Outdoor Bar

Outdoor bar

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Happy Summer, Friends!



Happy First Day of Summer, Friends!

Once again I am delighted to be part of the Gardener’s Supply Company’s product review program. This high quality outdoor bar is a perfect way to kick off the summer! I am excited to host this giveaway because one lucky reader is going to WIN their very own outdoor bar! Are you ready to play?

✿To enter today’s giveaway, leave a comment below – tell me your favorite herb to plant! One entry per person, please.

✿Comments will close by 9:00 p.m. EST on Friday, June 24th.

✿The winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator and announced in this post shortly thereafter.

Outdoor Bar

Outdoor bar

The reclaimed wood outdoor bar is a 2’ x 4’ elevated raised bed made in Vermont with a bar shelf to hold drinks and snacks. When not in use, simply fold the shelf down. Either way, it’s attractive in any outdoor space! Bonus: the planting area is large enough to grow vegetables like tomatoes and your favorite herbs for cocktails. Now you and your friends can pick and sip!

Reclaimed wood

The reclaimed wood is high-quality North American cedar and perfect for outdoor use. The bar is 3.5 feet high – an ideal height for standing or leaning on while sipping your favorite beverage of choice!

Assembly is easy – follow the directions carefully and take your time. I recommend asking a friend to help with the assembly – it’s definitely easier with two people.

Product Details

  • Assembly required
  • ​Butcher-block cedar, aluminum
  • 4′ L x 39-1/4″ W (including shelf) x 42″ H
  • 9-3/4″ planting depth
  • Holds 180 quarts of potting mix
  • Weighs 123 lbs.
  • Ships in two 60-70 lb. boxes
  • Stools sold separately
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive

FYI: Gardener’s Supply Company is on Facebook, Twitter: @gardenerssupply and Instagram: gardeners.

Friends, I am so excited for you all. Please tell your friends, share the summer fun because someone is going to be a winner…good luck! Cheers!

245 thoughts on “Outdoor bar

  • By Karalena Sprouse - Reply


  • By Martha Humble - Reply

    I love this bar, my favorite herb is Lemon Balm….But i grow basil, sage, lemon balm, lavender, rosemary, thanks for the opportunity to win this..

  • By Beverly Scott - Reply


  • By Debra - Reply

    I grow a lot of herbs but my favorite and mostly used is cilantro and basil. Love the bar

  • By Zimmer - Reply

    I LOVE THIS BAR, as Toby Keith sang about! This would make me SMILE whenever I would look at it on our covered deck! IT’S AWESOME! I haven’t won anything in a long time, so I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed! Thanks for allowing me to take a chance! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! 👍😎👍

  • By Tracy Robilliard - Reply

    I love to grow Basil.

  • By Von Poole - Reply


  • By Joni Stevenson - Reply


  • By Karen Tarchala - Reply

    Cilantro would be my favorite 🙂

  • By Tracie Albright - Reply


  • By Elizabeth Twamley - Reply

    I have peppermint, parsley and basil planted and use every day. Love my herbs.

  • By Julie Riley - Reply

    It’s an amazing planter bar which I’d Love to win.

  • By Shelley Doneth - Reply

    I love to grow Lavender.

  • By Julie Riley - Reply

    My favorite herb to plant is Basil. I would love to win this amazing bar.

  • By Beth Rowley - Reply


  • By Sidney - Reply

    Thyme I let it flower and the bees love it win win all round.

  • By Lori - Reply


  • By Linda Brown - Reply

    I love lavender !!!

  • By Myra Derry - Reply

    I have never won anything but maybe this could be a first! I love it!

  • By Joey - Reply

    Rosemary (then Sweet Basil) ❤️

  • By Leslie Connor - Reply

    Italian Parsley for me but hubby’s would have to be Rosemary!

  • By Sue Fawcett - Reply


  • By Thelma Fisher - Reply

    Cilantro. I just got into gardening since I retired and enjoy it so much! This bar would look great on my patio!

  • By Sharon Jankowski - Reply


  • By Marie - Reply

    This is a wonderful giveaway, thank you for all your great posts too. My favorite herb is lemon balm, love it for all sorts of reasons. Thanks again. Marie

  • By Sharon Jankowski - Reply


  • By Sharon Jankowski - Reply

    Pineapple sage

  • By Linda Erwin - Reply

    I love following Two Women and a Hoe, and my favorite herb to plant is rosemary!

