The ULTIMATE SPRING Fling Give-a-Way!

All through the long winter, I dream of my garden.

On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth.

I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar.

~Helen Hayes


Welcome to our Ultimate SPRING Fling!  WE are glad YOU joined US!

It may (or may not) feel like spring where you live, but our trusty calendar says TODAY is the first DAY of SPRING!

To kick off the SEASON, we are EXCITED to offer a wonderful Garden Give-a-Way!  SIMPLY tell us what YOU love most about SPRING by leaving a COMMENT below!

Using a random number generator on March 26th at 12 midnight EST, FIVE lucky GARDENERS will receive one of these special garden delights!

Our WINNER will be announced March 27th at 9:00 a.m. EST!

Good Luck, Friends!

Hoe Give-a-Way

Suit UP for the season in comfy GARDEN HOE™ gear!  A Two Women and a Hoe™ T-Shirt and Cap will get you started!


Get GROWING fast with the M Brace by Art of the Garden! Slide any standard 2” lumber into the braces and you are ready to PLANT. The best part? YOU decide the length and width that is just right for your space. 100% RECYCLED metal, made in the USA!

Bee Honey Hummingbird Butterfly

Pollinators play such an essential role in creating a HEALTHY eco-system for all species to SURVIVE.  Our Friends at BBB Seed are trying to do their part in supporting these important CREATURES by encouraging people to PLANT their GARDENS with pollinators in mind!

BBB Seed Heirloom Vegetable & Wildflower Seeds Pollinator Friendly Giveaway items include:

4 – 1 oz. Pollinators WILDFLOWER Mixes (Bee Rescue, Honey Source, Hummingbirds and Butterflies & Birds)

3 Packets of Garden Variety FLOWERS (Zinnia Mix, Cosmos and Pincushion Flower)

6 Packets of HEIRLOOM Vegetable Seed (Lemon Basil, Chives, Culinary Thyme, Italian Giant Parsley, Yellow Summer Squash, Zucchini)

moo poo tea

Haven’s Natural Brew Tea conditions the SOIL so your plants’ ROOT systems can better absorb NUTRIENTS needed to build a strong, healthy ROOT base.   Place Haven’s Natural Brew Tea bag in a one to five gallon container filled with water, cover & allow to seep for one to three days.  Then WATER your plants, it’s that EASY!  Use every time you water or at least four times during the GROWING season.

digital soil meter

You’ll LOVE this digital soil pH Meter OFFERED by Arbor and Vine. It holds a data base of over 350 fruits, flowers, vegetables, grasses and landscape plants. The numeric format is EASY to read on the digital LCD screen. It measures SOIL pH range from 3.5 to 9.0. Perform a quick and EASY pH test or use the advanced feature to select the PLANT to test, measure the soil pH and then compare it to the preferred pH of that plant. Create a ‘FAVORITES’ category and store a list of the last 25 plants tests. Batteries required and included.

Remember, tell us what YOU love most about SPRING in the comment section!

 Thank YOU for playing, Friends!

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1,398 comments to The ULTIMATE SPRING Fling Give-a-Way!

  • Ivy Tester

    The smell of dirt and daffodils!

  • Mary Barcena

    To me spring brings an inner feeling of a new beginning. This spring, for the first time, I am starting on a new adventure. I am opening my Herb Shop. I’m excited and scared all at the same time. Last 2 inspections tomorrow with a projected opening date of April 1…woohoo!!!

  • Catherine Nall

    I love watching the rebirth of everything in Spring. The aromas from my deck where I have herbs in pots as the warming breeze stirs them releasing their fragrance. The birds with their mating songs and the longer days warm my heart.

    Catherine Nall

  • Tammy Lance

    What I love about spring is getting outside and gardening!

  • VJ

    I <3 EVERYTHING about spring…..

  • Deb Toth

    The best part of spring is just getting outdoors and getting my hands in the dirt!!!!

  • Luzia

    Love seeing everything come back to life

  • Michelle

    I love Spring because of the new life it brings!

  • Dana V

    My favorite thing about spring is the excitement of seeing those little green shoots pushing through the ground!

  • nancyBe!

    I agree with Helen:dirt under my fingernails is so inner-gizing!

  • Michelle

    I love most is my Lilac tree blooming!!!

  • A new beginning: awaiting the birth of animals, first leaves, blossoms their fragrance and getting back into the dirt.

  • Lisa Felger

    My favorite thing about Spring is watching the snow melt, feeling the change in the air, hearing how happy the birds sound and seeing the grass turn green! Hopefully that will happen soon here in Wisconsin!

  • Lynne gentry

    I love the new beginnings everywhere! Just seeing the little sprouts coming up to hearing the baby birds chirping. New life – it’s like a fresh start. I just breathe it all in every morning and wonder what I will discover new today!

  • Deb Elenbaas

    The anticipation of all that my garden can be and all the colors of Spring!

  • Spring to me means warmer winds.. dirt that smells ready for seeds and dirty fingernails …and a new Easter bonnet.. (smile)

  • caroline keizer

    What I love about Spring is getting back to our summer place and hanging a load of laundry on the line – love that smell, and while waiting for it to finish in the washer,I do a first walk around to see what is peeking up – gets the season going :)

  • I love EVERYTHING about spring! ;)

  • Debbie Bjorgum

    Living in MN we are waiting to get outside and get ready to plant

  • Heather

    I love getting to play in the dirt.

  • Robin Oke

    The incredible and infinite shades of new green-the ones that can’t be captured in a tube of paint. We only get to see them once a year and I love seeing them peek and then just explode across the landscape.

  • Tracy Stuart

    The best is working in the yard and smelling fresh cut grass!

  • I love when the hyacinths and tulips start to poke through the dirt. I also love the sound of the birds that I haven’t heard all winter, and the smell that comes with spring. If I could smell the color green, it would smell like a spring morning.

  • Jen

    I love that our community garden will be buzzing with activity soon!

  • sherri

    What do I love about spring?
    - new babies, kittens, puppies, chicks, ducklings, goslings, foals, fawns….
    -easter baskets, colored eggs, chocolate bunnies
    -bulbs bursting with color, and scented breezes!
    -that’s a few things i love about spring!

  • Margaret Glazier

    My favorite thing about Spring is the return of the birds and the first Snowdrops I saw yesterday to be followed by the crocus etc. Aw!! the beauty of nature.

  • Beth Myers

    I love smelling my roses and watching the new baby calves play in the pasture in the Spring.

  • Angie Satterfield

    What I love about spring is the smell of fresh turned dirt….oh, especially after the first rain. Makes me want to get out and get dirty!

  • Kathleen Long

    Flowers, flowers, flowers!!!!

  • Sandra Spears

    What I most love about spring is when my husband comes in the house and takes me by the hand and walks me out to a hidden spot in the back yard and shows me where tiny little flowers have bloomed. Then he just beams a beautiful smile and my heart is filled with love, hope and joy!

  • Faith Copeland

    I love everything about spring. I can’t wait to start playing in the dirt!

  • Michelle Y.

    So many wonderful things that spring brings but a few of my favorites are the smell of freshly cut grass, the beauty of all the new green leaves and beautifully blossoming flowers and trees, and cooling rains since I live in FL and it can be pretty hot here.

  • Georgie

    I love knowing that I’ll be digging dirt out from under my nails at the end of the day!

  • Patricia

    It’s the Spring Fever that I love most about Spring.
    The feelings and thoughts of what I’ve been planning all winter, can finally be put into action!
    To see new growth, promises that we can sustain and fall into our passion of growing and planting new and old treasures.
    Not looking forward to all the dog poop that’s going to be exposed though.
    <3 my shovel.

  • ElizabethClothier

    Spring gardening is my favorite, the smell of the newly awakened earth teeming with earthworms and all the greening of the ground.

  • Spring to me is being reborn again…..the most beautiful sound in the morning from the birds and the miracle of seeds lovingly planted with my granddaughters and watching them grow thru their eyes! Spring is just another one of God’s miracles!

    Thanks for the opportunity of so many beautiful products! Have a beautiful Spring day! Pamie G.

    pgraham@gvtc.com Come be my friend!

  • Sandi Buckhout

    I love starting my plants {all heirloomm veggies}in my greenhouse. Getting my hands in the dirt in early spring gives me hope that gardening weather in not too far away

  • Tracey Smartt

    I love sitting in the still of the morning, in the middle of my garden, enjoying the sounds, the smells, the peace…as everything turns green again and life begins anew…

  • mandy

    I love fresh air and sunshine and watching the birds at my feeders!

  • Deb Ingham

    Spring gives me a fresh outlook and excitement after a long winter. The bible tells us there is a season for everything. After a long cold and dreary winter, spring gives Hope. The aromas of spring… Ahhhh freshly tilled soil, buds bursting with fragrance, spring rain and warm sunshine.

  • Marguerite

    What I love about Spring is rebirth of the Earth…

  • Megan Webber

    My favorite part of Spring is that winter is finally over!

  • Minetta Minnick

    I love the warmer weather, seeing the baby animals, and all the pretty spring flowers blooming! I love to garden and spring is a great time to get my hands in the dirt :)

  • Lois Dunn

    I’m happy to see robins running through the yard looking for worms. :)

  • Kathy Erdo

    What I love about spring is the way the earth seems to yawn, stretch, shaking off winter and gets on with the business of turning green

  • Jennifer

    I love that there’s more daylight in the Spring. I love that the ducks and wading birds return to our creek. I love how the rains bring the color back to the landscape. I love the smell of the blooms and the of the laundry when it’s time to take it off the line. I love getting outside more than I did over the winter. I love that Spring makes most everything seem new!

  • Terry Boyer

    The thing I love most about spring is to watch my perineals start growing and budding. Also LOVE when my fruit trees bloom and bees and butterflies start finding the buds!

  • Amy

    Open windows, green grass & flowers blooming!!

  • toni rose

    Getting my hands dirty and using my creativity and imagination bringing beauty back into my yard once more!

  • LuAnn Sell

    I love the smell of “earth”, a fragrance that is rich and full of promise. It makes me want to go outside and dig in it!

  • The best part of Spring is watching for signs of life in the garden. Can’t wait to see all the bulbs poke through the ground and see the lilacs and hydrangeas begin to bud out,

  • MJ Kollat

    What I love about Spring is the Woodpecker that comes to the tree in the backyard every day and the mother and father Cardinal that comes to make their nest near the horses! And the moody little Hummingbirds come to fight over the feeder, zipping in for a drink then off they go. Last year we had 5 different ones.

  • Sarah B

    My favorite things about spring are those days when I can open sll the windows and enjoy the warming breeze. I enjoy the first blooms of daffodils and hyacinths, dogwoods and redbuds.

  • Heide Riess

    What I love about spring is seeing the colors reappear. White can be dull.

  • Jeryl Comeaux

    Well….it’s the first day of spring and here in California it is raining today! Can’t wait to get out there and groom the winter away. Spring, to me, is new life…for ALL of us

  • Louise Jordan

    Hi Ladies,

    I love gardening, even when my back says stop. I plan my gardens during the winter. Currently my kitchen table is full of seedlings. This spring I will be adding additional sections of the yard with items shown on Two Women and a Hoe. Can’t wait. Standing back and looking at what has been accomplished and thoughts of items to be put in the garden is my favorite part of Spring. Enjoy the season.

  • m.w.gilmore

    The sheer joy of plants, trees, and nature provide a show of renewed friendship with me. Pass a longs, old favorites, and new loves burst into the world with a show of color. Memories of loved ones and new friends are in each burst of life – A new opportunity of life is provided to me each and every day. Just love spring!

  • Mary Miller

    I love that I get to open all my windows and smell the earth coming to life once more.I love getting my hands dirty while working in my garden.I love the way the earth smells.I love the warm showers and the gentle breezes.

  • What I love about Spring are the colorful tulips,daffodils and other bulbs popping through the soil!

  • Heide Riess

    What I love is seeing color reappear. White can be dull.

  • evelyn smith

    Spring makes me feel new and fresh. I feel like when I grow things, whether for beauty or food, I’m helping to make the world go around. Like I’m doing something I should be doing. I love looking at my gardens and working in them. My ultimate goal is to have so many plants, that there will be NO room for weeds. Wish me luck. Love your posts!

  • Vicci Lucas

    Hearing birds singing while I clean out flower beds and get them ready for planting.

  • Warmth! Along with that, spring brings the blooming of the redbuds, dogwoods and AZALEAS!

  • Sharon A

    What I love most about spring is garden cleanup. I love clearing away the winter debris, seeing all the new shoots coming up, smelling the damp earth and fresh air, and soaking up the sunshine. And falling into bed at night after a hard day’s work! :-)

  • I love being able to go outside and work in the yard for the 1st time. Something about getting the beds and yard ready to plant is just plain fun for me. The smell is heavenly and it just makes me happy to make my yard the best it can be! Happy gardening everyone!

  • Barb Fitzgerald

    I LoVe Spring because it represents new life. After a long cold Michigan winter it’s inspiring to see GREEN!

  • Sarah B

    Enjoy most the first blooms of daffodils, hyacinths, dogwoods and redbuds.

  • Louise Jordan

    Hi Ladies,

    I love gardening, even when my back says stop. I plan my gardens during the winter. Currently my kitchen table is full of seedlings. This spring I will be adding additional sections of the yard with items shown on Two Women and a Hoe. Can’t wait. Standing back and looking at what has been accomplished and new ideas to come alive in the garden is my favorite part of Spring. Enjoy the season.

  • Patty Green

    What I love about Spring is the new beginning that Mother Nature gives us each year:)

  • Peg Roberts

    I love the sweet smell of the early morning in the spring and how everything in the garden seems to be waking back up after a long winter’s nap…

  • I love working and preparing my flower garden in the Spring in anticipation of the beauty, scents and color of the flowers. Happy Spring to everyone! Cheers! Carol Whitfield

  • Carol Welch

    The leaves of the trees and their light green color. Hands in the dirt, sun warming my shoulders, flowers beginning to bloom, azaleas! Too many to list.

  • Barb

    I love spring because the weather is finally nice enough to enjoy adult beverages on the patio!

  • I Love the smell of spring in the air :)

  • Lori Heyler

    The first day of Spring is covered by a foot of snow here in Massachusetts. But I know underneath it all there are tulips, crocus, and daffodils just waiting to “spring”!

  • Angie Peterson

    What I love about spring….the smell of freshly cut grass, longer days, flip flops, reading a book outside in my yard, soaking up the sun.

  • Elizabeth Basara

    Spring is so worth the wait – ‘rejuvenation’ defined ♥

  • Paula

    I love watching all my tulips pop up.

  • Dawn Longmore

    What I love most about spring is the flowers and trees are starting to bloom, it makes my husband and I celebrating our anniversary a bit more colorful.

  • Barb Fitzgerald

    I LoVe Spring because to me it represents new life. After a long cold Michigan winter, it’s inspiring to see Green!

  • Anita Stevens

    What I love the most about spring is to be working in the dirt and walking around my flower beds and finding what flowers are coming back and from then on I walk every few days just to see how fast they can grow

  • Pam

    I love watering my garden barefoot.

  • Debbie Hagewwood

    i love hearing the birds sing , i love getting in the dirt getting my planters ready and the warm sun on my face !!

  • Terri D. Bacon

    Spring is Natures way of letting us know a renewal is upon the world. Plants, birds, critters, like us are struggling to be. The performance is the best play to ever be witnessed.

  • Linda

    I love the smell of the first grass mowing and the smell of the dirt as I turn the shovel for my first plantings!

  • Linda Womack,

    I love spring because it is like an open house. God’s open house to another “bloomin” season.

  • Allison McClymont

    I love radish sandwiches!

  • Patty

    I love the warmer weather, the budding trees and digging in my gardens. After a very long winter spring cannot get here fast enough for me. It is currently 26 with a wind chill of about 10 degrees!

  • I love spring because it’s hatching time! I’ve got my incubator full of eggs just waiting on the little fluff balls to hatch out right before Easter!

  • Robin Royer

    Everyday when I walk to the road to get the mail I can see more and more bulbs poking their little heads out of the dirt. I also love listening to the the Ducks and Canada geese coming back!

  • I Love Spring because to me it represents new life. After a long cold Michigan winter it’s inspiring to see GREEN!

  • B. Revard

    Leaf buds and bird song!

  • Kate Cooper

    What I love is waking up to the sounds of spring and Smelling the damp morning dew and getting out there tending the newly sown garden while the world is still quiet and peaceful.

  • Debbie Haraszkiewicz

    After a long winter, I love the smell of spring air. You can breathe in the blades of grass rising from the ground, the buds forming on the trees. The birds darting about making spring music adds to the resurrection of life. Taking a long walk around the lake enjoying all the sites and smells of so many good things to come! And anticipating and planning what I’ll plant this year in the garden.

  • Carol Grant

    What I love most about spring is the feeling of the awakening of the earth. The sun, the birds, the emerging of plants peaking through the ground.

  • Janine Coleman

    Happy Spring!
    Stepping out on my porch and hearing the birds singing and seeing the new growth and buds start to bloom reminds me of the fresh start we have each new day. The past has gone and withered away. Getting my hands dirty in the soil brings such peacefulness to my spirit; it’s my therapy for the soul. It reminds me of a saying I like and take to heart, Plant Kindness Gather Love.

  • Veronica Taylor

    I love playing in the dirt! I like the way it feels, smells and knowing that soon everything will come back to life.

  • What I love in the spring is going outside and seeing the bright colors and the smells of the flowers. Digging in the ground whether I’m weeding or planting, it’s such a stress reliever and takes me into my own little peaceful world.

  • Stephanie Brechbiel

    The cherry blossoms at the Tidal basin in DC!

