• Landscape & Garden Consultations
    • Whether you’re an avid gardener who wants some fresh ideas, a new homeowner with no idea where to start or needs more curb appeal, a landscape and garden consultation is for you. I will spend one hour at your home, gathering your input and then marking out design ideas for the spaces to be considered. I will answer more specific questions for those who want gardening tips and advice. In addition, I will take the input given by you to solve functional problems and generate design ideas for your space, as well as answer specific questions about plant identification, pruning, plant recommendations, soil amendment, drainage, etc.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Sustainable Landscape Design & Installation
    • Larger scale projects will require additional design time. For clients who want more extensive master plans or a project that entails grading, elevation changes/hardscapes, or a more in depth planting plan, the consultation is a great start. We will gather your input to understand your priorities so the design is tailored to your needs and lifestyle, and our commitment to right plant, right place.
  • Speaking Services
    • Garden clubs, symposiums, fundraisers, arboretums, garden shows, garden centers, trade shows and more.
  • Organic Garden Maintenance, Restoration & Seasonal Pruning
  • Seasonal Container Plantings
  • Rain Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens

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