  • By Jessica - Reply

    Lavender. Recently made lavender blueberry mojitos. So good and would be good on that bar. 💜

  • By Kim Braniff - Reply

    I love Red Ruby Basil!! It’s beautiful, smell wonderful and the flavor is yummy!!

  • By Shara Podobinski - Reply

    I love planting rosemary! 😍

  • By Darla - Reply

    This is way cool and would look so good on my back deck. My favorite herb to plant is basil. I use it a lot. I also plant sage, chives, mint and cilantro.

  • By Donna Ulrich - Reply

    Dill! I love dill! We love the smell of fresh dill as well as the taste! So do the Gulf Fillary Butterfy Larvae! So I always try plant extra! 😄

  • By Cilia - Reply

    My favorite herbs to plant is Basil & Cilantro they would be my favorites

  • By Penny - Reply


  • By Julie - Reply

    It’s a tie between Lavender and Rosemary.

  • By Sharon Cox - Reply

    Cilantro & Parsley

  • By Pat Matusewicz - Reply

    Love rosemary, looks,smell,and taste.

  • By Darcey Jewell - Reply

    Love the bar!

  • By Patricia Burkham - Reply

    I love Oregeno. It is very easy care and you can quickly make new plants by cloning them with cuttings.

  • By Deb Foster - Reply

    Favorite herb? There are so many….I will have to lean toward BASIL..there is also a mint that taste like chocolate, and also one that smells like root beer. ALL of these are things I love….but the good old standard….BASIL!

  • By Deb Foster - Reply


    • By Nikole Huber - Reply

      My favorite herb to plant is lavender.

  • By Deb - Reply

    Rosemary. (Catnip for the kitty)

  • By Dana goldsmith - Reply

    Love the bar💛 my favorite herb is mint and Rosemary. But love them all. Love Mojitos with fresh mint, could see myself making Mojitos , muddling the mint behind this really cool bar!

  • By Tina - Reply

    French Tarragon

  • By Anne Schreck - Reply

    I love basil

  • By Carma - Reply

    I love to plant lavender, oh they smell! It also keeps everyone calm during family get togethers! 😀

  • By Jill Van Vlack - Reply

    I have to pick one? Hmmmm Basil or Cilantro, but Geez, there are so many more, and I’d feel bad not giving a well deserved mention to all…. but I guess these are my top 2 and I apologize for not being able to just say one 🙂

  • By Linda Corbin - Reply

    Lavender and Rosemary.

  • By Brenda Perez - Reply

    Cilantro. Use it all the time. Then rosemary. That is one cool bar!

  • By MaryLee Saban - Reply


  • By Sherri - Reply


  • By Kathy Garrity - Reply

    My favorite is Chives which have beautiful lavender flowers that attract bees which we so need.

  • By V Jones - Reply

    Great looking outside bar. My favorite herb to grow is basil. Just planted some oregano.

  • By Teresa Pennington - Reply


  • By Julie Makeeff - Reply

    My favorite is mint. And I love that outdoor bar! =)

  • By Judy Crowder - Reply

    my favorite is mint but I I always seem to make sure I also do basil, chives, and cilantro!!

  • By Anne - Reply

    By far Parsley. Not only a a garnish, but I enjoy walking through my garden enjoying it a a browse. Thank you. (J.M.J.)

  • By Anne - Reply

    Parsley. …j.m.j.

  • By Linda Cartwright - Reply

    I love to grow cilantro.

  • By Merinda Crowder - Reply

    Rosemary: I love being able to walk past it and gently rub my hands on it and then breath deeply. Heavenly, and research has it that it improves memory when you smell it!

  • By Judy - Reply

    Golden oregeno, beautiful plant!

  • By Roni - Reply

    Parsley, sage rosemary and thyme!

  • By Tina kester - Reply

    Thyme!! Also rosemary and sage!

  • By sue - Reply

    I love to use lavendar. And the bar if awesome!

  • By DEBBIE W - Reply


  • By janet - Reply


  • By Sheryl braswell - Reply

    Lemon balm

  • By samra burris - Reply

    hi, n i love sage in fact i grow several varieties as i do mint. i have several grandchildren and burning sage helps keep insects away, also we use it for cooking, and blessings being as we are Native American. This bar would be a blessing as i have a large familyt, and weddings, gatherings and special occassions take place in my gardens…bless you all, and my family would be blessed to have this

  • By Teresa - Reply

    I love them all, but rosemary has a special place in my heart. Great giveaway

  • By Bl Wishin - Reply

    Love the smell of basil when I walk outside the door

  • By Soraya McKee - Reply

    My favorite herb to plant is thyme.

