Dr. Martens’ victorian flowers boots

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These BOOTS are made for digging!

We recently posted these awesome Dr. Martens’ boots on our Facebook page and our friends went crazy! Seems everyone, including me, fell in love with these feminine and functional garden boots!

The temperatures are very cold in Michigan and gardening is a few months (or more) away. However, I will gleefully and patiently wait for my new boots to arrive! In the meantime, think spring!

P.S. If you happen to order yourself a pair, please post a picture!

dr. marten garden boots

 May all your gardens grow,


2 thoughts on “Dr. Martens’ victorian flowers boots

  • By Kylee Baumle - Reply

    Jan, I saw the white flowered version of these several years ago and instantly fell in love with them. I’ve got two pairs of DMs and they’re SO comfy! You will look fabulous in these! I’ve still got these on my want list, so who knows, I might splurge and get them. Still thinking about it!

    • By Jan Bills - Reply

      Hi Kylee!

      I cannot wait to get them! I ordered the brown flowered pair. They will be perfect for work! Post of pic of yours!

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