  • Rebecca Haley

    Last year, I tried a pallet garden. It was going well until my husband got the call that a kidney was available. We left that morning, and spent a constant three weeks in the hospital during the drought. Needless to say, we lost everything. This spring is special because we have decided to try again. With limited finances, because of the new medicines, growing our own food will help out quite a bit. I have my seeds sprouting, and am counting the days!

  • My favorite part of spring is the colorful flowers. I’m so tired of snow.

  • Brigitte

    We are in Gatineau, Quebec and we just received a big snow storm. I can’t wait for spring to get here to melt it all away. And go outside with just my sandals , shorts and short sleeves. And to me this spring is special as my 6th grandchild will be born. I love spring. Thank you.

  • christine carrier

    I am a divorced mother of two boys. Although my boys are all BOY, their aunt, grandmother and myself have made sure that they love the outdoors and gardening along with us. I can’t wait to get outside with my sons, and start our vegtable garden, and do a complete overhule of our flower beds. Come on spring.

  • Debbie Havill

    I love the warm days and cool nights. The sun is out longer. I love flowers, flowers, flowers!!

  • What a joy to feel the warm tropical breeze….the blossoms and bloom that seem to know when to begin their new cycle. And have you smelled the soil that drift up as it is being lovingly turned…and the invasions of flying things from birds to lady bugs…ahh life has renew itself once again…

  • Theresa Baxter

    After a long cold Syracuse winter I cherish the first sounds of the birds chirping, the smell of the earth thawing out and preparing to show life returning. The warm air and knowing that soon everything will spring into gorgeous colors.

  • June Harris

    Spring is a time of hopeful refreshment..for gardens and our visions for them, wildlife and especially our sense of well being! I love spring fever!! Bring it on.

  • What I love most is the anticipation I feel when I see the first green shoots pushing their way up throught the soil. The excitement when my carefully sown seeds start sprouting!

  • Shauna PURSLEY


  • Donna Williams

    I love its revival of the earth. The birds singing, the beauty of plant shoots emerging from the cold ground, and watching that first blossom pop. Welcome Spring! I love you!

  • Gayle

    Spring means renewal.

  • Stacy Brown

    I love spring for all the beauty God has given us to see,feel, smell & hear!!! Love planting flowers, fruit trees, veggie gardening & being out in the sunshine with the birds, butterflies, etc.

  • Angie Marshall

    I love spring because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY :)

  • Lori

    Spring for me is a time of renewal, a time of new beginnings – I love seeing the trees and plants beginning to quicken, the smell of freshly turned earth and the anticipation of fresh greens. Soon! soon!

  • I love when I can smell the scent of newly turned dirt. And I love when things grow again. Trees in leaf, grass turning green, new little plants pushing up through the soil. And birds singing. And warmth. Guess I love everything about spring. But best – the aroma of freshly turned soil.

  • Nancy Kurul

    Ah – the joy of discovering what survived the winter! I grow many of my perennial flowers (and most of my vegetables) from seed. When they reward me for the previous year’s nurturing by poking up out of the ground to flower another year, I am like a proud mother seeing her child pass a grade in school. It has been in the 60s and 70s here in NC, and it is my absolute favorite time of the year. Aches and pains from pruning, mulching and weeding are battle-won invisible badges of honor. My vegetable seeds have already germinated (in my kitchen, for want of a greenhouse), and I am growing 14 varieties of of tomatoes (supposedly heat-tolerant, disease resistant and able to set fruit over 90 degrees varieties) this year. Tomato trials 2013, here I come!

  • Peigi Mitzner

    I love the burst of new life as green buds come forth

  • Kathy Barefoot

    Spring to me is the affirmation of the cycle of life. Things considered dead are once again born to produce a new life. I love watching the trees put forth their green buds. The grass becomes green again. The birds even seem to be more cheerful. Seeing the first butterfly of the season and the return of our hummingbirds means all is right with the world.

  • Kimberley Foster

    My kids are super excited , can’t wait to have their own gardens this year! I love sharing this joy with them :-) They both woke up this morning ” HAPPY SPRING ” Mom lol Xo XO .

  • Nancy L

    I love the feeling of the warm sun and the way it smells outside. Of course hearing all the birds chirping is wonderful. But I do miss when the gentle Juncos leave.

  • The fresh smell after a spring rain and all of the beautiful daffodils, tulips and crocus. The rebirth of nature.

  • Carol Williams

    I love getting my seeds going and planning my Garden!

  • Annie Demill

    I love the return of Orioles and hummingbirds to my feeders. I love to see the Robins watching as I turn over my garden soil, just hoping for a stray worm :)

  • Susan Smith

    Looking forward to color- lots and lots of color.

  • Tom Mann

    Watching everything come back to life, renewed and ready to show a new season.

  • tina esslinger

    Planting flowers

  • Susan Franklin

    The feel of dirt on my hands and seeds in my palm.

  • The smell of Lilacs in the air. Growing up we had four big lilacs in the backyard, always knew spring was here when they would start blooming. Dad would pick some and put them on the kitchen table. Best smell in the world. Miss that.

  • I love looking outside to see all of the renewal that is taking place. One day the bulbs are starting to pop. Next the trees are budding up. It is like a small treasure hunt every day and the rewards just keep coming everyday!

  • Mona M

    What I love about spring…is seeing the little green shoots of life coming up…smelling the earth after a beautiful spring shower…and getting my hands into the earth to plant again the beautiful flowers and vegetables that will bring me joy throughout the coming months!

  • Spring! It give me energy! The smell of dirt, the chirping birds, the signs of new life. All the colors so vibrant and fresh!

  • Kristin

    I love the sound of the birds and opening the windows up after the long winter.

  • Reggie Brooks-Szuter

    I Love The Sweet Smell Of Spring!! The Hope Of All Things New. A New Beginning :-) & The Fuzzy Chicks :-) Thank You For Your Page!

  • Susan Murry

    Waking up to birds singing and sunshine! Exciting to see the bulbs planted in the fall have survived the winter and our bursting through the soil to enjoy the sunshine too! Everything just seems better with warmer days and shorter nights while ever changing colors surround us.

  • Kerry

    What I love about spring is new life popping up all around me! Teaching my little ones how to plant a garden like my mom taught me and living off of our land how HE meant us to’

  • Donna Eberhard

    I love sitting on my back porch and drinking my first sip of coffee while the birds sing in the dawn. I love listening to the squirrels bark at my dogs while they argue over who’s tree is who’s. I love that first turn of soil as I prepare to sew those seeds, The smell, the feel of it. And I love planning this years back yard DIY projects, putting my plan into motion and enjoying my newest creation.

  • Tracy Plummer

    I love when the grass begins to turn green. I just got married and moved so I’m walking around my new yard to see what flowers the previous owners had planted. Then I will be deciding what I am going to add to make it MY yard!

  • Amy Yuhasz-Richards

    The promise of life renewed.

  • To me, the regrowth of Spring represents my own personal regrowth. I feel like the year is finally starting and I’m coming out of the dark!

  • Tracy Scarbrough

    I love spring because it brings with it a wonderful memory from the last 3 weeks of my mother’s life. I love you mom….and I miss you.

  • Cathi Cooper

    Spring awakens the senses. While we were slumbering in the dark of winter Mother Nature was working behind the scenes to present us with beauty and wonder that reminds us why it’s good to be alive. That first early bloomer reminds us that life is a circle and now is the time to start living it.

  • BeTh Nawrocki

    What I LoVe about SpRing is the new chance to get in the dirt and learn something new with my 4 year old! He loves gardening!

  • Monica

    The sounds of birds singing in the morning, flowers pushing through the earth and the smell of wet soil.

  • jane

    I love the backyard patio, smelling the lilacs and watching the humming birds!! It is also the best time to visit with the little neighbor kids and have pb&j with them. The things you can learn while sitting outside!!

  • Dee S. Wells

    I love all the fresh scents of spring. Love putting my hands in the soil to plant new life!… Bird singing every morning! :) Happy spring everyone!

  • Harri

    I love sun patches to read my book in with a cup of tea and the smell of everyone mowing their grass again. It’s warm enough to get grubby in the garden and get on with my outdoor upcycling projects. I also love the sound of geese flying overhead, returning from warmer climates.

  • Amy Buggs

    I love the smell of the spring air, the feeling of the dirt, the smell of the tulips and daffodils and sound of the birds chirping in the morning and the sound of the snow melting off the roof. Most of all the tips that you post to get us through our long cold winter!

  • Andrea Forrest

    As a new gardener sping to me means I get to try again and hopefuly suceed each year it different and I learn more so much like life!

  • Jenni

    I love the cool air warmed by the sun and the sweet dewy scent in the air.

  • Stephanie Bohrer

    I love the smell of fresh cut grass and playing in the dirt!

  • I love the spring smells, and watching the earth come back to life after the cold winter months. There’s something refreshing about it!

  • Sabrina

    I love hearing the birds singing again.

  • I love watching the dandelions pop up and the excitement on my children’s face vs. the frustration of my neighbors faces as they pray the seeds don’t waft into their yards.

  • kate gomperts

    knowing my csa will be starting soon, and the fresh vegetables and fruit will be coming to my house! i also love all the flowers, and the finches at my feeders coming into their full color!

  • Becky

    I love the smell and feel of fresh soil

  • Deborah Crittenden

    Love everything about spring…..digging in the dirt, planting the garden, feeling the fresh tilled dirt between your toes!! <3

  • Sheryl Gray

    I love spring because it means that all the early flowers (bulbs) will soon be showing that they are waking up from their long winters nap. I always believe you can never have enough flowers in your yard, patio, container garden however you grow your flowers. Happy Spring to everyone.

  • susan carroll

    Love going outside everyday checking to see what is budding! Watching the birds building nests and feeding babies. And of course getting my hands in the dirt and making some of your awesome hints!

  • Mindy Mullins

    I LOVE the beautiful colors of spring as it makes the world look like it is coming back to life!!

  • Stephanie

    I love the smell of the wet dirt, hearing and seeing the birds, digging in the soft dirt, watching the green haze form on the trees and seeing the plants starting to come up. Getting the gardens ready for their annual performance. – 20 below windchills today with temps only in the teens.

  • Dina Brooks

    The snowdrops blooming out my front door that my friend gave me from his property before he passed away. Now they remind me of him, and how he always said “Snowdrop” was my Native American name after we saw Dances With Wolves together.<3

  • I love the newness of spring. The new leaves , with their bright green color. The budding that starts happening to the flowers. The feel in the air, its a new beginning. Time for the life cycle to start , all over again.

  • Sarah

    It takes me back to a carefree time when I was little.

  • Layna Clemmons

    I love the sound of spring peepers, birds singing, bulbs bursting forth, trees budding and the promise of new beginnings…

  • Love the sweet smell of the flowers blooming in the air. Love the way the trees glow with that hint of green. Love to hear the children’s laughter as they run around. Sounds of birds in the wind that were gone all winter. Best of all I love the feeling of digging my hands in the earth preparing the soil getting it ready to plant seeds to bring about flowers and veggies for my family to enjoy.

  • Shirley

    I love the warmth of the sunshine, the birds chirping, the smell of soil as it’s being worked, the flowers as they pop through the ground, and all those smells wafting through my open windows….HELLO SPRING!!!!

  • Valerie Sheroke

    Renewed creativity is what I like best. I try something new in my garden every Spring.

  • LuraAnn

    The best part of spring is
    watching the plants start popping out of the ground then getting my hands dirty….Thanks

  • Bonnie

    I love the freshness of spring bulbs, the warmth of the sun and it’s a time of renewal.

  • debbie burns

    What is there not to love about Spring!! It is like a new begining.The flowers and trees blooming, the birds playing and getting nests ready. The sunshine, the smell in the air.Oh My!!! How I do love Spring. Plus my birthday is in April. Love that I was born the best time of the year.

  • Just bought a house after renting for 9 years….I am so excited to have a yard that is just waiting for flowers and a vegetable garden. I love the newness that Spring brings (minus the allergies).

  • Tim

    Walking around the yard and planning my Spring and Summer gardens!

  • Robin Walters

    Spring Love: The smell of dirt, wriggling worms and the way the sun paints the ground with the promise of spinach, broccoli, peppers and tomatoes. Long days where my aching spine sounds it’s own kind of love – the worship of hard work, sweat and the best reward of feeding my people something I’ve coaxed out of soil. Why do we do this? Because we have to.

  • Barb

    The smell of the early morning dew in the air….the songs of the robins, bluebirds, wrens (my favorite) and red-winged blackbirds, among others as I go to work in the garden.

  • My spirit expands when I walk through budding plants in spring. I love digging in the dirt, planting and see the babies come to life and grow.
    I really like spring!

  • Cindy

    I love the sound of the birds in Spring!

  • Love the newness that spring brings (minus the allergies). I just bought a house after renting for 9 years…..and I am so ready to start planting flowers and a vegetable garden.

  • I love smelling the earth warm up. that’s my favorite part of spring.

  • Ethel

    The smell of knew Life….and the promise of the beauty of it all.

  • Mary De Leeuw

    Mom taught me that Spring was the wakening of life and the return of the Robin. I love sitting in my garden in the Spring looking at all the possibilities of where I can plant, dig and create. I love spring because it is the new beginning of what went to sleep the previous Fall. I love the smell of the earth, the song in the air and the warmth of the Chinook winds thanking me for being patient.

  • Jeannie Randall

    Seeing the new bright green everywhere really lifts my spirits after a long winter!

  • I love the damp smell. I love seeing my first robin. I love seeing my son go crazy in the puddles. I love the soft green haze that’s everywhere. I love springs promise

  • Melissa Gilroy

    My favorite part of spring is just how fresh and new everything seems, from the new buds on the dogwood trees, all the new daffodils and tulips coming up and the new little baby birds chirping outside my window. Spring is a time for new beginnings!

  • Leanne

    I like spring for the longer days & the blooming of all my flowers & bushes!And knowing the hummingbirds will be back!

  • Nell Mayer

    I love it when spring arrives. The weather turns warmer and Mother nature gives us the most spectacular show for our eyes, ears and noses. Its a waking up of everything that I love.

  • Kelly DeCoffe

    Love watching my kids playing in the warm sun, usually getting covered in mud!!

  • Christine Schaad Beall

    Spring brings the fresh crisp air that is so nice to open up your windows to, hang your wash out for, and work out side in the sunshine. Spring also brings the wonderful sound of the wood frogs and then the peepers. Bring on Spring!!!

  • emily nielsen

    ..barefeet and warm sunshine..
    Still have snow up here but noticed my little snowdrops peeking up. I know its time when I look out my window and see a mass of purple and white throughout the lawn.
    Love your posts!!

  • Vicky Busby

    Playing in the dirt and the first blooms on the fruit trees just make my heart sing!

  • Acadia

    I love the way Spring sneaks into the yard. How it manages to surprise you with its arrival, even if you have been waiting for it. Here in the north, it’s a delicious teacher of patience.

  • Charlene Fenelon

    What I love about spring is being able to sit on my patio in the mornings with a cup of coffee and see my perennials coming to life. It inspires me to begin planning the adventures when the soil is finally ready once again for me to get my hands dirty.

  • Spring brings ANTICIPATION of what soon will be happening in my garden. It gets me watching for the little green pop ups that will bring to my garden all the flowers and plants I love. I begin to get excited that it will be soon time to play in the dirt again. OH SPRING, YOU MAKE ME SMILE!

  • deb ford

    Trips our favorite nurseries in the state with my best friend. Traveling back home – enjoying everything in bloom. And of course, bluebirds lined up on my clothesline!

  • Lee Ann Ettinger

    I love the tired feeling of accomplishment after a long day in the yard….pure bliss

  • Elizabeth jacobs

    I love the smell of the mud when the warm sun hits it. I also can’t wait to plant our first garden in our new home with my 2 young children. They just love planting and watching things grow its so rewarding.

  • I love strolling thru my garden and finding great tasting food to eat, and the wildlife that lives in it also give me pleasure

  • Marie Niemann

    Warmth, Growth, and GREEN! Oh and Yellow Daffies!

  • In spring, mother earth awakes to bring forth renewal & hope :) For me, I come out of hibernation to plant my ideas & watch them grow :)

  • jody currin

    I love taking the plants from the greenhouse and starting the hardening off period and watching all of the leaves glistening with sunshine..

  • Rosemry Kukec

    I love the smell and the feel of the fresh air and the feel of the sun warmed earth.

  • Taryn McCain

    Spring is my favorite time of year for many reasons! I get to get my yard cleaned up and redesign my planting every year. Planting a seed means believing in tomorrow!

  • Phyllis

    Gardening is always my favorite part of spring. This year I have relocated from Florida to Michigan. Bought a small house with 1.5 acres of land and will gardening from scratch and learning a whole new climate. Excited to begin. Brought some garden art with me from my old garden. I will planting flower beds in the front but the whole back will be fruits, vegs and herbs. I especially love the the herbs.

  • Each time I plant for the season, I always try to include some of the memories of my family. Hollyhocks for my grandmother, petunias for my mother and so on as well as specific plantings for the pollinators and the birds. For in the garden do we celebrate life, and the joy of the earth and all its beauty.

  • The newness of Spring is so reassuring of God’s love and beauty that comes to life each year for us to embrace with grateful hearts. I would LOVE for Old Man Winter to go away and the snow in Connecticut melt! Time to see the little crocus pop up! Love you ladies…so inspirational!

  • Heather Griffin

    All the new life, gardening, and lovely weather.

  • Sherri Diller

    Renewal after a long hibernation.The bird songs seem happier as they accompany me in the garden in the morning hours. The excitement of my gardening; knowing yet not knowing how the fruits of my labor will take place. For the vegetable garden, just knowing it is the beginning of a long harvest for storing for the upcoming winter. Knowing what I grow is also shared amongst many, including food pantries. Spring is the beginning of hope.