  • By jeanie - Reply

    Lavender- it’s in bloom right now!

  • By Kelly - Reply

    Those stools are fantastic! Was just looking at some a lot like that! We love to plants all kinds of mint, so easy!

  • By Diana Schmied - Reply

    Mint – of all kinds!

  • By Nancy Galassini - Reply

    Love lavender for its calming properties.

  • By Marie - Reply

    Siam Queen Basil

  • By Amelia - Reply


  • By Kim Sestak - Reply

    I just love the smell of pineapple sage!

  • By Cherie Bowman - Reply

    French culinary lavender

  • By Lamonica Boddie - Reply

    Basil, I grow many varieties and love them all!

  • By Lynn Beck - Reply


  • By Judy Doom - Reply


  • By Pam Marsden - Reply


  • By Amy McLaughlin - Reply


  • By Karen Hegedus - Reply

    Basil & lemon mint.

    • By Karen Hegedus - Reply

      Just list ‘basil’ as my favorite herb to grow, please!

  • By Diane Kenyon - Reply

    Lavender lots of lavender

  • By Jennifer Wisnom - Reply

    While I grow several herbs for me and my chickens, my favorite is basil. I make pesto for friends and family and use basil and garlic for improving immune system of the hens!

  • By Donna Boyd - Reply

    My favorite is Cilantro!! I love to make homemade salsa and Cilantro is the best ingredient!!

    • By Marla Sligh - Reply

      Rosemary is a favorite and used alot.

  • By Kris Vodraska - Reply

    Beautiful bar. Herb? Definitely cilantro..!

  • By Jane Bonanata - Reply


  • By Cindy and Michael - Reply

    Stevia and cilantro. ❤🌱🌿

  • By Rosanne - Reply

    rosemary.. so many uses. love the smell.. 🌹🌹🌹

  • By Jen - Reply

    My favorite herb to plant is mint.

  • By Erica - Reply

    Mint! To make a delicious Mojito in these hot summer in Arizona

  • By Jen Rodrigues - Reply

    I love so many different herbs to use for cooking, drinks, and medicine but my favorite is Basil. I love using it with different meals and marinate in meats. Brings out so much flavor and smells so good. I love it.

  • By Kris Tripe - Reply

    I love dill!!! And the outdoor bar!!

  • By Janet Sanwick - Reply

    Dill :*)

  • By Donna Wells - Reply

    I love growing catnip for my friends’ fur babies!

  • By Megann - Reply


  • By Jo Ford - Reply


  • By Paje - Reply


  • By Trudy Brinkley - Reply

    Mint. Summer is my favorite time of year and I would love to have this bar on my patio, beside my pool! Thanks!

  • By Susan Hass - Reply

    Basil of course! Caprese Salads, Fresh Tomato & Basil Pasta, Pesto…..can’t grow enough of it!

  • By Hunterdane - Reply

    I love lavender.

  • By Sandra Hancock - Reply

    Pineapple Sage is my favorite herb to plant.

  • By Leona Scanlan - Reply

    Basil! Or mint! Or cilantro!! 🙂

  • By Darlene - Reply


  • By Lisa - Reply


  • By Kerry Neal - Reply


  • By Nena - Reply

    Lemon Tymne

  • By Kerrie Brickman - Reply

    I love the smell of fresh Rosemary right outside my back door 😉

  • By Diane Paquette - Reply


  • By Donna Wood - Reply

    You may think I’m nuts but I love to grow catnip and yes,.it is an herb. Most folks think it’s just for cats but it’s good for people as well. You boil the leaves and let it steep just like tea. Catnip is very strong so I add spearmint (also from my garden) and raw unprocessed honey. Catnip is soothing on an upset stomach and calms you allowing you to sleep. The spearmint is also.soothing and helps to mask the catnip flavor. Raw honey helps to add a.little sweet plus if your honey is from your region it will.help.with your allergies when taken daily. So.catnip is my favorite herb -.plus my cats love if.too.

  • By Diana - Reply


  • By Laurel Cammaart - Reply

    Basil….cuz I love it!

  • By Melissa - Reply

    Basil! High maintenance and tempermental, two characteristics I know nothing about! 😂

  • By Jayme Gruden - Reply

    Rosemary! Great giveaway 🙂

  • By Sherri Lockwitch - Reply

    Basil. I grow it all summer. At the end of the season, I pick the leaves, wash and freeze them and have their fresh flavor all winter long!!!

