Sustainability in the garden

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Many years ago I planted a ‘Hakuro-nishiki’ dappled willow in my landscape. Last year I remember cutting into it and feeling a bit guilty. I do not like removing healthy trees or shrubs unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, I kept reminding myself that I had spent way too much time trimming, pruning, bagging, and tying up unwanted branches!

My small suburban yard does not allow me to grow trees or shrubs that require constant pruning. But more importantly, it was the sustainability factor that finally pushed me and the small overgrown tree over the edge. The amount of waste this willow produced in one season was exhausting and goes against everything I believe and stand for–sustainable landscaping and gardening practices.


When I drove into the local waste and recycle management facility to dispose of the wilted willow piled in my trailer, I knew my decision was for the best. Tons and tons of waste is poured into this facility on a daily basis; it is beyond comprehension. I visit the site often to dispose of yard waste for Two Women and a Hoe® and appreciate everything the facility offers, contributes, and is committed to.

Fortunately, our individual practices can play a major role in a vital process, too! One rather simple element of sustainability is creating as little waste as possible. As gardeners, there are opportunities to achieve this goal during the planning process by selecting the right plant for the right place. Educate yourself on the growth habits of new shrubs and trees before deciding to plant them! Shrubs that require constant pruning create a lot of unnecessary waste. I can attest to that! The next time you go plant shopping, pay close attention to plant specifics so that constant pruning does not become a constant practice.

Remember, a carefully thought out garden design and making informed plant selections will reduce the amount of waste your landscape and gardens generate through maintenance. In the end, sustainable practices in the landscape and garden will save you time and money, and serve our planet well!

Two Women and a Hoe® is passionate about sustainability and believes that together we can make a difference! When we know better, we do better.

Two Women and a Hoe

4 thoughts on “Sustainability in the garden

  • By Max Phelps - Reply

    Hi….I agree, this Asian willow is over-planted. Max

  • By Mano - Reply

    I just found your site, and know I am going to enjoy it. I agree, minimizing garden waste is important. I try to put as much of my yard waste into my compost.

  • By SusanMyers - Reply

    a friend sent me your site and I love it

    • By Jan Bills - Reply

      Greeting Susan!

      So glad to hear that! Please visit us often.

      May all your gardens grow,

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