  • Gerri Davis

    I love the fact that the earth is waking up after a hibernation. The first little spring flowers are like a stretch of the limbs. The blossoms on trees, like a good shake to wake up.

  • Toni

    Everything! @~>~>~

  • Glenda Hohimer

    I love being outside. Sunshine! When spring finally arrives you can actually smell it in the air. And green, green, green everywhere!

  • Mia C

    Spring means baby chicks and starting the bulk of my garden!!

  • Glenda Trammel

    This is my favorite day of the year. It means soon there will be plants to share with my friends. I believe I have mud in my veins. To heck with housework, let’s garden!! Gotta Love It!!!!!!

  • Spring brings ANTICIPATION of what soon will be happening in my garden. It gets me watching for the little green pop ups that will bring to my garden all the flowers and plants I love. I begin to get excited that it will be soon time to play in the dirt again. OH SPRING, YOU MAKE ME SMILE!

  • Dawn Shreve

    I LOVE that I can go outside and see little shoots of green popping up through the dirt. Knowing that it won’t be long until I can pay my first visit to my local nursery. Also, that soon I will be able to enjoy a nice fire in the evenings with smell of my roses mixing with the scent of the burning wood…

  • I love getting my hands dirty planting flowers and herbs!!!

  • shirley brunarski

    I love the sun shining, birds singing, flowers blooming, and getting outside!

  • Kathy

    Sunshine, freshly mowed grass, daffodils and tulips!

  • Kathy Worley

    I love the budding trees and spring flowers. Color!!!!

  • Helen Evans

    Living in the Deep South I still can enjoy some colors blooming through the winter months. However, my soul and spirit longs for the “sleeping” to begin to grow, bud and bloom. Tending to my flowers is a type of worship and therapy for me. God has blessed us with such beauty. To care and tend to them gives Him the glory and praise. It make my heart dance and sing. Hallelujah! It’s Spring. Grow well my little friends.

  • There are many things that I love about spring. Being greeted in the morning by the birds happily chasing worms, shoots of wonderful vibrant green plants bringing color back into the world, the smell of spring in the breeze and even the inner peace and balance I feel bubbling up inside as the cycle of life begins again. I’m so excited, Spring is my favorite season. :)

  • Lynn

    Spring means I’m planning my first garden in many, many years!!

  • Randi Gould

    I love all the seasons but spring by far is the best….Time to get out there and play in the soil, I am a professional gardner so it means I get to start playing in clients gardens as well as my own, and when out walking my dog all the neighbors are coming out of hibernating and can,t wait to see them on my happy trails….You can open windows and let in the wonderful fresh air full of awesome smells and sounds…..Its awesome in its own right as all seasons are…..:)

  • Lynn Marie Schetinski

    The freshness of everything. Watching all the buds on the trees appear. A new start once again. All the different shades of green are beautiful. This is Spring unfolding.

  • Fireman Carl

    Starting my herbs for the season. I love bulbs in everyones yards.

  • Rachel

    New Beginnings and Opportunities: This year I am clearing out trees and overgrowth to allow for redesign of my backyard into something useful to me and to the environment.

  • Kerri Robinson

    Lots of flowers, sunshine and warmth, birds singing, clothes on the line.

  • Kathy Worley


  • Addie Schille

    I love the anticipation of my garden growing, to see, smell and taste the fruits of my labor.

  • Melissa

    The smell of the damp air/dirt and the songs of all the birds.

  • Maria

    Spring has always been my favorite season. I love the warmth of the sunshine, my hands in the dirt.

  • Stephanie Jarrett

    The smell of the first Spring shower,early mornings on the porch, enjoying the return of the birds, sun on my face, and feet in the dirt!

  • Donna Bruno

    Best thing about Spring is the smell in the air!

  • Rhonda Wing

    Spring awakens my senses. The sight as things turn from brown to green. New growth pushing through the dirt and tracing for the sun. Children playing in their yards and listening to their laughter as they rediscover the pleasure of being outside. The fresh smell after the rain falls to feed the earth. The warmth of the sun on my back while working in the garden. But most of all the anticipation of what lies ahead while enjoying the present.

  • Heather

    I love the sound of spring peepers, robins filling the yard, sunshine and investigating the nature with my 7-yr old. Nothing greater than a mom & daughter connecting with the real world!

  • Sandy Abell

    This is my first spring starting a real garden! Ive turned the soil and I have some seeds started, just waiting for the weather to warm up. Excited to watch everything produce so I can do some canning.

  • Judy

    I love the sounds of birds and the birth of our goats. The flowers peeking up through the ground. I love all things spring.

  • Sandra

    I love seeing the daffodils and other spring bulbs poking up through the soil…and hearing songbirds!!

  • Terri Barnes

    Dirt under my fingernails from working in the garden.

  • Julie K

    My favorite thing about spring is that march 21st is my first child’s birthday (17 years tomorrow) and very close after that is the prospect of new and exciting things in the garden!

  • Sarah

    Melting snow (at last!!!), planting spring vegetables, and flowers!

  • Emily

    Spring is not having to get my vitamin D out of a bottle, laying in the backyard while my dogs luck my face, and digging in the dirt.

  • Erica Smith

    I love watching the garden evolve every day and surprise me with new shoots, leaves, and flowers. It’s all about planning and then enjoying the unruly spontaneity of nature despite the planning!

  • Jen

    Rebirth and renewal
    Moist, warm soil
    The smell of promise in the air
    Seeding, tending, growing
    Watching, waiting, knowing

  • Pat

    I LOVE everything coming back to life.

  • Alex S.

    Plants, animals and other critters just jump back to life. Amazing

  • Cindy

    My favorite thing about spring is spending time outside…. it doesn’t matter whether I am planting seeds or watching the birds or reading a good book…. I love it!

  • Mindy M

    I love the longer days, more time to play outside with my babies!! They love to play in the dirt and help us with our garden & planting flowers!!!

  • farah ferguson

    I love the feeling spring gives that at last we made it through the cold long winter. The smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of freshly tilled dirt in the garden and the anticipation of getting my seeds in the mail!!

  • Laura S Faulconer

    Initially there are the songs and bright colors of the migrating birds. Followed by the sequence of life reappearing in the yard from bulbs breaking ground, to the bushes flowering and the trees budding. Lastly there is the scent of the turned soil of garden and freshly mowed grass. This takes us one step closer to heaven.

  • cindy svec

    I love the coming alive of plants and wildlife. The birds are singing, the chipmunks are scurrying, and plants are nearly leaping out of the soil. It’s so good to see life after winter.

  • Sandi

    Spring is Hope and Renewal and PLAYING IN THE DIRT!

  • Lisa White

    The very first fresh veggies out of the garden, sitting in a bowl on my dinner table.

  • Love new beginnings: from the baby lambs, to the budding trees, new life in the garden, and the slow pattering of a Spring shower.

  • Mystie Spencer

    The tangy smell of dirt freshly turned & crumbling thru my hands. My chickens following me around waiting for me to uncover the flower beds. Long walks in the country with my daughter & watching the winter wheat wave in the spring breeze. The Canadian geese that honk at us when we go to look at the lambs. Rain showers that make mud puddles for stomping. Magpie chatter as they return to their nest in the backyard. Sad as it is, I still love lying in the grass as the wind blows the blossoms off the fruit trees and watching them swirl away.

  • Carol

    I love when the first flowers come through the snow. Crocus are the first at my house. They help me get through until warmer days and everything else starts blooming.

  • I love the smell in the air. The colors, the birds singing, the new growth of all living things, the sounds of the birds singing, the children playing , just being outside to enjoy life.

  • Anna

    Hi there! I love being outdoors in the spring. Love hearing the birds sing when I go for a run in the early mornings. Love warmer weather, and beautiful flowers, and wonderful floral smells that seem to be everywhere one goes!

  • helen

    What I love most about spring is the smell. The mud and fragrant spring flowers make my heart flutter. Good bye Old Man Winter.

  • I love so many things about spring! First, just that it’s SPRING! Winter is over, time to think of sunshine, flowers, lettuce, veggies, tilling, planting, weeding, mulching, harvesting…I look forward to snow peas, I think my favorite vegetable. I can’t wait for those pretty little blossoms followed by the amazing sweet crunch of that first picked crop of peas straight from the vine. I look forward to walking my dogs outside, exploring our farm, looking for toads, and to hear the frogs in the creek again, to ride bikes, to get my hands dirty. I’ll stop now. :)

  • Nicky @dirtandmartinis

    What I love most about spring is being outdoors. Sometimes the winters can be too long!

  • I love the color of spring!!

  • I think the best part of spring is New beginnings.

  • Roxanne Bare

    I love the budding herbs that I already see even though it is still below freezing at night. I love the dirt under my fingernails and in my fingerprints. (Gloves?!?! Who wants to wear gloves and miss the feel of the dirt?)

  • Mary Pitts

    I love the sunshine and watching all my seeds busting open.

  • After eagerly hunting through all the seed catalogs I can’t wait to get my hands in the soil and start new life!!

  • Sherry

    The thing I love about spring is it renews hope. I love to see the trees bloom out early with the daffodils and hyacinths.

  • Tanya Kamka

    I love the mornings of dew on the ground, the smell of new life blooming and the sounds of birds singing of celebration. I love the feel and smell of dirt on my hands. I love the beginning of gardening… developing the seeds to plants and figuring out where to plant. My garden is my church. Did I say I LOVE IT?! Oh, Yes! I Do!

  • Ronda O.

    I love the way the earth is coming alive. I love the flowers and the sunshine. And I love the warmth in the air!

  • Velma Sheppard

    i like spring because it the time of the year u start to get the flowers and decorations out for summer. so that while I like spring and it means warm weather is on the way.

  • Jill

    What don’t I love about spring? The sun warming up the ground. The trees starting to bud and sprout leaves. Flowers coming to life and blooming. Dirt on my hands and my vegetable garden starting to grow what I will serve up all growing season long. The return of hummingbirds laying their eggs in my trees! And just to lay out on my lounge chair enjoying the sun and the warm breeze outdoors. I could not ask for more, except to have it all year long.

  • Claudia

    I love the sunshine, and the rain. I love the gain,and even the pain.
    I love the planting, and the seeding. I love the feeding,and even the weeding.
    God is Great, God it Good. Please grow these plants, for our food!
    I LOVE Spring!

  • Natalie

    Longer days, warmer nights, the smell of fresh cut grass, birds chirping, cookouts, late nights with good friends, little blooms peaking out and sprouting up, farmers markets, and smiling faces!! Spring has sprung!

  • I love the warming temps, cleaning out the garden beds, and planting trees!

  • Beth Arnold

    Can’t wait to see green grass and my morning glories….and of course the sunflowers!

  • What I like about Spring is seeing the tractors roll in an out of he shed, the men working, grand children calling to see if it is time to plant potatoes, and the kids checking out my garden to see if there are any fairies or fairy foot prints. I have passed on the love of gardening to the grand kids, and they await the strawberries, asparagus and to see how many cherry tomato plants come up from the year before. It is the time of year that they believe in magic. How did all of their favorite things just come back to Grandma’s garden. I will sum it up to Love.

  • Kim Dwyer

    The sound of the birds and chirping and the smiles on peoples faces when the smell the air! :)

  • Christine

    Redbud Trees!!

  • Brenda Long

    I love cloudy days, purple flowers, a freshly mowed lawn and digging in the dirt. Sitting out in the mornings and evenings listening to the birds sing, looking at the stars and moon in the night sky.

  • Jane Marks

    I love watching the earth come to life with the promise of spring’s blooms.

  • Laurie

    I love watching the crocus’ and daffodils push their way up through the snow… I know if they have patience and determination to get through winter that I can do it too!

  • Barb Hunter

    Starting over. Watching green poke through the ground, undetered by the leftover debris of the plant that was there before. The first Robin. The dogs rolling & spinning on the fresh green grass. It is a happy season.

  • I love the smell of the earth and worms!

  • Barbara Breedlove

    The beauty of Spring surrounds me. I wake to the birds chirping outside my window. Crocus poke through the earth to begin the colors of Spring. It has been a long dreary winter with lack of color. The snow has it’s beauty, but cannot compare to the colors of spring. The earth is awakening with beauty. The smell of the spring rain, the lilacs in bloom….awww. It excites the gardener in me! To feel the soil in my hands; to plant seeds and watch them grow into lovely flower and foods to nourish my body and soul. Spring has arrived and I am welcoming it with joyful heart! Thank you Mother Earth.

  • Cyndi Anadell

    I work in a nursery. I love to see racks and racks of spring flowers coming in…it never gets old.

  • Linda Sheridan

    I love the smell of spring, with the Canadian geese flying over to the neighborhood pond and watching the robins all over the yard…This time of year springs me into what i am going to do and plant in my gardens this year…Can’t wait for this latest snow storm to melt

  • Tracy Pickett

    Sunshine and tulips.

  • katherine

    Cherry blossoms, and looking/moving the mulch to see the new buds coming out of the ground. Love it when I know they lived another year!!!

  • Wendy Seegars

    Playing in the dirt, period, is my favorite part of Spring and gardening!

  • Belinda

    I love the awakening of my beautiful irises and other bulbs as they begin to peep up from the soil. Also the sighting of the first robins, as I eagerly await the return of the yellow finches and soon to follow the hummingbirds. Spring, bring it on!!!

  • Spring means fresh vegetables fresh from the garden! Yum!

  • Betsy Albertson

    I love getting out and raking up all the deadfall from winter from the trees and seeing all the green of that fresh green spring grass underneath.

  • Sara

    I love watching everything start to come to life that has been “sleeping” since winter’s onset. Absolutely amazing.

  • Alison

    Seeing the Azaleas in bloom and hearing the children play!

  • Spring is my favorite season, a new beginning for everything. Living in Arizona this is the season I miss the most. When I lived in Long Island NY I was out as soon as the weather permitted. I love the idea of the new beginnings coming, the smell in the air, the buds seen everywhere. I loved the first site of my crocuses and the blooming of Forsythia along all the roadways. I started my seedlings in a small mock greenhouse I had made. I started rooting cuttings as soon as possible and just lost myself in the garden for hours and hours. My beautiful red (pink) & white dogwoods, my cherry trees and apple trees all starting to bloom. The Azaleas blooming. Throughout the winter I picked out new plants & shrubs to add to my garden as well as the anticipation of splitting up my perennials. I looked forward to spreading the black gold compost I made through my tumbler. I had my 2 boys work on their own small gardens as well as having them become totally involved with ours. It was wonderful to spend our days outside together, learning more and more each year. I loved finding new ways to present plants. Unfortunately we had to leave NY but the remembrance of those Springs,the new beginnings and the anticipation of the garden growing each year will always remain in my memory as some of the best times I had in my life. Spring will always remain my favorite season and remind me of very special times I shared with my children. Everyone should think of Spring as a new beginning, a time of renewal and take advantage of the wonderful weather. Take the time to stay outdoors and breathe the freshness in the air and enjoy the site of the buds on the trees and flowers starting to grow everywhere. The fresh new green of the leaves and lawns as well as all the new growth on shrubs and trees. I live in an apartment now but have a small courtyard which I plan to turn into a wonderful, colorful container garden. Nothing though will replace the wonderful garden I had and Spring in NY. I truly miss the kind of flowers I was able to have, but it is Spring and I will make due with beautiful drought tolerant plants and enjoy the new beginnings to come. I must sound like a real mush. I look forward to see all of your new ideas and creations. You guys are amazing, would have loved to have had friends like you, who obviously love gardening and flora as much as I do, or to have been able to use some of your wonderful ideas in my garden (some of which I am going to attempt anyway). Have a Wonderful Spring!

  • I really ♥LOVE seeing the first tender snowdrops peek through the mud. Each year I document their arrival and share it as the “first flower sighting” which is an event worth celebrating after a LONG Vermont Winter!

  • Pam B

    The smell of spring is wonderful and fresh. Then, seeing all the flowers recovering from the winter. I enjoy getting to plan what to plant next and dig in the dirt! What a joy of nature!

  • Mary Lecea

    The smell of Spring invigorates me – and getting dirty again! Stretching to care for the garden, admiring the glorious flowers, smelling the fragrances in the air.. Gotta love it!

  • Debra

    Means time for my 3 yr old and I to share the wonders of planting a garden. Very special time for us !

  • Spring always feels like a new beginning! I also enjoy helping it along in my garden.

  • Mary H

    I love love when the frogs in our pond start chirping. It’s my true sign that our warmer weather is here & all that it brings. I could listen to them for hours – it’s so incredibly calming for me! :)

  • ann bell

    Spring is the time to nurture new growth – enjoy the vibrant colors after the cool blues and browns of winter-

  • Helen Heizyk

    Oh gosh…..there are SO many things I love about spring!! First would be getting outside to enjoy the sun’s warmth. Seeing the shoots of green popping out of the dirt and on branches, hearing the birds singing their cheery notes welcoming warmer weather, hanging out the laundry, opening all the windows to let in the fresh air, turning over that first fork-full of dirt in the gardens! Bring it on!! :)

  • Loonwatcher

    I love seeing the new flowers just poking through. And the sunny warmth!

  • Jenny

    Whats not to LOVE..New life, fresh growth, luscious smells, vivid colors!! Can’t wait to get out and start planting. My chickens have already started the clean up for me. Good, bad or otherwise.

  • sonja franklin

    Here in Northwest Montana my husband and I spend alot of time looking for the first snow drops and the first Robin every spring. It is so wonderful to see the first changes in the yard and the arrival of the first migrators, we know all the other beautiful parts of spring will not be to far behind! The renewal of life after a long winter is a beautiful gift…

  • janice wilson

    I love going out digging in the dirt and planting all kinds of wonderful plants and seeds while the birds and butterflies put on a show as I plant and dream of my beautiful flowers and vegetables and fruits that will brighten up my yard as a painter paints a!

