11147137_10205547565423088_5459282236108952835_nWho’s the “other” Woman? My mother has always been my inspiration! She was an incredible entrepreneur, a business owner, and one of the smartest people you could meet. Two Women and a Hoe® is a tribute to her memory.

Now this is going to sound strange, but the other woman is also my brother. I was a successful human resources professional who had worked my way up to what some may describe as an ideal job, but I was dreaming about gardening and getting dirty. And there was my brother, Michael, back in February 2006, saying, “Let’s start a business.” Well, I declined his offer. Suddenly, devastatingly, Michael died of a heart attack in March. You can guess the rest: In April, I developed a business plan and strategy to exit corporate America. I replaced my corporate high heels with Wellies, and never looked back. Today, I am living my dream and mixing business with pleasure!

The other woman is you, too! Whether you’re male or female, you may feel like I did. Know that I know you; you inspire me with your desire to identify your passion. I say, you can figure out what your “Wellies” are, whether you are in the garden or not!

I’m a businesswoman who loves to garden, and I know that what I’ve said here has no weight if I can’t back it up with knowledge, sustainable landscape and garden designs, integrity, creativity, and customer service. I am a certified landscape designer, advanced master gardener and a contributing writer for State-by-State Gardening magazine who knows what works and what doesn’t. Our gardens don’t look like other gardens: They are low-maintenance and beautiful. After all, they should be our love, not our labor of love.

If you hire me, the most important thing you need to know about me is that if I say it, it gets done. I aspire to give back the gift of promise. Please be sure to read our Core Values!

Two and a Hoe