  • By Molly M Roelofs - Reply

    Basil and sage !
    Like your pic.!

  • By Michelle Foster - Reply


  • By JoyL - Reply

    Thankful Tuesday to everyone! Peppermint is on the top, it’s a shareable scent with the neighbors.

  • By Judiann Hasier Lesko - Reply

    I love so many herbs, especially fresh cilantro in salsas, soups and other dishes and fresh basil, especially in a delicious Capreze salad. Yum! Thanks for the link to this contest, @TwoWomenAndAHoe

  • By Kim perry - Reply


  • By Katherine - Reply

    Thyme in its many varieties!

  • By Patty - Reply

    Oh, Basil! …but right now what I really want is a pepper plant!

    • By Patty - Reply

      Oh, basil …but right now really want a pepper plant!

  • By Mikeela H. - Reply


  • By Bessie - Reply

    I’d love to win this bar. I’d put it out beside my pool.. I grow basil and sage.. thanks for the link @TwoWomenandaHoe

  • By Yanno - Reply

    We love dill. We have the 8″ garden bar and would love to give this smaller version to our son.

  • By Leslie - Reply

    If I have to limit myself to just one, I’d say sage. It requires no effort, the bees love it, and it smells wonderful. We always seem to have a family of mice living in ours too.

  • By Elaine Leske - Reply


  • By Elaine White - Reply

    The easier question would be…..which herb do I not love to grow? But since we are talking about a most fabulous bar, I will have to go with the mint family…..Oh, I do so love a mojito on a hot summer day!

  • By Stephanie Chaisson - Reply


  • By Christina Grant - Reply

    Lemon Balm, it’s the first herb I’ve ever planted!!

  • By jennifer - Reply

    all of them but tarragon is my favorite!

  • By Lauren Krenkel - Reply

    Love them all – but fresh Basil I just can’t get enough of!

  • By Lisa Couse - Reply

    Beautiful looking bar. Would look awesome on my new deck. I planted basil lavender and peppermint. My favorite plant is My Daisys and morning glories.

  • By Teresa - Reply

    I love lavender and would LOVE to win that bar! Can see it on my back porch now. 🙂

  • By Norma - Reply

    I only plant a few herbs but sage is a must!
    Love your posts! 💖

  • By Lisa - Reply

    I love to grow all herbs. My favorite is cilantro. I also love this bar very much!!!!

  • By Paulina Valencia - Reply

    Basil and mint!!!!! 🌱💚

  • By Cher - Reply

    Mint! It grows well in the desert and is always good in some recipes year round.

  • By Audrey Crowe - Reply

    Love all the herbs…basil is my go to for flavoring water with lemon. A cool refreshing beverage for a hot day…Love the bar…thank you

  • By Gina White - Reply

    Rosemary, absolutely my favorite!

  • By Ann Reynolds - Reply

    Sweet Basil. Gotta have my bruschetta.

  • By Ms. Robertine Farley - Reply

    Cilantro is my favorite. Hope I win my mom would be 88 on June 24th, but 28 years old in heaven.

  • By Kimlanehobbs@gmail.com - Reply

    I love this bar and growing rosemary.

  • By Barbara Erk - Reply

    Basil…..no, cilantro……no, mint…….no, rosemary…..no, dill. Love the bar.

  • By Marion Leighton - Reply

    O my gosh, can’t pick just one! Basil, Rosemary, lavender, sage, mint…❤️

  • By Suzanne - Reply

    Lemon thyme-can be used in both sweet & savory recipes. Plus it smells sooo good!

  • By Mary Kampf - Reply

    My name is Mary Mary Quite….well let’s just say my garden grows yummy Basil! It’s so good with so many things but my favorite way to eat it is with tomatoes, cheese and some Balsamic vinegar! I just love this cute little bar & I’d love to have a few drinks while sitting at it with a friend or two! Thanks for the opportunity to try & win it!

  • By Kathleen - Reply

    I love growing oregano, it makes an awesome ground cover where I live

  • By Terry Buhler - Reply

    I love lavender and this outdoor planting bar! 😆

  • By Terry - Reply

    I love lavender and this cute outdoor bar! 😆

  • By Holly - Reply

    Lavender is my favorite herb and then lemon verbena! I’ve cooked with both and made lovely teas and sachets, too. That bar would be a popular spot in the yard!

  • By Sheri - Reply

    Mint…. yum!

  • By Susan Bledsoe - Reply

    I love Thyme!! Goes with everything!!