  • Wendy Y

    I listening to the birds while watching the sunrise over my flowerbeds while sitting on the patio with a hot cup of tea.

  • Tracey Cheesman

    I love the warm sun, fueling the need to get out and move, the green grass and the smell of warm rain, the new growth as it is nurtured and coaxed into blooming once again. I love Spring.

  • Donna Bode

    To me Sprig is like a rebirth. I love when it gets warm enough to bring my plants out of my greenhouse and to be able to decorate my patio with them. I love to work in the dirt and replant my flower beds. It is a time of renewing.

  • Vickie

    I love the turning of the garden dirt, pulling out what weeds have popped up, and my decisions on where I will plant my tender plants….I love the opportunity to teach my grandchildren how to start a seed, plant and watch it grow.

  • Carolyn

    I planted a cottage garden when we moved out to the farm and spring means I get to play and work in the garden. It also means fresh cut flowers in the house and to share :-)

  • Judy Marvin

    The warm sun, sandals, shorts, bar-b-ques, and the smell of my lilac bushes!

  • Marilyn Florian

    I love the freshness in the air and the early spring perennials popping up in the ground!

  • Deb Coffey

    I love walking around the yard with my dog and finding all the new growth peeking thru!!!! Such a promising feeling!!! Also lots of fun trying to remember what the heck I planted there last year LOL!!!!

  • Erin Mayo

    Things I love about Spring are everywhere. The color change, the bulbs peeking through the dirt, the smell of a fresh start to another beautiful season. The birds let you know when to wake up and the bugs tell you when it’s time to call it a night. I can’t wait.


    Hands down it is the tulips, the daffs and the sight of the sun!! We live in the great North West of the U.S. and spring is a welcomed sight here! We have a huge tulip festival each year and the colors are amazing!! My personal tulip patch is full of different colors and textures…and the new deer are the cutest things prancing around in the sun. Oh…did I mention THE SUN?!!! I LOVE spring!!

  • Jen H.

    Love spring because color comes back to the world. Trees are getting leaves and flowers and veggies start sprouting up. Plus I get to wear my Mexican/Fiesta Blouses again !! ;)

  • Sarah Halsey

    What is not to love about spring!! I’m looking forward to getting my chicks outside, starting our garden and planting our fruit trees. And soaking up some much needed vitamin D! Thank you

  • Heidi Weeks

    I live in Florida, so I get to start eating green beans and cucumbers and lots of other things in spring.

  • I love spring for to reasons… one because it’s time now to play in the dirt again and bring good things to life and two because it’s basically the end of the cold for us in our 100 year old house. I’m not a newbie in knowledge but I am a newbie in practice and this is a sweet prize package! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • Kathy B.

    I love the longer days, the hope of growing flowers and the sound birds.

  • Lori in Indiana

    I love the smell of the soil in the spring. I love the smell of the pine trees after a spring rain. I love to see the bees buzzing on the spring flowers. I love it all!

  • Tina James

    Warm showers, birds chirping, the smell of the dirt I just worked up. The new beginning of life.

  • kathy

    I love spring because it reminds me of my grandmother

  • Deborah Havens

    The warm days and the new blooms!

  • Diane

    I love planning, and planting the new garden for the year.. I love the trees blooming and the flowers.. I love to run barefoot in the green grass.. I love the sun shining and warming us up.. Just thinking about it makes it feel better with all the snow we have on the ground..

  • Kasey L

    I love the fresh spring smell in the air. I love getting my hands in the dirt. I love spending endless hours outside enjoying my flowers and veggie gardens. There is no better feeling!

  • Sandie Filiberto

    Dirt under my fingernails!

  • Shari Smith

    Garden fresh veggies and beautiful flowers…especially pansies!

  • In 2008 , I had a near fatal car wreck. I broke 36 bones from the waist up. I have enjoyed 5 springs since that cold Winter.
    spring means new beginnings, I always buy bird houses ,seed, and have so many shopping trips for garden supplies. My mother was always a Gardner and I grew up learning to make my surroundings in our yard kind to nature. I love this Facebook page. My life and recovery was so hard to overcome. each Spring I realized how blessed I am to survive and see the New blooms of another year. growing a garden heals your mind and body and offers a purpose for your hard work and rewards you every time.
    Susan Adell

  • cheryl hawes

    Spring means new beginnings, warmer air, promises of nice things to come.

  • Nancy Anderson

    Spring is a time to feel rejuvenated I love the songs if the birds, the bright sun, and watching for new growth in the garden, awwww!

  • Catherine Etter

    I live for Spring and the ultimate sense of hope, rebirth and renewal……..a fresh start to new beginnings………..

  • Phyllis Segan

    I love the memories that Spring renews each year…. the memories of childhood and loved ones long since past. I love the hope and promise of warmer days the little snowdrops bring. I love the dreams that are planted in the warm soil. I love the potential that will soon be realized with abundance.

  • Sandi Leonard

    Spring makes me want to go outside and feel the sun on my body. It makes me feel energised. I walk around each morning looking for signs of new plants and flowers.

  • Springtime is the time to start planning and planting for a wonderful and delicious garden. The smell of the fresh earth always takes me back to the simple things in life.

  • Cathie Dodson

    The empty pots that start to reveal the green shoots of the hostas, rescued years ago from my mother’s garden in Atlanta when she moved remind me that life goes on, renewed and hopeful; within a week, my hostas are exhuberantly leafing out, filling their pots with brilliant shades of green and happy memories of the hands that first planted them. Spring remembers!

  • Krystina

    Celebrating my wedding anniversary on the day of new beginnings :)

  • Toni Costner ReQua

    Crocus, Daffodils, digging in the dirt and the smell of everything coming alive again.

  • I love being one with the earth and nature; getting my hands dirty and bare-feet on the ground. Do something and getting a sense of accomplishment when you reap the harvest….

  • Laura Sweeney

    The sound of birds chirping in the yard, the warmth of the sunshine on your face, the smell of freshly dug dirt as you work in the garden . . .

  • What I love most about spring is starting seeds and planting the garden.

  • Paula todd

    I love the smell of spring, the smell of nature waking up. The buttercups are blooming and the birds are singing about spring coming. All this brings a smile to my face as I anticipate the coming of spring!

  • Katherine Kaczyk

    I love so much about Spring but what stands out most for me are the endless possibilities….new growth, new breath, new life….I am surrounded by it and am reminded that the gifts are mine as well.

  • Nina Coffee

    What i love about spring is getting my vegetable garden in the ground and my flowers planted! I also love being able to go into my sunroom and enjoy a hot cup of tea while enjoying the smell of spring in the air!

  • Sue Blakeman

    Spring and Fall are subtle seasons in Central Florida. I love the changing flow of songs of the migrating birds. I love the calls of the rainy season-breeding frogs and toads. I love planting the warm season crops and the appearance of so many new plants at stores. I love knowing that soon I can leave my doors and windows open at night. I love the return of the hummingbirds, putting out the feeders, and watching them as I have a snack and a rest from yard and garden work. I love seeing the changing procession of flowering native plants in the forest and along the roadsides., and how they take off after a day of showers. I love to see the different hickory trees’ bud burst, each one an individual in timing, some earlier risking a late frost, others more cautious, later. I love the breezy days when the warm and cold air masses push and shove for dominance and the showers that often result in this usually dry season here. Finally, I love the incremental lengthening of the daylight hours and the return of the sun’s apparent arc to more directly overhead. Yeah, I love Spring.

  • Gerri

    I love the smell of damp rich earth, and the feel of it through my fingers. I love pussywillows and the sound of frogs croaking around the pond. Then there are the fruit trees flowering, bulbs popping up, and baby coyotes howling. I could go on and on and on and on…….

  • Corrie

    Warm air and dirt in between my toes :)

  • Connie

    What I love about Spring is seeing my back yard come to life again, cleaning everything on my patio, planting new flowers and making it a beautiful place to retreat.

  • beckey miller

    i love going out to my garden and planting the first tomato plant of the year. then follow with all the others and watch my garden grow!!

  • Jamie Muldoon

    I just love how the morning air is still crisp and chilly, but you know the day will quikly warm. It is a wonderful feeling of the great things to come!

  • Patricia

    The sound of the birds, the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the flowers. I also love being able to go sit on my front porch and read a book.

  • Gwynne

    I love just being outside and working in my yard!!!

  • Mary Frances

    I love the blue birds

  • Alison Cooper

    I love spring because it is the start of new beginnings – all the spring flowers popping, getting the gardens cleaned up so the perennials can do their thing and getting the vegetable garden prepped for summer suprises. Mother Nature is amazing!!

  • Kim

    I love the pear trees blooming in white and the way the petals drift like confetti :)

  • Robin L. Davies Felz

    Spring is a new beginning for everything and everyone. The plants are growing again, There are baby animals being born,The air is warm, fresh and lots of sunshine.I can get in the dirt, plant my seeds, hang my clothes on the line,play with the new baby animals on our ranch, walking in the shallow parts of our creek while my kelpie,border collie cross swims and chased frogs and geese. I am always searching and finding new rocks, fossils and artifacts,family comes to visit, there are barbecues, swimming down at the swimming hole , we hold a summer and fall jam session.people come from all over to camp in tents, tipis, campers, trailers,rvs, sleeping bags on the ground, playing banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, sing, dance and lots of great food,There is nothig in this world like country living!

  • Cheryl

    Dirt+sun+seeds+new green=happiness

  • Diana H

    Knowing it won’t be long until I smell that fresh cut grass smell I have misses all winter!

  • I love my lilacs and forsythia. I love creating. I love the warm air and the floral aroma. Color returns. I love the new energy and anything is possible.

  • Katie Wright

    The Birds! I love to watch my favorite birds who flew south for the winter return to my garden. The wonderful winter birds begin to show their new colors and sing so proudly! It makes my heart happy to listen and watch the birds, but especially to watch the baby birds. Life is fresh and new when the birds come around!

  • Karen Rus

    Being in the D.C. area, the cherry blossom trees in bloom lifts my spirits and I know Spring is here!

  • SatsyNana

    As a Farmer’s wife & Mom of Farmers, we are always thinking about & planning for Spring! It’s all about the anticipation of wonders to come and the thanks we give for our blessings from our Earth. Planting our Spring garden with our Grands, collecting eggs, nurturing farm babies and their mommas, absorbing the beauty of greens and blooms…simply relishing our many Blessings knowing our cup truly overflows!

  • Paula

    Everything. I love everything about Spring. I live in tornado alley and even that pales in comparison to all the beautiful aspects of SPRING!

  • Rae

    I love the mud on my kids boots and the worms in their tiny hands….their dirty garden gloves and muddy buckets. I love sharing my love for gardening with their chubby little cheeks!

  • Marie Clement

    I love the warmth of the sun, the smell of the earth, the colors that start to pop and the joy of my children either helping me weed or hearing their laughter as they play. I also love their excitement as we start getting our area ready for the raised beds we hope to have this year ( but in reality, most likely next year).

  • p I love to smell the soil as new life starts to spring up.

  • Monica McPherson

    Colors of new growth and warm sun on my skin.

  • lori mcclane

    The beauty and smells.

  • Carol Snell

    I am so excited about Spring because we will be moving to our little Count land that our 3 year old granddaughter has named “The Promised Land ” soon and I cant wait to start planting and decorating the yard with all the great ideas from items I have seen on your web site. It may take me a while because of my health but I am excited to get started and get my hands DIRTY…. OH YES… Thank you for all the great ideas.

  • I love so many things about spring – mostly the smells in the air of clean, fresh earth, early shoots coming up from last years plants, the birds singing such beautiful songs to ensure life begins again, warmth of the sun on your face and just being outside working the earth with a big ole smile on my face. at the end of the day feeling you have accomplished something by looking at the yard & gardens with new growth, flowers and the green grass. that nature has made it through our cold snowy winter.

  • Spring touches my child with autism in a place that I – nor her teachers can never reach. It is a little room in her heart where she plants the seeds of hope and then watches them grow, knowing that the world is open before her. Just as the low of the winter gives way to the tide of new-found sunshine freedom, I sit and watch in awe as a gentle smile curves upward on her face filled with joy. The discovery of new seedlings emerge from the earth and suddenly all is well on our little Farm Kingdom. And I know she knows – that just as a seed can grow, despite all obstacles, she can too. Every day in every way. This is the miracle of our everlasting spring. :-)

  • Sandy Overfield

    Spring is my favorite time of year. The birds are singing, the frogs come out at night and begin talking. My perinials begin to sprout. I just love the warmer weather and the ability to grow vegetables and flowers!

  • I love the smell of spring soil.

  • Cassandra

    I love the excitement of new life!

  • Deb Anderson

    I love the smell of the fresh, new air!

  • Linda Howe

    I love spring because we get to see the young plants peeking through the dirt and begin to watch them grow.

  • Deb Anderson

    I love the smell of the fresh , new air.

  • I love seeing the first new shoots come up.

  • Cheryl Vogt

    Spring in my garden is spiritual. To see how God’s hands touch a barren place and bring it to life. The scent of “Yesterday, today and tomorrow and orange blossoms-can heaven be better?

  • Patricia Brown

    I’m always accused of playing in the dirt. I love the warm weather, can’t wait to get the tiller out and garden started. Thank you for this site. I have gotten a lot of great ideas just from your web site, and plan on trying a few of them too. Congratulations to the winner, I hope it’s me, would like to try these M BRACES.

  • Gail Edmonds

    The sounds of birds, and the smell of dirt! Love to hang the clothes out in the sun, makes them smell soooo good. And planning where I’m going to add more flowers. Spring is such a wonderful time of year!

  • Victoria Murphy

    Since I live in the DC Metro area, spring brings the Cherry Blossoms! And that’s what I LOVE about spring!

  • Sandi Allen

    Love the smell of the Fresh air, working in my flower beds, the smell of fresh cut grass, planting the garden.

  • Carol Flathers

    Spring is my absolutely favorite seaon! The birds return, the flowers start blooming and I can begin planting!! Fruit trees bloom bringing awesome scents which attract the honey bees. The whole world seems like it is waking up.

  • Robbie M

    I love seeing all the new life. The buds on the trees, the grass turning green and the birds all twitter-pated doing their courtship dances. I live in the south so that all seems to happen at once. I so look forward to tasting the sunshine in the home grown tomatoes in a couple months

  • Patti

    Love seeing those crocuses popping out of the ground and blooming. Spring is here.

  • Sarajane

    Every Spring I am visited by the beauty of my grandmother’s garden when the iris bloom…the iris I transplanted from her garden to mine (TX to TN) when she passed many years ago. I have to say I love all things blooming and growing in Spring, but when those little purple and white petals shake their heads to the sun I joined to old memories and ready to make new ones in my garden.

  • Danielle

    Finally having outside playtime with my 2 year old minus the Eskimo gear, we love to work in the flower beds and garden together. Happy spring!

  • Michelle Crossan

    I love the dirt mud smell and the warm sun.

  • SaLLy

    Spring peepers, hummingbirds, warm breezes, more daylight, bright colors, and now I will add to that, the discovery of these cool M braces which I can’t wait to use! Thank you!

  • Marleta Bellows

    Spring brings out the beautiful iris that remind me of my mother. Hummingbirds around the front porch while I sit and drink my coffee in the morning sun. Spring renews life and purpose

  • Eve

    I love spring and the start of warm weather, playing outside in the dirt, watching the bulbs up pop from the frozen ground, listening to the birds sing, planning what else will go in the garden beds…..wonderful time of year!

  • Cat Quinn

    Spring is new beginning, start overs, do overs, natures forgiveness. Spring is life, love, health, and hope.

  • What I love about spring?? So many things…the smell of dirt, working outside all day, getting my hands dirty. Seeing all the plants growing in the greenhouse, and knowing that planting season is right around the corner!

  • I love hearing my daughter say to me “you shouldn’t grub in the mud!” lol, but I take no heed to her and just love to be outside in my garden, often you’ll find me there with the early morning birds!

  • Amy

    The smell of the earth coming to life again!!

  • michele brown

    in the uk we still have frosts in spring so not much planting can be done… but our spring brings new born lambs dancing in the meadows, a joy to watch.

  • olga

    Love everything about spring. Waking up to birds chirping, getting things ready to start planting are a couple of my favorites.

  • Tracie McEnany - Cook

    SPRING – what’s not to love! Longer days of sunshine, planting flowers, planting my raised garden, watering, the dogs lounging in the sunshine, firepit evenings, cold beverage on the patio with friends, grilling delecatablefoods, laughter, freshly mowed yard, hot air balloons in the sky. Oh what is not to love …..mosquitos even though they love me!

  • Becky

    Springtime brings the promise of new life with the blossoms on the trees, the return of the songbirds, plants poking through the ground and the warmth of the sun that awakens the earth and also my heart as I anticipate getting out and getting my hands and feet dirty!

  • Cheryl Cotton

    I love the cool, crisp mornings and watching the birds out here in the country.

  • Julie H.

    As the days lengthen and the sun warms the earth, I too seem to come to life. The trees bud out, the tulips’ red and yellow faces pop open, and I feel a new energy, as if all of creation is coming out of hibernation. It’s pure joy. I love the sense of hope and anticipation of watching to see what will emerge each day, and the preparing and planning for what will grow in summer. Spring is creativity at its finest.

  • I love warm weather… Going to the beach.. And gardening..Come on warm weather!!!!

  • lisa reimer

    coming out of hybernation! gardening is my passion!

  • Tom Jarvis

    My favorite thing about Spring is watching my yard come back to life. Things start growing, color comes back & I can again enjoy my coffee on the patio!

  • Michelle P

    The warmth of the sun and the greening up of the outside, no more blah :)

  • Anne

    I love watching the birds come back to my feeders. I open my windows and let the fresh air in. I love getting the ground ready for planting my garden.

