GORGEOUS Raised Garden Beds

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There are many raised garden beds on the market to purchased and many DIY ideas, all which work beautifully! We really LOVE Art of the Garden’s RECYCLED M Brace raised gardens.  They are SO easy to assemble, simply beautiful, and made with 100% recycled materials!

It does not matter which one you prefer, all will work fine, what really matters is that you just GROW! ✿✿✿


May all your gardens grow,


2 thoughts on “GORGEOUS Raised Garden Beds

  • By robin - Reply

    Just in time blog. Here is my question. I have a huge tractor tire that’s second life was a sandbox for kids. It is in my yard and I am wondering if it would be ok to use it for a garden “container”. Someone mentioned they didn’t know if it would be “safe” to plant in a tire. It look perfect though. it’s about 5′ or so around, 12″ or so deep. I’d like to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, squash. There is just not a place nor do i have tools to DIG a place for a garden. In fact I don’t have many tools at all and a budgeted income. Anyway, just wondering what you think. Hope to hear from you.

    • By Jan Bills - Reply

      Hello Robin!

      Thank you so much for your message! We, too, have heard that tires are unsafe for growing veggies, and are a constant source of leached metals, PAHs, and other pollutants as tires degrade. Whether or not it’s enough to worry about from a human perspective is unclear.

      We are wondering if you might line the tire with plastic before filling with soil to avoid leaching. Also, keep in mind the rubber will heat up in the hot sun.

      We hope this information helps! Thanks again!

      May all your gardens grow,

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