  • By Vickie Carlstrom - Reply

    Lemon grass! So many uses and medicinal purposes as well as a mosquito deterrent 😊

  • By Heather - Reply

    Lavender! Thank you!

  • By Patti Williams - Reply

    I love to grow parsley.
    Thank you for the chance to try and win this fantastic outdoor bar!!

  • By Terrell Wilkerson - Reply

    Sage I can use to cook with or burn to keep mosquitoes and (ghost 😀) away 😉

  • By Tamara Cline - Reply

    What a great place for some lavender!

  • By Dena - Reply

    Lemon Balm @ lavendar!

  • By Donna Gehrels - Reply

    I think Rosemary is the prettiest and best tasting herb!!!

  • By Diane - Reply

    I love to plant basil so we can have Caprese salads all summer long with those fresh garden tomatoes.

  • By Lori Clarke - Reply

    My favorite herb is oregano. I love the taste and the flower it gives! Beautiful little paper flower.

  • By Holly Connor - Reply

    cilantro….love it fresh salsa!

  • By Merry warner - Reply

    Rosemary. I plant Rosemary the fragrance is beautiful outside at night I use a piece or to to keep mosquitos away works wonderful. Amazing idea the bars is

  • By Sheryl Lawless - Reply


  • By Sheila Craig - Reply


  • By Corrine Chapinski - Reply


  • By colleen ehredt - Reply

    My favorite herb is Basil

  • By Debra Gladstone - Reply

    I love , love . LOVE MINT! it’s so cool and refreshing! Happy first day of summer too !

  • By Deborah Stephens - Reply

    I’m experimenting with herb planting this year. So far, the wee bit of lemon grass is the best.I’m having a hard time getting lavender to grow for me.

  • By Mary Ulland - Reply

    I love the smell of cilantro!! I grow lots of herbs as well and hang dill in my kitchen, ahhh the smells of summer!!

  • By Rhonda Mangione - Reply

    Basil is my Favorite!

  • By Rhonda Mangione - Reply

    Basil is my favorite!❤️

  • By Janet Van de hei - Reply


  • By Andrea Moore - Reply

    Mint for Mojitos BABY!

  • By Craig Gonzalez - Reply

    I am big fan of cilantro.

  • By Tom Jarvis - Reply

    Dill is my favorite herb! So versatile and a nice punch of flavor. The bar is beautiful and would look lovely on my patio next to my herb garden.

  • By Gloria Eldred - Reply


  • By Brenda smith - Reply

    I love to grow rosemary but I am trying my hand at lemon balm this year

  • By Lee Ann Ventura - Reply

    and BTW- Love your posts!

  • By Donna L Dietrick - Reply

    Love this bar to entertain. Would fit nicely in a spot outside. 🙂

    Love chives. YUM

  • By Karen Kane - Reply


  • By Gina - Reply


  • By Linda - Reply

    Love them all but especially Greek oregano!

  • By Jen - Reply

    Sage — it grows so well and smells wonderful!

  • By Moriah Norris - Reply

    I grow parsley not only for our consumption, but the monarch caterpillar love it as well! I also am growing basil, dill, to name a few!

  • By Lisa Hoffer - Reply

    My favorite is mint! I have chocolate mint, Orange mint, Spearmint and Peppermint!!!💜 But I’m also growing chives, basil, bee balm and oregano!!!🌿

  • By Angel Conaway - Reply

    I grow chocolate mint. I also grow peppermint, spearmint, apple mint and others.

  • By amaya acton - Reply

    I love Patchouli and grown it year round..I take cuttings and root in water..we also grow Rosemary, Catnip and have vegtables growing in the front and back yard.

  • By Terri Rindahl - Reply


  • By Karen Hadley - Reply

    My favorite herb to plant is rosemary, I love its aroma and the taste it gives to my dishes.This would look perfect on my patio. We love to entertain

  • By Ann Tillman - Reply

    Lavender. I love the outdoors bar. My brother made one simular.

  • By Megan Martineau - Reply

    So many!!! I love growing basil, mint, lemon thyme, parsley, and lavender.

  • By naomi - Reply


  • By April Walsh - Reply

    Cilantro is my absolute favorite herb to grow as well as cook with. ❤️❤️❤️

  • By Christine - Reply

    I love to grow lots of different herbs, but my favorite is Chocolate Mint. Smells heavenly!

  • By Diana - Reply

    Basiln parsley, I make lots of sauce!!