  • Diana

    The warm sunshine and being able to sit outside in the sun and read a great book while the birdies are chirping and the kids are running around in the yard.

  • Jessica Schue

    I love almost everything about spring (greener grass, new flowers, budding trees, etc), except the MUD!

  • Holly Carpenter

    I love spring because the earth has been reborn. Everything is new and beautiful. From the smell in the air, to the buds on trees to the sounds of birds. Spring is a fresh new start for life.

  • Tina

    Crocus! Oh the brave little darlings peeking through the snow!

  • lisa reimer

    coming out of hibernation!gardening is my passion!

  • Wendy

    Every day gets just a bit longer, the snows turns to rain, the sun feels a little warmer and you can just feel your world waking.

  • I love spring for all the fresh new growth!. I can’t wait together dirt under
    my nails!!

  • Krista

    I love hearing the birds singing in the morning! Such a beautiful sound to hear while drinking your morning coffee!

  • Colors,Creatures,cultivating, and cookouts!

  • Anita Yummit

    I love the Sunshine and the rejuvenation it gives my heart, body, and soul. This spring I’m looking forward to trying my hand at growing herbs and sunflowers, it’s been over 20 years since I had a garden!

  • Ardis

    After 3 months of grey skies and brown naked trees, it absolutely cheers my heart and makes me smile to see COLOR! Color from crocus, color from daffodils, color from heather, pansies and primroses!! Everything coming back to life!

  • My FAVORITE thing about Spring is that I now get to go play in the dirt!!! :)

  • Cindy Fowler

    My favorite thing about spring are the beautiful flowers! Much welcome after a dreary winter!

  • Maria faxing

    I love getting my flowers planted!!

  • Karen Chambers

    Spring – first you feel the warmth, then the aroma of regenerating life hits you, and then you realize the possibilities are endless !

  • Ranae Robinson

    I was happily surprised to see HONEYBEES on the blooming early crocus. Certainly a sign of Spring…

  • Meredith

    I love how my yard keeps sprouting surprises that we forgot were planted last year. It’s always fun to see what my roommate can make happen and I love learning how to do it too!

  • Buds – watching them appear – through the cold upstate NY ground – giving us hope via daffodils!

  • Debbie

    The sound of the birds,greeting the mornings. The smell of the earth, awakening. The feel of dirt under my fingernails. The sun warming my aching joints. All the beautiful sights and colors that are new each morning.

  • I want to be outside!!!! spring birds and blooms I am so tired of northern climates!!!

  • Roxie Hutchinson

    I love the rebirth of everything. Planting and getting my hands in the dirt again.

  • Jeanne Edixon

    Apple blossums

  • Pamela Thorp

    I love all the green green green. It’s white white white all winter so the burst of color is so refreshing!!

  • anita


  • Janet C

    Spring means… Letting the donkeys back out on real pasture.

  • Cara Herring

    There are so many things I love about spring! I live in New England and love seeing the earth wake up from it’s long winter nap. I watch for signs of spring such as the snow crocus and the birds to come back. To me spring is a time of renewal, new life, new beginnings.

  • What is there not to love about spring. Personally this spring I am going to love getting into my new house and actually be able to start my first front yard garden. EEEEEEEE so excited

  • Leah

    What I love about spring is longer days so more light available to play in my gardens!

  • Cherilynne

    Being able to get out side and dig my TOES into the earth and feel it work up between them. I love the feel of the ground under my feet. It’s like I can feel the heart beat of the earth waking up.

  • Jan

    The anticipation of something new!!!

  • Samantha

    The warmth of the sun on my back as I am planting my garden! The best feeling in the world!

  • Jennifer Brant

    I LOVE getting out and digging in the dirt. The smell of it, the feel of it. Planting seeds and nurturing them into Flowers, Vegetables, etc. The smell of fresh cut grass should be bottled and sold. Then at the end of the day, sit back with a cold glass of Tea and be amazed at what GOD has given us. Spring, the gift of life and new beginnings.

  • Patty Page

    I love the sight and smell of lilacs!

  • Marian bacis

    I love all the green Meadows with all the wildflowers popping up.

  • Tiffany Bowman

    Springtime in Texas means it’s time for wildflowers here in the Hill Country. Time to take long country drives and get some great pictures of Blue Bonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, etc…

  • I love the fresh start and new beginnings. The something that grows because of labor and hard work from a pile of beloved dirt.

    I love the lessons that gardening teaches my students about the fruits of their labors.

  • Marcie Anderson

    Spring = Renewal. I love the freshness of the air, the colors of the plants that are waking up from a long winter’s nap. I love getting my hands (and feet – flip flop wearer) dirty while cleaning and planting.

  • K. Wressell

    Spring…warmer temps, spring rain, green grass, sprouting plants, fresh air, children playing outside, birds chirping…what is not to love!

  • Delores

    I love the smell of Spring, and the promises of new beginnings. Spring renews my faith and strengthens my spirit, reminding me that life goes on in spite of all the darkness and sadness. I LOVE SPRING !!!

  • Jeanne Ingram

    SpRiNg!!!!!!! The only cure for my S.A.D.!!!!!!!!

  • Randi McMahon

    I love the blooms and the splashes of color that spark the end of a dark cold winter. I love the refreshing smell that spring brings. But most of all, I love the spirit of new life that permeates everything.

  • Lisa Mitchell

    What I Love about Spring?…… I love that the days are longer, filled with sunshine, I love that it is a rebirth of Nature with all it’s baby birds and animals, It is like someone cast a magic wand over the white snow making all flowers, trees, come to life! But most of all I Love Spring and being able to see it through the eyes of my Daughter who is only 4 years old and seeing the wonder in her eyes that itself is so magical!

  • Judy Wickens

    I Just Love The Smell and i can be outside most of the time <3

  • lynn

    I love the beginning of new “life” of nature ! To watch all the beautiful flowers and trees open their buds and show all their beauty to us to enjoy for another season and fill us with love,peace and the sheer enjoyment of watching nature at it’s best :-)

  • The sun on my face and dirt under my nails with the promise of good things to come!

  • Laura Moorehead

    The warmth of the sun combined with the coolness of the earth. And no weeds!

  • Colleen

    Spending my time out side instead of cleaning inside!

  • Benny

    Excited to see the Honey Bees, see the buds on the tree and shrubs and the smells of the season, the warmth of the sun. I am ready!

  • Christina W

    I love how everything comes alive, turns green and grows! I also love the sunshine and warmth!

  • Chyrl Kelley

    The first flower bloom and the pop of color it adds to a greay Indiana day.

  • The smell of honeysuckle and the feel of a warm breeze on a spring evening on the back porch watching lightening bugs. It always reminds me of my childhood.

  • Lori

    Ahhh the spring….the birds are singing…the days are growing longer….the flowers are blooming…the bee’s are buzzing…

  • Kelly

    I love how the rich aroma of soil becomes my spring perfume.
    I love seeing actual pieces of dirt rush down the drain carried by water tinged with brown.
    I love the ache in my muscles at the end of a long garden day.
    I love reconnecting with the sites and sound of the real, outdoor world after tedious short, dark, cold days.
    I especially love discovering the secret hideouts of unpredicted bulbs in my new yard. And there are a lot!

  • Mary Coppola-Griswold

    The longer hours of sunlight are always welcome after the Winter darkness. The signs of Spring that make me look forward to Spring are birds gathering their nesting materials, the bird songs in the quiet & stillness of the morning hours, the flowering trees and the scent of sidewalks after a fresh Spring rain. Spring is my favorite season for all these reasons!

  • I enjoy getting completely involved with gardening. Cleaning up the flower beds and rediscovering my plantings. Volunteers make me wonder if I planted it there or not.
    The smells, the dirt, the digging and planting are all wonderful. Everyday there is something to discover.

  • Freda Bradley

    For me, Spring is the new year. Rebirth, rejuvenation, and being alive for a new season. It’s when I begin to feel perky again….finally.

  • I love everything about spring. The birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees!

  • Maury Lewis

    Spring is the season when the earth is reborn
    Leaving behind old Winter scorn.

  • Rebecca Murray

    I love soil warmed by the sun and smell of its freshness. I also love the emerging colors.

  • Beverly

    I love the rebirth of the plants and flowers and watching the birds

  • ken b

    warm weather, plants and trees blooming, planting my veggies. fishing, then having fish and veggies for dinner.

  • I love the return of the color after a drab and dreary winter.

  • I live in Newfoundland Canada so our spring is still a couple months away!! But spring is my favorite time of year, I just love watching to earth wake after a long winter, the small sprouts poking their way through the ground, the hint of green on the trees and shrubs. There is so much exception of whats to come.

  • beth yoder

    COLOR. Plain and simple. After an Ohio winter..its COLOR.

  • Linda F

    I love the colors! The spectacular Greens, whites, pinks, fushia, yellow, and whites make my spirit soar!!!

  • Elaine Clark

    I love springtime because it give me a new chance to be successful in working in the soil. It’s the farmers heart to touch the soil and grow plants for food and beauty!

  • Kathy Woods

    Watching the ferns unfurl in our woods

  • I love the fresh air and the option of drying my laundry on the laundry line outside!

  • Kimberly

    I love hearing the calls of the Spring Peepers, seeing my daffodils bloom, and watching the Eastern Bluebirds return to my yard.

  • Sonya grob

    Easter! Digging in the dirt! The feel of the dirt in mya hands. The smell of the dirt! Seeing the baby grass as it pops up

  • Jackie Gaithe

    I love the longer days, spring blossoms on the trees, and flower gardens.

  • Lorena

    I love the smell of fresh cut grass and watch the kids play outside on the evening.

  • Nancy Hamilton

    Hope blooms eternal with the arrival of spring. Having recently been laid off from my job, and faced with the prospect of job hunting at my age, spring reminds me to lift my face up to the sun, to bend down on my knees and sink my hands into the rich earth, and to coax forth new life from my plants. It gives me renewed vigor, and optimism. It helps me realize that I am already blessed…

  • Swain Dancho

    the smell of newly mowed grass, the feel of a hoe or shovel in my hands.

  • Diane

    I love everything about spring!

  • adrienne diaz

    I LOVE Spring in Southwest Florida — it’s a 3 for 1 here, a combination of traditional spring, summer and fall. All the flowers begin to bud and blossom and show their beautiful colors as I begin to pick yummy fruit (like peaches, plums, and all my berries), and harvest the last of the traditional veggies and plant the summer cover crops.

  • Sue in Wisconsin

    I love waking up to the sound of birds happily chirping their morning greetings!

  • When I’m cleaning up in the fall, I really start disliking all the work and the garden is so sad. Then, lo and behold, here comes spring – all the promises and new life and happiness, from the worms in the soil to the birds chirping full scale! But, my favorite thing? To get my hands in the dirt and play! Nothing like redoing the soil and planting more flowers and veggies and. . . and . . . and . ..

  • Shannon Kuharik

    The warm wind that smells like dirt when I am outside playing with my kids :)

  • Ivy

    I love being able to take all of my kids outside. Let them run and play in the fresh air. Being able to dig and play in the dirt. Knowing that planting a garden will provide food later. Seeing all the beautiful colors coming back to life.

  • Allison

    The colors and the smells

  • Melva

    What is there not to love – I love it all! I just told my husband “I am so glad it is the first day of spring and not the first day of winter!”

  • Brenda Parent

    I love the joy of the new life that surrounds me and the warmth in the air. I love the joy of digging in the dirt and the pleasure of growing new things! I love the daily challenges and endless rewards of sharing my experiences as a gardener with a disability with all of my wonderful friends on my page, Access to the Garden. I simply love life!

  • lee binion

    i love dirt therapy…hands in the dirt….and my birthday is march 20th, the first day of spring and its the bombdiggity. i pray that all enjoy this time of year as it symbolizes rebirth…starting again…trying harder to become the person you strive to be…thats it and i should be the winner…ta da..

  • Diane Collins

    I love watching the birds scrambling for nest materials and listening to all the sounds they bring to my yard. Love the flowers poking their heads through the ground ready to give us those spectacular shows.

  • Brigitte Frank

    Spring is a magical time for me and my favorite season. The warm, moist, scented air, spring peepers and chirping birds, flowers bursting with color, and just the overwhelming palette of green rejuvenates my soul. I feel myself coming back to life. I get a child-like giddy feeling admiring the myriad of flowers — the blooms all seem to bob their heads and smile back with joyful elation. After a brutal winter, I am at peace with nature again…

  • Terri B

    I like the green that begins to emerge. I like that there is still a chill in the air. But, being in the sun warms you nicely without overwhelming heat (like in summer.)

  • Jane Gillard

    I love to see the bulbs you planted in the fall come to life and the smell of fresh spring air.

  • On a warm early morning taking my coffee out to my back yard. Where I will begin to plant the future.

  • Kate Baker

    I love, love, love getting to put up displays of gardening books at the library and talking to patrons about what they’re getting excited to plant and grow this year.

  • Mysti Coccia-Eddy

    When the daffodils pop up their cheery yellow heads, I feel so happy! Within weeks, it’s like an explosion of color, texture, and fragrance here in Seattle.

  • Planting my flowers ….&playing in the dirt …with the warm sunshine on my face ….

  • Sandy

    Love seeing the earth busting open to let loose flowers.

  • LIFE and GROWTH….ignites the spirit. People tend to their yards and gardens expressing more attention to their health. Just love the smells in the air :)

  • Denise

    Love the smell of freshly mowed grass and birds singing!



  • Elizabeth Ingram

    I love spring because I finally gewt to play in the dirt!

  • Holly B

    I love the smell- of the air, grass, flowers.

  • Marisa O'Connor

    Sunshine, warmth, the smell of the soil warming, growing things!

  • Marcie Babbitt

    I LOVE being able to go out side without wearing three layers of clothing & watching the drabs of winter change into the brilliant colors of spring!

  • I love and spring the warm air the lilacs in bloom and the smell the birds and all the yard clean up and getting the gardens going.

  • susan drew

    It is finally time to release my worms out in the beautiful warm sunshine and freshly tilled ground of my garden!:

  • Christina Creager-Hatcher

    I love how warm and wonderful the sun feels in the spring…it’s such a delight! And I love to experience the lengthening of daylight…noticing the sun rise a little earlier each morning and set a little later each evening keeps me in tune with our beautiful mother planet, our sun, and the universe! Spring helps me feel reconnected to the Earth and Mother Nature!

  • Louise Price

    Spring to me means that my world is full of life with the trees greeing up, the daffodils and tulips sprouting and the beautiful sound of the birds. I love to sit on my deck in the morning and listen to the birds. They sound so happy.

  • JN Elmore

    Waking up, looking out my bedroom window and watching the trees put ont their new dresses a little more each day.

  • karen

    Spring with its color and warmth is a fresh start for the spirit.

  • Vickie Spencer

    I love the burst of life in the spring. The colors of the rainbow busting out all over, the baby animals coming into the world.

  • Glenda Jolly

    “The deep roots never doubt spring will come.”
    ― Marty Rubin

  • Mer

    I love the sight of flowering trees and bushes. I love the sell of fresh air and dirt. I love the sounds of singing birds. I love the taste of new Spring Strawberries. I love the feel of dirt and fresh delicate green things. My favorite season of all.

  • Jackie Fullerton

    I love the smell in the air, the green shoots pushing their way up to the sun, and getting my hands dirty :)

  • Kristy Hardy

    What I love most about spring is that it feels like a new beginning.

  • Sabrina Love

    The colors, the smells, and the new life being born. Making my yard and garden alive again. Getting my children involved in the growing of our garden.

    Who loves a garden still his Eden keeps,
    Perennial pleasure plants
    And wholesome harvest reaps. -Amos Alcott

  • Norma

    The best part of Spring is to be able to open the windows of the winterized house and let the fresh warm breezes and scent of flowers enter all the rooms

  • Stacia Hand

    The warmth, longer days and being able to plant my herbs and flowers.

  • I Love the way the Earth wafts up into my senses, and the Birds sing! I love the way the weather changes on a dime, here in lower Peninsula Michigan!!!! I love the way the color green starts light yellow green at the beginning of Spring and turns deep rich green at the end of Spring. I love the rich scent of the Magnolia Tree across the street. I Love the way grass feels on my bare feet, and the sound of worms doing their work, in the cool of the night!!!! Love

  • amanda

    i love everything about spring from the smell of the wet earth to all the beautiful new plants growing :)

  • Kerrie Pruitt

    Spring is the Creator’s way of reminding us of rebirth and new beginnings. The return of warmth (for the soul) after many long months of hibernation and rest. It’s a time of awakenings. And… Everything is so beautiful and smells great!!!

  • I love how everything is so green and alive! Even abandon lots look beautiful this time of year!

  • Cindy Crane

    The first day of spring brings snow here today! The beauty of spring to me is the total unpredictability of the weather. You can be out in the dirt enjoying the sun, then it will start to rain a few short minutes later. Enjoy the unexpected!

  • watching my flower gardens come back to life and starting my vegetable garden :)

  • Tara

    The smell of LOVE in the air.

  • Raylene Palmer

    I love that I can get outside with my young grandaughters and show them how to plant,grow,and admire the beauty that comes from planting,growing and cultivating. What a great time of year!

  • Mindy Garner

    I love EVERYTHING about Spring! Longer days, more light and even sometimes actual sunshine (in Seattle!), blooming trees, daffodils open and tulips on their way, grass growing again, warmer days. I even love my bag of plants waiting to get into the ground. Hooray–another Spring is here!

  • Brenda Carter

    New Beginnings…smell of fresh mowed grass, flowering trees budding, azaleas blooming, birds chirping, bees pollinating, warm days & cool nights, smell of fresh turned dirt, anticipation of flowers & vegetables to rise from the dirt, a feeling of hope renewed!

  • Lori Abramouski

    I love watching my bulbs start to break through the snow and planning all the wonderful gardening projects I want to do!

