from a plant that’s been shared with me. My yard and garden are full of plants from grandmothers, mom, aunts and friends.
    I love having a memory with each plant that was shared with love. That I’ve nurtured and loved and have a living memory too share with others.

  • By Amber - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is tomatoes, I just love fresh tomatoes, the ones from the grocery store just don’t taste good at all.

  • By Sue Silverthorn - Reply

    I love to watch all my flowers and vegies grow. But my large window boxes are especially fun. When the plants start to fill in and spill over the sides I know they are happy.

  • By Dana Mees - Reply

    Would love to have this bench! I’ve planted perennials for years, but in the last few years I’ve grown to love container gardening as well. What a difference it would make for this old back to be able to stand up and plant my containers!

  • By Katrine Burckhard - Reply

    Love to plant daisies. .

  • By Colleen - Reply

    Moving from WI to FL and would love to plant more tropical plants with my favorite being Birds of Paradise~ I love color and have planted every flower or veggie that WI can tolerate~

  • By Heidi Jasieniecki - Reply

    I love to plant just about anything but my favorites would be herbs and any plant that attracts bees!!!!!! Some favorite bee attractors for me are salvias, lavender, sunflowers and lantana. Lantanas remind me of delicate lace and have such lovely color combinations.

  • By Christine Danner - Reply

    Favorite thing to plant: basil! And I was a little worried at you assembling potting bench inside, but, whew, relieved to see you were able to get it outside!

  • By Moriah Norris - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is anything we can eat, veggies, fruit, ect. Of course, I plant flowers for the bees, butterflies and humming birds so they can eat too! My main focus is providing healthy food for my family. It would be wonderful to have an awesome potting bench to hold all of my supplies! It would also help my back, not having to bend over!

  • By Cheri Gardner - Reply

    My favorite garden plants to plant are zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. They are also a favorite for my chickens!

  • By Kim Harwell Minatra - Reply

    I love to plant, period!!! But some of my favorites are Gazania’s, Zinna’s, Begonias…. I have lots of houseplants also, so the potting bench would be handy year round!!

  • By susie sizemore - Reply

    I love to plant ‘multi-purpose’ plants, and by that i mean plants that flower and attract birds, bees and butterflies, as well as providing food and or beauty. I have blueberry bushes in my wildflower beds and an assortment of flowers that seed and attract small birds to feed. This would be a beautiful addition to my wild garden!!

  • By Paula Murfee - Reply

    I love to plant herbs and roses! Love the potting bench. Very nice looking and serviceable too, so many of them are just pretty!

  • By Jennifer Gulledge - Reply

    I am very new at planting,but would love to win this!!! I’ve been planting bulbs in my flower beds,and I have had a vegetable garden for a few years now!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • By Gail - Reply

    I love to plant everything. Spring means new life and nothing more satisfying than watching you planted come alive!!!!! Everybody tells me I should have lived back when horse and carriage was the means of travel because I like to do things the “old fashioned way”. I would love a potting bench. It would make my life simpler, I am 56 years old with a arthritis riddle body that my mind won’t accept. In my mind I should still be able to plant a yard full of flowers and a whole garden of veggie in one day like I did even ten years ago!! Even tho I know I can’t I try every spring and every year it takes me one extra day to recover!!! Oh to think what I could do with a potting bench!!! It would be a dream come true!!!!!!!!

  • By Jessica Gilby - Reply

    I love to plant herb gardens! We’re building our first vegetable and fruit garden this season, so I’m beyond excited about that. We’ll see what my answer is next year! 🙂

  • By Michelle - Reply

    Gardening and growing plants has been my passion since childhood. I like to get seeds started early, then move them outdoors. Plants are like pets to me. I love them all but especially coleus for their many colors and varieties.

  • By Tonya Chism - Reply

    I love trying new items all the time. My favorite are hostas. I have a small yard, with not a inch of grass. Hostas and other plants are everwhere. In every inch of my yard.

  • By Gina Evans - Reply

    I love to plant bright, colorful flowers in containers on my porch and herbs in my raised beds! Thinking of putting in some camellias, hellebores, and hostas in a shady corner this year.

  • By Sandra Swilley - Reply

    I love all flowers but, my absolute favorites are roses. There’s nothing more beautiful to me.

  • By Jacalyn - Reply

    I love planting peonies. The patience of a small plant turning into a bush, the delicate fingers poking through the soil in early spring and the heavenly smell of a full-figured peony flower in full bloom. Ah-h-h

  • By Sharon Mochtyak - Reply

    Love it. Love it. Love it.

  • By Traci - Reply

    I love planting everything, but some of my favorites have to be sunflowers (so cheerful!) and peonies!

