My Wife the Gardener

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She dug the plot on Monday – the soil was rich and fine,

She forgot to thaw out dinner – so we went out to dine…

She planted roses Tuesday – she says they are a must,

They really are quite lovely – but she quite forgot to dust.

On Wednesday it was daisies – they opened up with sun,

All whites and pinks and yellows – but the laundry wasn’t done…

The poppies came on Thursday – a bright and cherry red,

I guess she really was engrossed – she never made the bed…

It was violets on Friday – in colours she adores,

It never bothered her at all – all crumbs upon the floors

I hired a maid on Saturday – my week is now complete,

My wife can garden all she wants – the house will still be neat!

It’s nearly lunchtime Sunday – and I cannot find the maid,

Oh no! I don’t believe it!

She’s out there with the spade!

~Author Unknown

vintage poster

Photo of Maud Cooper and Sarah Spaulding Castle by
Charles J. Van Schaick via the Wisconsin Historical Society.

May all your gardens grow,


4 thoughts on “My Wife the Gardener

  • By Paula-Windmill Farm - Reply

    Hello: Loved this poem, I reposted it to my blog and linked it to your blog as it so relates to me. We are a small farm in Northern California and I spend most of May-October in my gardens and vegetable fields. My husband really, really relates to it! Thank you for sharing it. I follow your blog regularly and enjoy it very much. Thank you.

    • By Jan Bills - Reply

      So glad you liked it, Paula!

      May all your gardens grow,

  • By sherryocala - Reply

    This is priceless, Jan!! It is so me… and my husband. I’d love to reprint the whole frame (poem & photo) on my blog with attribution, of course. I hope you say yes. I’m so thrilled I’m not the only one who is like this. You really nailed it, and I envy your ability to rhyme.

    • By Jan Bills - Reply

      So glad you like it, Sherry! Please do what you like with it! The author is unknown! Have FUN!

      May all your gardens grow,

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