  • Cathy Teasley

    My daddy passed away one week ago today and I am having a very difficult time grieving. For 25 years we have done a competition patio garden together (along with my daughters) at the NC State Fair. We win blue ribbon almost every year
    One of the last things he told me was when he wanted me to start his flower seeds. I will always feel my daddy in the spring…he will always be in the warm breezes and the fresh new buds on the trees.

  • Cynthia Schaker

    The first signs of green peeking through the dirt! And daffodils of course!

  • Cathy Hansen

    The chickens have been scratching in the garden all winter…It is time for me to close the gate and start working..Love to see the peas pop out of the ground..! And that is just the beginning..!

  • I love all things Spring: the tomato seedlings growing on my back porch, the Spring Peepers who have been peeping off and on since late January, the Grape Hyacinths blooming in my front garden, and coffee in the morning sitting on my front porch swing.

  • Pam Bzoch

    A pure vibration of rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s palpable.

  • Vicky

    My favorite part about spring is being outside with my children. Working in our flower beds and planting our garden and knowing that our hard work pays off! Sitting in our swing by our water fountain and enjoying mother nature at its best. With all the birds, squirels, and deer that some into our yard.
    Especially doing new projects to put in our flower beds! The look on their face is priceless, one that I hope will continue when they get older!

  • michelle slotto

    Sunshine! Smell of the earth waking up. Can’t wait.

  • What does spring mean to me? It’s the growing season! I’ve always said I have too much of my father’s farmer blood in me because I love to watch things grow…flowers, trees, shrubs, weeds…Oh I take that back, I really don’t like weeds, especially prairie bindweed, my nemosis. Teaching my 4 yr old granddaughter about the garden this year will be my highlight! Fun, Fun, Fun…to see things through a child’s eyes…she had me plant seeds a month ago! We live in Montana, it’s another 8 to 10 weeks before we can even think about putting them outside!!! Spring means everything to me! So happy it’s here!!! Happy Spring!

  • Bobbie Little

    I think it is appropriate that Easter is celebrated in the spring of the year. When I see the first bud of crocus sprouting from the cold earth, it reminds me of Christ rising from the dead to spread the message of hope, peace, forgiveness and love. I see Him in every flower that springs from the ground, reminding me that we too can be born again. I smell him in the freshly turned earth. And feel the warmth of his love. An Awakening. This is what I love about Spring

  • Winter seems so barren since my mom passed. Spring is a reminder that life goes on. Fragile at first with the small crocus and snowdrops. Then gaining strength with larger flowers like daffodils, then tulips, then the trees. Spring is a wonderful reminder that life has many stages but goes on and on.

  • Deidre Franks

    I love everything about spring. The smell, the color, the flowers, getting to dig in the dirt. The warmeth and to know it is almost mushroom time! The best season of all! A new begining!

  • Susan Byrne

    I love watching the trees put on new buds and then burst into color, and the flowers and plants peeping out of the dirt as they make their way to be beautiful flowers and plants. The smell and feel of the soil is therapeutic. I can’t wait to start my garden!!

  • Linda Hodgen

    To me spring is a new beginning – a rebirth. I am energized and come to life as everything around me wakes up a blooms.

  • karlie b

    I love everything about spring. Getting seeds started, getting my fingernails dirty, the lengthening of days, snow melting, those little green shoots of my tulips and daffodils popping up, going for walks in the early morning, opening up the windows in the house for the first time all year… Spring is my favorite time of the year! Oh, and who could forget, getting the compost turned and ready for spring planting! Would love the Ph thermometer, my plants would too! Or the seeds! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  • Janine Evens

    I love filling the greenhouse with flowers and veggies!!! Looking forward to a beautiful and good yard and garden!

  • Luann Watson

    Spring is the opportunity to begin again – ever hopeful and with much joy.

  • Annette

    The Lilacs and other flowers fragrances.

  • Becky Selm

    What I love best about spring is the return of colors to the landscape! First the hint of green in the grass, daffodils and crocus poking out, sometimes through snow, and then the buds on the trees. Winter colors have their own beauty, but there’s nothing like the rebirth of spring after a muted winter!

  • I love the return of colors, the world stops being gray, warm sun heating my body, the earth and our spirits.

  • Janis Damask

    Spring brings New Life, Fresh Air, Flowers, Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine. I love to dig in the dirt, plant and watch them grow. Going to grow a sunflower house for our grandkids and Great grandkids
    this year.

  • Kathy H.

    Love the spring bulbs and the flowering trees and shrubs. I love to see Nature awakening!

  • Sandy

    I love opening the windows and airing the out the house!

  • Debra Butler

    I love spring because everything starts anew, just like a new day!

  • Elizabeth Ellett

    I love Sspring because it means a new beginning for everything. I love knowing that I will be able to play in the dirt and plant my garden and watch it grow. It means the smell of fresh cut grass and the joy of hearing birds sing and watching the squirrels run across the yard. It means hearing the wind blow through my chimes and watching all the trees and flowers bud and bloom. It means longer days to enjoy spending with friends and family. It means watching my dogs soak up the warm sun on the back porch. I LOVE SPRING!

  • Terri Bonds

    To honor my mother’s mother, I offer this little ditty, from ~ the 1940s

    Spring is sprung,
    The grass is riz,
    I wonder where the flowers is.
    Oh there you are, you bloomin’ idiots!

  • Sonja HOEfman

    I know when Spring is around the corner when I can go out into my back yard and smell the Pussy Willow Tree coming into bloom.. I look up and all I see are little black pops that are starting to split and white fluffies are slowly poking their heads out to have a look around.. The smell of the trees coming to life again quickens my heart and makes me smile.. I can hardly wait to start planting my garden and walk barefoot and be connected to the Earth once more. Spring is more then a season to me it is a renewal of life and the chance to start fresh again and be one with the flowers..:)

  • Pam Brown

    Spring is one of my 6 favorite seasons. I also count Early Spring and Late Summer. New growth is all around us, nature shows us the way, it is up to us to pay attention.

  • Jill Auld

    Getting outside again in comfort.

  • jan Lopez

    I just moved to an acre of land and I am excited to see what the landscape offers in the spring. First the fruit trees blossomed, what glory, now waiting for the trees to leaf out. Nature is consistent, beautiful and inspiring. We need to do what we can to help it along. Garden starts this weekend!

  • Gail Laskow

    I love searching for the newest signs of growth…usually chives for me. Then the thought of making scrambled eggs soon with those chives. But Spring also means Summer is around the corner and then the warm sunshine! New Beginnings!

  • Barbara Pagluighi

    I love spring, the warm sunshine, nature’s awakening and the endless possibilities.

  • Ann

    Spring is Anticipation for all that will transpire with longer days and warming temperatures.

  • Denise Scott

    SPRING to me means new beginnings.. new life… freshness. And I love to be a part of it all <3

  • Michelle Stutzman

    Our family loves spring because it’s when Wispertal wakes up and starts to sing!

  • Karl Ullrich

    Setting on the deck with Amigo the Wonder Dog soaking up the sun and watching the flowers grow.

  • Lonna

    For me, Spring is hearing all the beautiful birds returning. To wake up to the sound of the Sand Hill Cranes, the Balimore Orioles that have returned to my little piece of heaven in the woods. Anxiously awaiting for the snow to melt, to reveal all the new bulbs I planted in the fall. To have the windows open again. Hurry up Spring!

  • Ellen Gurak

    The sound of birds chirping in the morning, and the days getting longer.

  • Shirley Brown

    I love the yellow flowerrs of spring. Makes me think of sunshine. Love the warmth of the sun, getting my hands in the dirt again and the smells of lilacs and fresh mown grass.

  • Debbie Brownson

    Love the smell of the flowers and grass. Listening to the birds, as they return to the area.

  • kim hale

    The feel of the dirt, the smell of rain, being outside, watching my flowers come back to life…its spring! What is thetr NOTto love about it..oh ya… Allergies lol

  • Cricket

    Oh how I love Spring it’s like waking from a dream :-) it’s a rebirth of all old to new.Nothing like fresh air,beautiful birds and bright colors popping up all over my yard.During Winter I paint all my outdoor items new and bright colors to make my yard pop.Spring is great for you makes you so happy inside and out.Woop Wopp

  • Myra Godwin

    I love the feeling of the warm earth between my toes! <3

  • Claudia (Klaudia) Velazquez

    I love the smell of fresh composted soil. Spring allows me to get out that soil, compost, seeds, flowers, veggies… and lets me play! Keeps me out of therapy!!! <3

  • Spring brings my kids even closer. They take pride in helping mom with the garden and reap the rewards of good food.

  • New hope … new life … ‘the bestest’!

  • Sandee Jones

    Love the smell of Spring, hunting for mushrooms.. playing with my yellow lab.. taking the kayak out on Thunder Lake… What’s not to love about Spring.. We just received over 15″ of fresh snow here in Manistee Michigan and it’s coming down in buckets today.. Spring.. we’re really ready here in Michigan.. where are you?

  • Spring brings excitement. It can be felt by the body. You can smell it in the air and it brings about things you can taste. This is what I love about Spring.

  • Patricia Malek

    The sudden arrival of robins and the bursting of the redbuds and peach trees are the spring surprises that I love best.

  • I love getting out and smelling the new green, earthy smells in my garden. And watching the plants grow and produce. Can taste the fresh vegetables as I am waiting! I love sitting outside with my morning coffee listening to the birds. Come on lets garden.

  • Lynda Kelley

    Longer daylight, new life, sprouts, buds, baby chicks, melting snow, so many things. Celebrating the Easter season and my Savior. Planting a new garden.

  • Patience

    I love spring because my grandmother taught me how to use my green thumb! She used to say she loved to work in the flowers cause she wanted to give Jesus something pretty to look at. I hope that now I am giving her something pretty to look at!

  • Sadie Collins

    I live in Montana, so the return of green is my favorite part of spring. The limited pallet of white, yellow, and brown finally begins to give way to lively green in May. All that was dormant reveals itself. Not dead, just waiting. I’ve missed them again this year. As always, thank you for returning, my friends!

  • Elaine Horsley

    I love the anticipation and comfort of knowing that as surely as the sun will rise, so will the trees and flowers burst into magnificence, awaking from their slumber to bring new life.

  • Lori Pritsky

    Spring, to me, is a new beginning… A time for growth and regeneration. I love seeing the seedlings popping up through the soil, and the buds and blossoms on the trees! Just this morning, I swear, the birds starting singing louder than they have all winter (in FL, they never stop singing, but today was MUCH louder). Even they are ready for spring. This spring, we are teaching the children in my granddaughter’s school (K-7th) about gardening! This will make Spring 2013 the best spring yet!!!

  • Tina Brown

    I love working outside in my big organic vegetable garden. When the warm Spring weather comes, it triggers something inside of me telling me to get outdoors and start weeding and planting. I have 40 different types of vegetable seeds to plant and look forward to the reward of harvesting my own vegetables.

  • Tim Brenner

    My Favorite thing about spring – The smell of the first spring rain and Hyacinths!!

  • Nettie Lewis

    I love the rain. We spent every spring in Oregon and I fell in love with the rain. But living in southern Utah we don’t get much. So I wait every year for my fav season just so I can play in the rain with my son the way my mother did with me.

  • Renee Woodling

    I love being outdoors and playing in the dirt!

  • Dan Shea

    My fav is the sounds of the birds chirping – wind blowing through my hair and wear shorts again.

  • Pamela Turner

    What I love most about springtime is all the pretty colors that start to bloom—from the yard, to the garden, to the trees—all kinds of pretty color. This is the best time to get out and get some fresh air! Its also the time for me to get out in my greenhouse and yard! I love Diggin’ in the dirt!

  • Kathy Cervantes (MuddyKat)

    I love spring!! The new life, new growth, the possibilities of change all come sprouting forth. Being in touch with nature brings me to new areas of change within myself and my garden/yard. Happiness at its finest!

  • Marie

    I love spring because the weather turns warmer and everything seems so fresh and new. And of course…it’s time to PLANT!!!

  • Risë Kulenkampff

    Spring is the best…a time of renewal!

  • Penny Martin

    I love the smells of Spring……and the warmer weather I hope we get soon!

  • Stacey A

    I love the smell of spring and the feeling it brings…a sense of a new beginning.

  • Joey Barnes

    Besides getting dirt under my fingernails, I love the new green color of the trees. What do we call this bright, clean color? Why, “new green”, of course!

  • margaret mastromarino

    The sun on my face dirt on my hands!!! And the beauty I grow !!

  • What I love about spring is the change in the air, the thought of knowing that the sun will soon replace more of the rainy days and the blossoming possibilities everywhere.

  • Shirley Wells

    Spring = Columbia blue skies with wispy clouds floating in the breeze; sunshine and robins; longer days; renewed energy…

  • Sharon Phillips

    The first whispers of color on a barren landscape is what I love most about spring. The green blush of budding leaves on the trees; the first tiny pops of yellow and purple from the crocus in my garden. :)

  • Rebecca Taylor

    I love spring because all nature is in rebirth. The happy song of the birds and the first daffodils blooming! My husband has already planted corn,beets, and pintos.

  • Nikki Pearce

    My favorite thing about Spring is all about dirty fingernails and muddy knees. Getting down in the dirt, pulling weeds, bringing in my new adoptions, and feeding my long lost friends. Of course, I usually start the season with quite a bit of slush and ice, but the sun on my shoulders and the scents in my nose make every minute a luxury vacation.

  • Mary Biebl

    When the first spikes of the crocus and tulips as well as my hostas, peek through the soil, and around here sometimes through the last bit of snows surrounding the flower beds…Spring has sprung!

  • Marie Gallman

    I can’t wait for the birds to come back. I can’t wait until the trees and flowers start bloomimg again.

  • Michele Pruitt

    I love the peaceful feeling of walking out in the garden listening to the birds and feelinf the dirt between my fingers! I absolutetly love seeing the beauty of all the well groomed rows of dirt producing tiny little seedlings….. then watching them grow! Sort of like mothering!! Challenging yet exciting to see just how wellit all turns out each year!The perfect therapy!

  • Laurylie Polito-Norman

    I love the new Beginnings that seem to sprout up everywhere…

  • April Buckman

    Besides the weather and fresh air, I love the feeling of rebirth, the smell of the earth awakening, joy of seeing the world come back to life with flowers and trees blooming like crazy!

  • What I love most about Spring is the promise of new and renewed life-New sprouts of plants, new animal babies being born and the smell of the freshly tilled earth that will yield healthy food to feed my family.
    The songs of the birds returning from their winter homes, singing joyfully and flying about so happily brings me great joy. I await the warmer weather patiently and the smell of spring flowers–and especially awaiting a mud-free yard, so that I can play with my dog without having to take a bath every time she goes outside!
    Happy Spring today–the astronomical solstice was at 7:20 am Eastern.

  • Sharon Wilson

    Time to begin “playing in the mud” and watching things bloom.

  • jen canelos

    Getting my hands in the dirt and seeing flowes poking their heads out of the ground!

  • Cindy Thompson

    I love the little crocus peeking thru the dead leaves and waking up to hear the robins singing in the early morning….then I know that spring is really on the way.

  • Dena Caruth

    My favorite part of spring is new babies,baby sprouts & birds singing their songs.

  • Mandie

    Buds bursting, birds chirping, sun shining to warm the skin; these are the things I love about Spring.

  • I love that in spring The air smells clean and new. I love seeing the tiny buds emerge that I know will be in full bloom all summer. I love that I was born in Spring and I feel like each year is a new chapter. Sigh…. I love spring

  • Wendy Chaussee

    Green is my favorite color… when I think of spring it is the subtle change when the first tint of green begins to show, the sound of the chickadees busy cleaning house, the little buds on the trees begin to swell with the show of green, little green heads of all the flowers and herbs poke up through the wet soil. Green is awakening, green is life, green is calm. When I see the hint of my favorite color I know it is time to dig out the tools and get ready for a full season of planting pruning mowing and digging the earth to create new life for myself and family!

  • Rita Skaggs

    All winter long, I have been battling my inside cats who enjoy digging up the herbs, etc. which I brought in to overwinter “safely”(LOL)and when I have had seeds from things such as avocados instead of putting them in water to sprout, I have just planted them in these 5 gallon flowerpots along with the herbs…ended up with some potatoes which sprouted as well as onions and salvaged what I could and planted the rest. This helped me so much to get through this unusual Ohio winter weather. By the way, my potato plant is starting to bloom…taters are near.
    This has helped me keep my sanity this year when my world sometimes too often seems turned upside down…these things of green, let me know and remember that soon, Spring will be here in weather as well as the calendar.

  • Susan Burge

    Spring is newness, fresh air, buds swelling ready to burst forth their bloom. Gardens begin to show forth their winter wear…oh raking, cleaning, exercise! Spring allows the body and mind to feel alive after a long white winter in the Northeast. Sleepy little towns along the coast of Maine begin to waken to usher in the joy of waterfront activities – sun, surf, lobster boats, tourists…we’re almost there…..Spring! Ahhhhh………………

  • Carrie Sylvester

    Spring! I love the freshness in the air and the chill in the dirt. Time to get dirty!

  • I love seeing nature come to life with an explosion of color!!!

  • Pamla Raye

    This year Spring is very special for me. I have recently moved to Texas and am living on my sister’s property in a 2 1/2 room cabin. As we have talked into the late hours pressing mid-night after a hard day’s work we are discovering a shared vision for creating an organic sustainable trail mix re-purposing “stuff” into functional gardening beauty or tools and opening up a cottage industry on consignment for like minded folks!

  • Debbie Johnson

    Daffodils, digging in the dirt and watching honeybees on the dandelions are my favorite things about spring!

  • Charita Humphrey

    What I love most about Spring is the newness, everthing is new or has been renewed, as fresh start to a new year of growth, hopefully all the pruning done in the fall will reveal an explosion of colors!