  • By Dee Carlock - Reply

    My favorite things to plant are the extras I get by dividing the plants in my pots and the potted plants I buy. Most times the boughten pots are too crowded so they will look good in the store. Even the miniature roses have three to five plants in one pot. You can plant each one in a pot with a couple herbal companions. A potting bench would be really handy.

  • By Raven L. - Reply

    I always end up using the concrete floor of my front porch to pot in. Not to great for the ‘ol back! My favorite thing to plant is herbs. I go overboard with the basil every year and then lest them grow into bushes, they get so big! But it makes the news happy. I’m in Texas so already have started a container garden of tomatoes and peppers 🙂

  • By Becky Stricklin - Reply

    I also love all kinds of color in my flower beds. Planted bulbs for the first time last fall and now I have beautiful red tulips and the daffodils started opening today 🙂 We removed 4 old cedars last year that were planted to close to porch. We created 2 Flea Market beds out front. I love everything about them. I really need a potting bench 🙂

  • By Nelda - Reply

    Love the bench, could sure put it to good use! My hands down favorite produce from my garden has to be tomatoes. Had a bumper crop last year (plenty of marinera sauce and salsa), ready to tackle thus years with a vengeance!

  • By lani - Reply

    my favorite has to be herbs to cook with – I have them planted all over my garden, and in an old weber BBQ. I also love sunflowers, last year so many sprouted and lived, I shared them with friends, and we ended up with a friendly competition as to who’s grew the tallest. This year my add is Dahlia’s – I love the dinner plate sized dahlias.

  • By Maggie - Reply

    It feels so good to get back to planting and growing some of my own vegetables for my salads after retiring and the volunteering 30 hours a week for almost 3 years with the Master Gardener Program where I live, I am slowing down and spending much for time in my yard, growing my food and adding beautiful color with spring and summer flowers. Feels good to get my hands dirty again in my yard.

  • By Diane Mazurek - Reply

    I love to plant annuals, something different every year is so much fun!

  • By Marilyn Dixon - Reply

    I love to plant herbs. I use them in cooking and just enjoying looking and smelling them too. I have found that planting them inside the holes of cinder blocks works so well. Not only does it look cute, but it keeps spreading herbs like mints, oregano, and chives from spreading all over the garden space. I also enjoy planting flowers and other plants in pots so I would love to win this bench!!

  • By Linda Brcic - Reply

    I don’t know what to comment about except that I LOVE GARDENING! This would make a wonderful addition to my yard. I plant flowers mostly and maintain my yard during the summer because it is great exercise and just a wonderful thing in life to do! And that I want it! Right now more than anything! So I guess you can call me the “HOE” in my garden! lol All the best to everyone entering!

  • By janet - Reply

    Your purple background is the exact same color as my bedroom wall!!! (I know it has nothing to do with gardening 🙂

  • By Carrie Frick - Reply

    I love perennials! Especially delphinium. 🙂

  • By Cathy Morris - Reply

    Since my car accident in 9/14, I have to do all my gardening from my porch. This table would make things so much easier on my back and allow me to spend more time with my plants. I even have to do my veggie garden on my porch. But I won’t let nothing stop me. It make take me longer and not be able to do quite as much, but there is such a peace about my gardening I would never give up.

  • By beth - Reply

    I love to plant phlox, any and all phlox – they are my all time fave!

  • By Janet Gibbens - Reply

    I enjoy planting green beans. But I like to plant the triad: purple, yellow and green. I start them in pots and transfer when they are good and healthy. This bench would help me so!! Pick me!! We love this bench!!

  • By Dana V - Reply

    Ahhhh, peppers! The hotter the better!
    Actually, veggies of any type 🙂

  • By PeggyAnn Duckless - Reply

    I don’t know if I can really narrow it down to just one thing. I like to plant so many veggies and heirloom perennials. I guess that I would say my favorite thing is heritage or heirloom plants. (-;

  • By PeggyAnn Duckless - Reply

    I don’t think it posted!! Trying again. I like planting so many things, it’s really hard to say. I guess I would say heirloom/heritage veggies and perennials. (-;

  • By April B - Reply

    I love to plant anything that has beautiful flowers. Not much on shrubbery, I also love planting beautiful trees,

  • By PeggyAnn Duckless - Reply

    oops, sorry!!!

  • By Carolyn W - Reply

    Clematis is my favorite

  • By Crystal Waters - Reply

    I love to plant many types of Cacti and lots and lots of Begonias!

  • By lee melcher - Reply

    Tomatoes (although I do plant lots of things, they are my favorite to grow).