It’s planting time

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Dave Thompson’s Healthy Grow

This time of year in Michigan we literally plant hundreds of annuals for our clients. We call it ‘flower day’! Our garden practices are strictly organic and sustainable, we never use harmful pesticides or herbicides so we fed the new plantings with Bulbs & Blooms by Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow. 

I like this product because it’s easy to apply to very large garden beds. We simply mixed it into the soil as we planted. But what I love most about Organic Healthy Grow is where it comes from and I think you will, too!

Here’s how it’s made:

“Every bag of Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow starts simply – with a chicken. The chickens we house at Pearl Valley Farms provide the eggs we sell under our Pearl Valley Eggs, Phil’s Fresh Eggs and Eggology liquid eggs brands, while the waste they produce is the main ingredient in our organic composted fertilizer.

We start with chicken litter from healthy, egg-laying chickens fed a calcium-rich diet. This litter is mixed with organic materials and left to air-dry and break down in our indoor composting facility. Our compost is regularly, and carefully, turned during the aerobic composting process to ensure complete aeration, a vital aspect behind promoting microbial growth. Once the composting process has been completed, we test and bag the finished product. Because we believe so much in the quality and effectiveness of Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow, we ensure that every bag of fertilizer we sell is of the utmost quality. To us, “The Way its Made Matters,” and we won’t have it any other way.”

I agree with Organic Healthy Grow, the way it’s made does matter! In a few months, we will give the plantings another feed with their Bone Meal AND update you on the results.

We are expecting big healthy flower blooms this year! We’ll post pictures of the beautiful flower beds and let you be the judge. Stay tuned!


One thought on “It’s planting time

  • By Anne Haase - Reply

    Need directions how to stack the cinder blocks for the succulent garden.

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