  • Margaret Kendrick

    Smell the air mixed with spring green while winter robins greet snowbirds with little beaks crammed with dry twigs. Anxious for old and new bulbs to wriggle past ice and snow. Welcome the sun on my face and mud under foot, don’t care the wet sox my Crocs give way my hands are searching for generations of mud worms to say hello friends. Happy Spring Everything.

  • Casey meling

    The things I love about spring are the colors after a long winter of white, getting my hands dirty preparing my gardens for planting, and of course my birthday is the first day of spring (March 20th)! Spring is definitely my favorite time of year.

  • A.J.

    I love the smell of fresh cut grass, seeing people outside, riding their bikes, rollerblading, washing their cars. I love planting and seeing the new growth on trees and flowers and all the birds that are coming to my bird feeder!

  • Cheryl

    What’s not to love! In SC I’m already enjoying singing birds, flowering trees, daffodils and listening to the peepers at night. Garden going in in a few short weeks!

  • Faye Inman

    What I love about SPRING is the opportunity to prove that no matter how many storms came our way, we can experience new life again! In nature, this includes the bad weather, cold, dark days, pests and improper planting techniques. In our personal life, this includes mistakes, heartaches poor choices and missed opportunities. There’s nothing like a second chance to begin again!

  • Kathy Garrity

    Spring is a time for renewal. To hear the birds you haven’t heard through the dark days of winter. To hear the peepers in the spring and to smell the soil after tilling. New life being born is happiness for the soul.

  • Margaret Kendrick

    Good day.



  • Autumn

    What I love most about Spring is Mother Earth waking from her long and sleepy slumber with all of her colors in bloom, giving life, renewed! I am rejuvenated and refreshed each and every Spring as if coming back to life with her :)

  • Heather C

    Daffodils, baby cows, and my oldest child’s birthday. I love spring.

  • Kellie Folkerts

    My roses start to bloom and my garden gets switched from winter mode to spring!

  • Cheryl Lewis

    I love it when my azaleas and bridal wreath bloom…first signs of spring in my yard.

  • I love to see God’s beautiful art work! HIS art has a beautiful fragrance and is changing every single day. I love how His beauty brightens up this world! Thanks for the opportunity to share and to read so many wonderful comments! God is so good~Have a blessed day!

  • Chris

    Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal! Living in TX, it’s hard not to have scorched earth and withered plants by September. At times, I just think, “Is it worth it??? Why do I work so hard @ this??”. Then Spring comes and those same withered plants poke their beautiful little heads through the ground!! They’re reborn and so am I! Gardening is the BEST therapy!

  • Oney Jones

    Spring to me means a breath of fresh, clean, crisp, live-affirming morning air all day long!

  • Sherrell Gay

    Spring means New life. As a 2 time heart/kidney transplant recipient, I realize how important life is…I love to plant new seedlings in my gardens and watch them grow. My gardens are in memory and honor of my donors. Each year I add more plants and get excited when they leaf out and bloom.

  • Denise

    I love when I see the first green of bulbs breaking through the dirt. I love the weather. Not to hot, not to cold.
    I love the spring colors in my wardrobe. I love the spring colors in nail polish to be worn.
    Where I live, we have quail. In spring, they come out. Don’t know where they all are during winter. They are in groups but in about a month or so, they pair off and then you only see them with their mate. A month or so after that, they show up in my yard with all the babies in tow. So cute and they also make a lovely sound.
    Spring is my favorite season!

  • Marjan Rotting

    The first blooms of spring remind me that the warm lazy days of summer, long forgotten, will return.

  • I love everything about spring! I think my favourite is my grape hyacinths coming up, they are so cheery.

  • Brenda Caldwell

    The color of Spring and having a hand (literally!) in making the world more beautiful!

  • Mary LaJoie

    The anticipation of what’s to come. The flowers as they slowly start to come out of the ground. The time in the garden, digging up the dirt getting it ready for planting, and the planning as I sit there going thru the packets of seed debating on where each will be planted and the new varieties I am excited to try

  • Oh Spring, why I love you so much… I awaken with you out of my deep winter sleep and look forward to the new light.

  • Caroline Ferreri

    I love spending as much time as possible outside in my garden, planting, weeding, mowing, relaxing, it’s the best place on earth

  • Brigitte

    The warmth in the light , it glows with golden hues, the song of birds, and the cries of lambs,kids,calves and all the little ones in the field, the rooster’s song, the feel of the breeze on my skin that is finally unbundled, the endless hours of kids’ play and the endless possibilities…Winter has been very long up here :)

  • bee

    I love spring because the weather is warm and my turtles and tortoises ake up from hibernation and love to explore the garden. and of course working in the garden, planting, weeding, and watching everything grow!

  • the smell of wet diirt watching the butterfies on the blooms

  • Brenda Cooper

    Digging up the beautiful ground that God gave us to plant and watch things grow!!

  • Spring means flowers, baseball, fresh green grass, and clean air. I am a floral designer, so it also means wedding season. The daffodils that blanket our area, and soon to follow, California Poppies and Lupin, just put a smile on my face every day! Welcome Spring!!

  • Jan Connell

    Spring, my favorite season….I love the green grass, the clean smell of laundry waving on the lines, tulips and daffodils peaking through the soil, fruit trees blossoming, trees budding…. Spring, a sign of rebirth. :)

  • Debbie Rayburn

    Here in Alaska the sun begins to feel warm to the skin again, and everything is dripping melt water, even in single digit weather. Spring’s arrival means I can start my seeds in the garage under lights. It brings such joy after a long brutal winter. The season here is a short, with long days of sunlight, and spring’s promise of a new season is something I plan for all winter.

  • Theresa Adkins

    Flowers popping through and saying winter isn’t forever!

  • Margaret Kendrick

    What is moderation?

  • Carolyn Hubatka

    Spring is a time of beauty,from flowers, trees, animals and the best of human life as I received news of a new great-grand daughter Lia Denise welcome to this beautiful world.

  • Melody Harp

    Spring is so full of surprises….will it be Sunny? Rainy? Too wet to dig or will it hail?

  • I love seeing the flowers pushing their way up through the soil, everything turning green once again, and being able to play in my garden.

  • Dana woodruff

    I absolutely adore spring. Light Sweaters in the morning, sleeveless and sandals in the afternoon. Love seeing all of my annuals spring back to life and the little seeds I have planted to sprout and my garden! Love watching the onions carrots and tomatoes begin their journey to my table. I also LOVE LOCE LOVE all the pics from two Women and a Hoe! Fantastic ideas!! Thanks. Keep them coming!

  • Gail

    I love the sun, the smell of cut grass and rich dirt, the birds singing and squirrels cavorting. It’s a clean-sweep from winter.

  • This will be my first year planting a garden ! I love seeing the plants pop through soil for the first time! So exciting!!

  • Lisa Roppolo

    I love mild temps of spring when you can turn off the heat and have the windows open! I love the daffodils and tulips in bloom and the sweet smelling flowering shrubs. I love working in the garden and getting my hands dirty.

  • Sandy Jones

    Love getting out in the yard watching everything grow and bloom after spending a long winter in the house…

  • LanaK

    Everything is blooming!!

  • Chris Patterson

    Simple. I love the flowers, blossoms, and the bees.

  • Spring generates the earth’s renewal, my renewal, promises of beauty, tender growth, statbursts of color, hope….

  • Marsha P.

    Spring is my favorite season of the year. It is a time of renewal and watching my gardens wake up brings me such joy.

  • Victoria Cox

    What I love most about spring is seeing the crocuses bloom in my front yard.

  • Katy frisbie

    I can go to my moms house and plant organic veggies for my infant son :)

  • Lisa Stanley

    Tender green tree buds against a brilliant blue sky fills me with happiness every spring.

  • Tracy Lundgaard

    I love being outside. I enjoy planting and playing in my yard. Listening to the birds chirp while working is very theraputic.

  • Pam Ash

    I love the first sight of the robins; the smell of fresh-mown grass and the feel and smell of the freshly tilled garden! Everything comes alive and it’s so nice to be outside, I find every reason in the book to be outside…

  • Arlena Thomas

    I love the color of spring grass.

  • Karen Sherwood

    I love the sight of new birth and the world coming back to life after a looooong winter. I love the warmth of the sun and the air and the promise of being able to get outside and work in the dirt. I love planting new things and creating a beautiful canvas with colors, flowers, herbs, smells and making the landscape a work of art. I feel like I’m let out of the prison winter created of being confined to the house and am finally set free!

  • Boom

    The smell of dirt and the fresh air, little sprouts re-emerging from their winter nap. Robins, goldfinches, little frogs, the breeze through the trees. My cat snoozing in the sunlight. Browsing the local nursery for this years mystery plants and veggies. Opening the windows….just the sounds of the earth!!

  • Jill Ritz

    I love the warm air, breezes, birds chirping and getting out and digging in the dirt – the one time when I love dirty fingernails!!!! Love to see things coming back to life after a long, cold winter – including ME!!

  • Becki Morrison

    I love the blossoms on my fruit trees as I picture the fruit soon to be appearing, every bit as luscious and aromatic as the blossoms were.

  • Spring brings with it endless possibilities and hope.

  • Debbie

    I love the first warm days of Spring when it’s nice enough to walk around all my gardens to see what perennials have survived the harsh winter!

  • Kate in Ohio

    Love to see my seedlings sprout next to the woodburner while it’s still snowing outside!

  • Beth Turlington

    I can get outside, play in the dirt, plant my garden, tend my flowers and bring along my grandchildren, so they will have the same memories of me that I have of my grandparents, they are why I love gardening so much. To pass along the love of nature and how to care for the earth is one of the best gifts you can give.

  • Delphine McGuckin

    Spring brings to life all of my life’s blood back to it’s glorious display of color and fragrances. The first blooms of our apple trees attract beautiful bees as the irridecent blue dragon flies zip around curiously. The warm sun, still crisp air brings back the geese and ducks in the pond. The sound of the red winged black bird calling soothes me. I warm myself in the sun thinking how much “Creation”, my heart and soul. Life is great, I need nothing more..

  • Janeece Stringer

    There’s nothing like the smell of the fresh dirt after a long winter! (Deep breath… Ahhhhhhhh!) :)

  • I love how when you call it ‘gardening’ playing in the dirt becomes socially acceptable! I love birdhouses and watching all my little plants as they grow! I cannot wait till I can get up to my elbows in my garden!!!

  • Margaret Proctor

    All the different shades of green the keep showing up as everything starts to grow. The first blooms that poke through the dirt and the chance to plant and grow new things and watch all the changes happen.

  • Kim Huse

    The smell…awakening land…gardening gets me out of the house and INTO life again after a winter of dormancy…love everything about Spring…the potential is boundless!

  • Pam Kimble

    I love the smell of fresh turned soil, Pussy Willows, Forsythia blooming and the sound of birds.


    ☼ ☼ Every year I wait to see the Crocus pop up outside my picture window ~ Then I know it’s Spring !!! ☼ ☼

  • Barbara Franks

    Real tomatoes!!!!!! Not the pinkish plastic kind they sell in the stores all winter…..Red, juicy, wonderful tasting tomatoes!!!!!

  • Sheri Garcia

    I love the flowers blooming. Spring brings more bird varieties and butterfly’s!

  • Celia

    I love the excitement of buds fattening, pushing, coloring & popping – spring ephemerals getting us in the mood – the urgency of weeds getting us right out there and to work and the worms, frogs, salamanders and birds getting active.

  • Jenn

    The sunshine and knowing I’ll get to spend more time outside without being bundled up!

  • Noël Holly

    Let me count the ways! The wisteria coming into full bloom and the big black carpenter bees humming in the blossoms. Seeing the birds at the feeder at my kitchen window enjoying the treats that I have for them there. Opening up the windows and giving the place a good airing out.And generally getting my dirt therapy on!

  • Helen Young

    I love all the flowers and blooming trees of spring.

  • Kelly Gerren

    I love watching the spring flowers that crop up, the smell of the earth, and the sound as the world awakens =D

  • For me the best part about Spring is being outside again, working in the yard or at the community garden.

  • Joetta Colquette

    I live in Interior Alaska, so I look forward to the snow melting, the SUNSHINE, and the birds coming to feed after the l-o-n-g winter!~

  • Cathy Cadd

    For the past 2 and 1/2 years I have lived in a townhouse. Now we are living in a home with a garden. So spring means I get to walk in the garden in my bare feet. It means I get to dig my hands in real dirt, pull weeds and plant flowers. It also means I get to plant a garden. My husband built some raised beds. I started seeds in the house and just placed them in the beds. I got to transplant my pots with herbs into their own raised beds. I get to make compost now. I am a Happy Gardener.

  • Mona McPherson

    When the days are still crisp but sunny, and the birds start singing their spring songs, it is such a delight to stand outside and just take in all of that beauty.

  • Sandy Puckett

    Spring is like a good laugh after a season of despair. The greening of the landscape brings with it an excitement and anticipation of things yet to come. Equally exciting are the early spring-blooming bulbs whose brilliant colors and sweet scents cheerily announce, “Wake up! Wake up! It’s springtime!”

  • Ishbel

    Longer days. Turning the new ideas of winter into projects! And of course cherry blossoms, daffodils, chirping birds and all the iconic symbols of Spring.

  • Abbie Peterson

    The fresh smell of the earth down to the soil!… and the anticipations to fresh vegies & fruit to come :-)

  • L. Tedrow

    I love spring because Christ has risen, giving everything and everyone new life. I love the smell of the dirt, the robins looking for worms to feed the new babies, the poking up of the bulbs that were planted in the fall, result of hard work that you thought would never be done. The planning of what the new season will bring to the flower beds. Planting more seeds of joy, love, and peace.

  • In Spring, I look forward to the longer days and all of the color, especially green.

  • Yvonne

    I love starting my vegetable and herb seeds in the house in anticipation of a great summer feast.

  • Melanie Fulford

    The best part of spring is seeing the new growth popping up through the soil and planting more beside it.

  • Monique

    I love EVERYTHING Spring!! It’s a time to embrace life and plant seeds of change in our own life!

  • Michelle' Hillman

    Everything gets another chance to grow.

  • Pam M

    I love the smell of dirt and looking for green bits poking up through the soil!

  • Liz Petzak

    I live in Montana, so spring arrives later than most of the country, but when my bulbs emerge, I know it’s not far away….I love, love, love when new growth appears!!!

  • Susan Owens

    I love wearing that one pair of jeans with the permanently dirty knees from getting down on the ground to weed around exisiting plants and plant new ones!

  • Anita Hoffman

    I love opening the windows and letting the Spring breeze and smell of blossoms and grass wash out the stale winter air! The colors and smell of Spring rejuvenates and brings me alive again too! :)

  • Karen

    I live in a rural area so i am very connected to the changing of the seasons and what nature is doing. The first sign of spring for me is the chatter of all the red wing black birds that come in pairs to my feeder and find their nesting area not far from my pond. They love the tall grass there. Then i see my Mallard ducks coming home! They have been coming for about 5 years now to have their young also by the pond. Soon after the multitude of birds arrive, spring bulbs are up and I finally can bend my winter body in ways that makes it squeak from my long winter napping! I love spring, I can feel it in my heart for I know that it won’t be long before my daughter will be able to make her way over the mountain passes to bring me my beautiful grand daughters!

  • I love the colors coming forth from the plants after everything has been grey and brown. Seeing the color awakening in the plants is just like going from the black and white scene to color in the Wizard of Oz. Remember the magic?

  • Kathryn Hopkins

    What I love about spring: Sweet bird song to greet each day, the aroma of the soil when I am first able to sink my hands in, the first glimpse of sprouting plants, giant smiles from my kids as they come out to play, and dirty knees from planting & tending (even when I use a cushion!).

  • Kim Tabor

    There’s so much to love about Spring. The buds in the trees reminding me that it’s time to start my seeds, which makes me dream about the new garden we’ll be putting in. The days starting to get warmer, making it possible for my son and I to go outside for puddle hunts and running around. The general feeling of rebirth you see every where. But probably my favorite is hearing the birds singing again early in the morning, that’s the most definite sign of Spring.

  • Nicole Goodwin

    I love the freshness of Spring air, like right now with this awesome rain we’re getting here in Northern California! Love, love, love it- so perfect for sitting here and doing a little more planning + dreaming about new garden ideas!

  • I say Spring and I sigh as a heavy load is lifted off my shoulders… I GET TO PLAY IN THE DIRT!!!! All winter long I’ve waited to get outside to dig and till in compost and plant!!! The best part is I’m only limited by money… I seem to have boundless energy when it comes to PLAYING IN THE DIRT!!! THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT SITE AND POSTS!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  • PlanoCelloMom

    I love EVERYTHING about spring!! What I love most is quality time in the garden (AND the gardening center) with my best friend Mary. We are SOO00oo00OOooo two crazy women with a hoe!!

  • Jodi

    Spring bulbs pushing through the cold ground….New buds on trees…..The mating ‘dances’ of the birds….

  • The things that excite me most about Spring coming, is the thought of all the plants coming out of their Winter slumber, and re-creating themselves for the new year. All of the color and thrill of seeing the new budding plants bursting out of the cool soil, and the thought of all the new areas that are yet to be developed and discovered. I work in a Child Development Center with children, and we get them fully engaged in working with plants and in the soil. They get to plan their new garden spots for the year, and then plant the seeds, tend to them, and care for them during the warmer months. I don’t know who’s more excited for Spring, the kids or the adults! We are even going to try some new ideas this year like planting new seedlings in egg shells or ice cream cones, which will naturally decompose in the soil after they are planted.

  • lisa nigro

    i love hearing the peepers!