  • By Brenda Vernon - Reply

    Thai Basil

  • By Sharon Sullivan - Reply

    Love the bar and love rosemary!

  • By Victoria McFadden - Reply

    Flat leaf basil, perfect for pesto over all the fresh vegetables of summer. Also love Greek oregano.

  • By Wanda Munsey - Reply


  • By Shelia Oliver - Reply

    I love Lavender ! Thank you !

  • By Kathy Thomas - Reply

    Basil and Cilantro

  • By kathy galvan - Reply


  • By Rhonda - Reply

    Beautiful bar perfect for entertaining which we do often in the summer. We grow all types of herbs but basil has to be the favorite.

  • By Lisa Jendza - Reply


  • By Kathryn Herdman - Reply

    Basil, thyme, chives!

  • By Holly Wilcoxen - Reply

    lemon balm

  • By charlotte wiggins - Reply

    Spearmint, wonderful in water!

  • By Michelle J. Bourassa - Reply

    Just GORGEOUS! Fragrant rosemary would be perfect in the planter 💖

  • By nichole crowley - Reply

    Basil! Rosemary!

  • By Gail - Reply

    This bar would work practically anywhere! I grow all flavors of mints.

  • By Lynda - Reply

    My favorite herb to plant is Rosemary. I love the flavor and the smell of it.

  • By Martha Savageau - Reply

    Basil…it is versatile and scrumptious! I tend to “accidentally” brush past the leaves to release the fragrance.

  • By Brandi Mckinney - Reply

    Oh my goodness, I love so many I will have to say either mint or Lavender. I love to eat the mint leaves and the smell of Lavender is so soothing and wonderful to make into oils and bath mixtures. I enjoy putting mint into my lotions. Also Basil is wonderful. I enjoy rubbing it on my skin. We were supposed to name just one! This was difficult because I can never choose just one! Each one has its own unique and lovely properties and smell. 🙂

  • By Stephanie - Reply

    I love basil !!! 🌿 💗

  • By cindy williams - Reply

    peppermint. it smells wonderful and has many uses

  • By Martha Ramos - Reply


  • By Patti-Lynn - Reply

    I Love Lavender, I think it such a special herb. I and smell. Its used in so many ways. 💜 Lavender Lady !

  • By Becky Rowe Farrell - Reply

    Mint is one of my favorites. I have it strategically planted along the outter edges of my lawn. When we mow the lawn we release that wonderful smell into the yard. I am in Scio, Oregon and there are mint fields everywhere here.

  • By S. Douglas - Reply

    Basil! Caprese Salad every night <3

  • By donna lynn - Reply


  • By Blue - Reply

    Thank you ~~ my fav is Pineapple Sage. My gosh it smells so good, it’s beautiful red flowers, it’s prolific and it’s versatile in the kitchen. It’s truly a win win.

    I always plant all the basils, thymes, and Rosemary. Dill and oregano. Life is just not as sweet without fresh herbs to grace your gardens and tables with☆☆

  • By Roberta Perez - Reply

    I love to plant mint!! All different kinds scents and flavors.. love to drink mojitos!!!

  • By amaya acton - Reply

    I grow several herbs but Patchouli is my favorite. I put cuttings in water to root so there is always plenty of them in the yard.

  • By Catherine Juchnowski - Reply

    Lemon Balm & Lavendar

  • By Catherine Juchnowski - Reply

    Lemon Balm & Lavender

  • By Rachel - Reply

    It is a toss-up between lavender and the mint family. The plans for the lavender involve some sewing projects and the mint will be used for some sewing projects, mint jelly and of course the summer mojitos. The bar would be a great addition to the mojitos and of course other summer beverages.

  • By Susan Bellamy - Reply


  • By CB Popelka - Reply

    Basil is my go to herb. Chocolate mint is my indulgence.

  • By Tessa - Reply

    You can ever have too much cilantro!!!!

  • By Jessica Berman - Reply

    I love this bar, I own a furniture consignment gallery and get to see all types of furniture but this bar is special. I love to plant Basil so I can harvest it and make pesto to put in my freezer for those cold winter night meals.

  • By Jean - Reply

    Chive !!!!

  • By Denise - Reply


  • By Elisia - Reply

    I love that bar and I love growing summer savory😀

  • By adena - Reply


  • By Cynthia - Reply

    I’m growing basis, chives, parsley, mint, and rosemary. This delightful bar would give me more room for more herbs, especially some catnip and lavender! Congrats Jan on your book publishing. Yay! Happy Summer!

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