  • Annie Carter

    GREEN…..GREEN…..GREEN!!!! I’m ALWAYS learning from previous years and I SO look forward to implementing the things I have learned in hopes of seeing more lush blooms in my flower beds and increased bounty in my vegetable garden. This year we have new baby chicks and I am so excited to introduce my great-grandchildren (Alexia 7 and Tony 2 1/2) to the love and joy that can be found in watching Nana’s “babies” grow into lovely ladies that produce eggs for our favorite “cheesy eggs” Enjoy YOUR journey……….

  • I love seeing all the trees and flowers ‘awakening’ with new growth, especially the dogwoods in our area.

  • Donna Amos

    Love seeing new plants, buds and those bright green leaves sprouting.

  • Diane Bark

    Spring is so wonderful! I can plant vegetable seeds. Yesterday I planted fava beans and sugar snap peas. Also, I love the everyday surprises that are popping up in the garden!

  • Tami McIntyre

    I love the colors and smells of spring.

  • Sue Willis

    Sweet smell of jasmine, jessamine and gardenias!!!!!

  • Kim Clarke

    I love so much about spring… thing would be the renewal of life and seeing the plants forgotten about all winter peeking out of the ground.

  • Lacie J.

    Planting my garden…barefoot! I love warm dirt under my feet!

    • victoria brack


  • Beth Glover

    In the spring, I am proud to enjoy the sight of hundreds of birds, insects, reptiles and other wildlife thriving, and enjoying their lives in the garden that I have prepared during the previous months. The bulbs are all coming into bloom, as are the fruit trees. Even some of the weeds are blooming and providing natural sources of food for the most beautiful songbirds. I am happy that every year, I am seeing new species, and the numbers of “old friends” is increasing. I love planning our fruit and vegetable gardens, and I love giving away hundreds of pounds of citrus and other fruits to friends, family and coworkers. I love the reaction I get from people when they find out that we grow our own foods, in abundance. I love coming home from work, opening the car door, and getting hit with the perfume of our gardens. I love standing under the trees that are humming with bees. I really enjoy having people over at this time of year, and seeing them enjoy this environment, during the spring.

  • Heather

    I love deciding what new things I am going to plant this year. I LOVE those braces!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Debbie

    the sound of the birds busy building there nests. They always sound so cheerful this time of year. Also watching the buds starting to open. Ya just know spring has sprung when you see the buds opening.

  • Donna McCatty

    I love that my woods is standing with pools of spring melt.
    I love the blooming of trillium and the song of spring peepers.
    I love the annual spring grooming of my yard.

  • Sandra Taylor

    Getting my fingers in the dirt…I love the feel of it. Then gently planting each of my “babies” and excitedly waiting for them to grow!!

  • Donna McCatty

    I love cleaning out the wood burner and putting away the mess until autumn.

  • Anna Harriman

    Peonies! Absolutely Breathtaking! Love them

  • sarah

    Getting my hands back in the soil and starting my garden!

  • Jennifer Niemi

    I love that the sun is bright and shines into my kitchen in the morning. I love being able to open a few windows to let the Spring smells into the house. I love mowing the lawn, smelling the flowers on the breeze, the buds on the trees, the birds singing. I love the feeling of renewal that Spring brings.

  • Angie

    The smell of bbq, bike riding, hiking, gardening, the smell of freshly mowed grass, birds singing. Pretty much EVERYTHING!

  • Carol White

    I love the fresh air, opening the windows, sitting on the patio in my Cardinal red wicker rocker inherited from my grandmother (was robin’s egg blue), watching the birds, baseball, the flowers, May Day….so many blessings of spring!

  • Emily K

    The warm SUNSHINE!!

  • Nicole Keys

    I love that you can open your windows, smell the lilacs & other flowers, honey bees emerge from their hives to begin collecting pollen. To me Spring brings new life and the days begin getting longer again.

  • Nancy

    I love watching my garden come to life, the birds making nests in my patio and getting my hands good and dirty and trying new plants in old places..

  • Helen

    I love cherry blossoms and the smell of a spring rain.

  • Iris Harrill

    Spring smells like fresh cut grass, it sounds like birdsong in early morning, it looks like tiny green sprouts just breaking thru the ground, and it feels like dirt between my fingers and my toes! I guess you would say Spring is my favorite time of year.

  • The first day of spring means only 2 more months of Winter in Alaska!

  • Tina

    I love getting out of the house and back outside, watching flowers and trees come back to lushness, and choosing new plants to go into the garden.

  • Robyn Innis

    Spring is new life, fresh beginnings, and sweet smelling blooms.

  • I love the smell and feel of spring soil I also love walking through my gardens finding the first sprouts of flowers pushing there way through the soil.

  • Megan

    Spring is my favorite season because everything turns green and emerges from winter slumber…including me!

  • Andrea Nash

    The first burst of color, the new soft greens that dot the tree tips, and the sound of the brook behind my house as the last of the ice melts away releasing it to run across the stream bed of rocks, and pebbles. The birds coming back from their travels, and the morning once again graced by the sound of their singing. The breeze carrying the smell of new growth, earth beginning to warm by the sun and the desire to put my hands into rich brown dirt.

  • Everything!! The warmth of the sun, the budding trees, the blooming flowers, and scouting out the nurseries for plants!

  • Smell of fresh dirt,birds,sunshine,Miss Spring coming in and Ole Man Winter leaving..New life coming and the sunshine bringing sunny days and laughter of better things to come….

  • Bob

    Trout Fishing and Turkey Hunting are my favorite things about spring.

  • Tammy Flynn

    The Suns’ rays inject their energy into my body, melting the stress and tension hiding within. This awakens all senses, making aware the rainbow of fragrant life. The dirt is fresh. A breeze carries music from feathered friends. Yes, gardening is soul food. Preparing the space, tending the gardens needs and reaping the harvest feed the soul through the senses.

  • Diane Bemus

    I love smell of worms after a spring rain!!!

  • Shirley Sendgraff

    Spring is my favorite season! I LOVE everyhting about it!! The new flowers blooming, birds back, new possibilities for everyone to have their own re-birth! The Easter festivities and even the spring cleaning!! Renewal, re-do, re-imagine the possibilities!!!

  • Judy S.

    I love the new flowers and the warming sun. It signals a re-birth in the chain. It reminds me that life can begin again at any time.

  • Barbara De Vore

    Spring brings the promise of everything new..a new beginning, a new chance for new choices in your garden, warmth and growth, on the beautiful outside and also inside of me, a new chance, new opportunities, everything becomes alive once again!

  • Lynda Lien

    The snowdrops blooming are the first sign of spring where I live & they give me hope that gardening days will soon follow.

  • Donna Tassos

    I love how fresh, clear and crisp everything outdoors looks in spring!

  • Faye Foster

    Spring brings renewal to everything. I love the flowers that bring
    great color and smells. The warmth of the sunshine and the spring rains give us hope for a beautiful growing season.

  • Pamela

    Spring is the chance to start all over again. Bring in what worked before and dream about what’s to come. Fresh air, a wash of rain, the smell of earth, digging into it and planting new seeds. Daffodils, hyacinth, lilacs, tulips, grape hyacinth, narcissus, sweet peas, camellias and trees in bloom. Lettuce, radish, arugula, seed packets, 4 packs, 6 packs, keep dreaming of more… The song of the chickadee keeping me company, the abundance of sparrows and robins. Earth is coming alive!

  • Debra Markiewicz

    Love my early spring here in Florida, sending warm breezes to my midwestern friends.

  • Erin

    Today I love the fact that both kids will try balancing an egg on end, that we are planting bundles of new flowers in along the edges of the drive! And the lettuces have began to spring in celebration of the new season! Spring is a definite favorite here in NC!! :)

  • Arletta Jenke

    I love Spring. It is my favorite time of the year. All of nature re-awakes…birds, animals, and plants. I can’t wait until I can get outside and start gardening.

  • Jeanine Louttit

    The smell of the air, warm breezes, sun kissed cheeks, swings, and PLANTING!

  • Kimmie

    EVERYTHING!!!! So love it all…rebirth, smells, wind, rain, new babies….there is soooooo much….pure mother nature at her very BEST!!! It is such a magical each year…and….Every year…I think I am really going to take
    advantage of spring and everything it has to offer…and than life happens and spring is gone for another year…maybe, that is why I like it even more each year she comes….never enough time…..LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT SPRING….

  • Bonnie Bobeck

    The best part of Spring is the rebirth of growth. The change from grey and brown to fresh green and the vivid colors of flowers and tree blossoms (like cherry blossoms). The smells are wonderful too, wet earth, grass and the many flower scents. The carcophany of song from the birds returning from Wintering elsewhere. Sunshine that warms is a blessing as well.

  • Jennie Brooks

    I love EVERYTHING about spring. I don’t even have allergies to deal with. I love all the blooms, the changing temperatures from one day to the next, the excitement and energy I feel from my friends, the joy of planning and planting seeds, veggies and flowers. and NOW i have this giveaway to be excited about too. Thank you, all!

  • Sarah Saulsbery

    Rebirth, awakening – the Easter Season. Love the Spring!

  • Sara Laughlin

    I love the ever changing canvas of colors along my walking routes and neighbor’s garden as more and more early spring flowers emerge. It’s like a new and breath taking painting every time

  • I love the smell of dirt. And I love to dig in it!

  • Denise Melbie

    I love the feel of the freshly tilled dirt between my toes, as I plant my veggie garden, and the first crocus that pop up!!

  • Leia B

    Springtime brings out the kid in me. I love to play in the puddles!!

  • Elaine D

    I love digging in the dirt with my bare hands and smelling all the wonderful smells!

  • Love seeing the first robin, kthe first daffodils, the first crocus.

  • Spring,the smell of fresh spring dirt,color starting to take shape, sitting outside digging in the dirt..planting,baby birds hopping around,sunshine waiting to see what the new year brings

  • trees blooming birds singing, playing in the dirt

  • Emily H

    It’s wonderful to see the bees and butterflies getting to work, and bringing us this wonderful bounty!

  • the best i love about spring is the blessings coming alive with mother earth and all she has to offer that touch my soul and all senses from dormancy and the thought of adding to it with love and respect that is deserving of her– also return thanks to her and that all nature that evolves within it –putting together my thanks in mind in return for her kindness and not abuse it –the moment of creativity –food and nature is what i love about spring /thnks

  • dawn

    Spring is the light at the end of a dark winter tunnel. I need to be outside. I paint my lot ( and lot in life) with plants. The dreams of the winter months are now ready to become reality. Just need the weather to catch up with the calendar.

  • Marilyn Dixon

    I love spring because it reminds me of new beginnings. God gave me new life when His son died and rose again for me on Easter. I am reminded of this when I see a new plant spring up from just a seed. I love working in my gardens. It is like a therapy for me and bring me lots of joy. I love all the fun ideas for planters, garden tips, etc that you post on your website, too!

  • Lisa H.

    The freshness of the air!

  • Terry Gavin

    Bird song in the morning, spring peepers in the evening (soon, I hope), woodcocks in flight, my primroses and dwarf iris blooming and Longer Days!

  • Maria Renaud

    What I love about Spring is fresh air! To watch everything come alive is like a melody of nature. Really I love it all. The warm nights the long days. The animals waking up after a long cold Winter..the plants providing food for all. A joyous time to enjoy the outdoors and to be in balance with our planet.

  • Rachel

    I love the anticipation that each spring day will bring visible changes in the garden–one day violets, then daffodils, then fruit trees covered in blossoms, then poppies, etc. Plants I put in yesterday are visibly bigger. I feel a connection to all things new and fresh and soft and green. I am filled with hope.

  • Sue Parker

    Happy Spring! Love all the flowers and new growth. Also the birds singing is just heavenly! Love digging in the dirt again.

  • Erin O'Brien

    The thing I love most about spring is coming out of the cold drab winter to see the sun and watch everything come to life!! It can’t get here soon enought

  • What I love most about spring is the power of the sun. I love the cool temperatures and the heat of the sun to warm me.


  • marcia

    Spring means my shoes fly off and I can get some earth between my toes! I♥dirt

  • Debbi Higgins

    Spring is the The assurance that life is eternal. The long dormancy of fall and winter, when the leaves fell, and the garden turned lifeless,moves on, and all of a sudden you look outside…..what is that? A pair of Robins! Time to fill the bird feeders, and fill the birdbath. The pond has been cleaned and the sound of running water from the waterfall, awakens my spirit. While the robins busy themselves with collecting misc. items to build their nests, I busy myself preparing my herb, veggie and flower gardens. A few old tires placed under the tree, will soon be filled with the lifeblood for the strawberrys that will grow there. Today, I saw blooms on my winter barren fig tree, and the Meyer Lemon has taken its place in the yard once again. God, much like a prince, has kissed the earth, and it is ready to spring……like hope eternal. The flowers will soon be smiling, the squirrels will be trying to steal the bird food. My heart palpatateds with the knowing of what is to come. The sun is shining, a light breeze blowing…….Spring is here at long last. Thank you God for this wonderful creation of our earth. Just as God breathed life into man, and gave them a garden……..we are afforded the same opportunity…to bask in the sunshine, and watch the fruits of our spirit and hard but loving work, pay of in an abundance of color, food, and blessed scents of their individuality.

  • Julie

    the first sprouts – full of promise :)

  • Cheryle

    The best things about spring are knowing I can plant peas, watching for my crocuses and that first pull of the rake when I see many shades of green under the brown leaves I covered my beds with in the fall! let the games begin:)

  • Jessie Bee

    Spending time outside with my husband enjoying nature and tending to our garden after a much needed break from the New England winter.

  • Sally Engle

    What I love most about spring is how it seems to bring everything back to life. Yes, I love the plants emerging to bloom again and watching the green begin to color the earth. All this seems to be infectious and the people, myself included, begin to smile more deeply and joy begins to creep into more conversations and actions. It seems all of us are connected with the earth and as spring returns to the Earth to rejuvenate the soil, it also rejuvenated the soul. :)

  • Tamme

    I love seeing the first flowers peeking out. It makes me so excited to plant more beds and take photos of the beauty that surrounds us.

  • Andra

    Spring is Easter and Spring Break. It is the fresh smell of rain and more sun-shiney days. It is pussy willows, daffodils, crocus and tulips. Spring is also my birthday and anniversary :) What a lovely time of the year!

  • Mary Beth

    Spring has sprung….a time for new beginnings!

  • Deborah

    Flowers Flowers and more flowers and yard deco and again more flowers

  • Kathy Bickell

    I love the early mornings, longer days & the smell & feel of dirt!

  • Jo Ann

    Spring has sprung when daylight lengthens, my kids are trying out for softball and baseball, I start planning my golf tournament, and the greenhouse begins to overflow as we wait for the snow to melt off and the temperature warm enough for the tulips greens to begin to show their joyful color.

  • lorine nickerson

    the wonder of spring unfolds itself slowly to me, sometimes welcoming me with ticklings of cooly, warm to come afternoons, yet crisp mornings remain for a time, to be languished in, before the heaviness of summer decends.

  • Angie Couts

    The earthy smell that permeates the air after the first spring rain. Those first little seedlings that push through the soil. Pulling out my stash of seeds and contemplating what to grow. Seed exchanges. The unadulterated joy that bubbles up in me when the robins arrive. What is not to like about spring?

  • Hope and possibilities! My whole body relaxes from the tight ball it’s been curled in all winter like a fresh geen shoot pushing up through the soil. My mind and soul feel clean and refreshed in the spring air and sunshine! New sights, new sounds and new friends await me in the spring. Every changing delights are around every corner. I was born in the spring and it’s always been my favorite season.

  • Barbara Watson

    I love daylight savings time & flowers!

  • This spring is pretty special to me. I am new to gardening and have planned for a garden over the past few months and have started pages at Facebook and started a blog trying to encourage all to try to grow, even a few things and to go all organic. So, I love the spring because it signifies a new beginning. Thanks for your blog.

  • Karen Fairhurst

    The most awesome thing about spring is all the color coming back and the bringing of the new lives into the world. Birds, squirrels all the cool things that run around in your yard. I love being able to get out and work the soil and tend to my spring flowers popping up and getting the beds ready to plant. There is nothing like it!

  • Cori Sue

    I love the smell of things beginning to grow, and being able to play with plants outside (and not just in the windows.)

  • Great site, great prizes! I love spring because I get to dig in the dirt again & dream.

  • Yvonne Shelley

    Warm breezes, flowers blooming and working in the yard and garden

  • Roberta Youngs

    I love spring, the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, and the dirt under my fingernails.

  • After a long winter of cold windy weather and blankets of snow, its a blessing to see spring come . To watch the new flowers breaking through the dirt where life seemed to be gone.Spring is a time of new beginings, I think when spring comes there is so many uplifting things that happen, like new flowers, trees budding,the smell of the warmer yet crisp breeze,and the birds song is just so overwelmingly happy. Even the animals know this is the time of year for new beginings and second chances to enjoy all that GOD has blessed us with.when I think of Spring of new life for everything great and small.Enjoy this Spring to the fullest everyone.

  • Angela King

    The smell of fresh cut grass, fresh squeezed lemonade, and newly born seedlings offering so much promise…

  • Helen Brewster

    — spring is for renewal;hanging laundry on a clothesline; the smell of rain on earth; permission to have dirty feet; participating in creation of life, just by planting seeds; leaving all the windows open; trying something new; getting another chance to start over.

  • I love to get out in the garden in the spring and watch the grand kids plant the plants they started. I love passing on my love of growing your own food to them. They love spending time with Grandma in the garden and yard :)

  • Laura

    I love to see the flowers begin to pop up!

  • Lisa Price

    Winter Me has her hope and optimism renewed when Spring Me sees the first seedlings sprouting.

  • Marti Cagle

    Planning the spring planting in my square foot beds and flower beds!

  • Ivette Santa Maria

    I love nature and being outdoors, and spring is when you can start planting and taking care of your garden.