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Mulch and Cardboard in the Garden

Here’s our FAVORITE dirty little secret:  cardboard is an AWESOME eco-friendly WEED barrier! Simply lay and spread mulch on top! As the cardboard and mulch decomposes, they add nutrients to your soil! Try it this season, you’ll be GLAD you did!  May all your GARDENS grow! ✿✿✿

mulch process

May all your gardens grow,


Bees Please!

According to the USDA: “Honeybees pollinate 80 percent of our flowering crops, which constitute one-third of everything we eat. Many plants are entirely dependent on particular kinds of bees for their reproduction.”

May all your gardens grow,

Pedal For Your Health and Pay It Forward!

One of my favorite summertime activities besides gardening is riding my tricycle to our local Royal Oak Farmer’s Market! I am especially fond of my bike because it was my mother’s AND it is very chic – three wheels and all!  However, my cycling trips to the market would not be successful without a stylish basket to hold my goodies!

Even if you don’t own a bike, you may be inspired to buy one after you check out these way COOL basket options from Adeline Adeline.  According to their website, Julie Hirschfield founded her company “after seeing her sister riding around the city on a vintage Schwinn.”

I can’t think of a more delightful way to exercise and support my local farmer’s market while reducing my carbon footprint? Pedal for your health and pay it forward!  It’s simply a WIN-WIN!

May all your gardens grow,

A Desktop Solution!

Dig this! A very practical desktop solution by Gothenburg, Sweden-based designer Love Hulten!  The “Senescent Desk” screams tranquility and is certain to relax the mind, body and soul while hard at work! This unique piece of furniture, made from untreated wood, is a self-contained garden with a water-tank, a mist maker, and two fans – all made from recycled plastic!

Now, you can mix work with pleasure…right at your desktop! Dig in!

 May all your gardens grow,

pic 3

Dig, Plant, Mark, Grow!

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Brilliant!  Imagine purchasing organic seeds packaged in snazzy bold colors with corresponding wooden spikes identifying its contents!  An innovative student at Vancouver Island University designed these very COOL plant markers that scream TURN-KEY operation!  I love how growing for home gardeners keeps getting easier and easier!

May all your gardens grow,


Plantable Packaging Creates a WIN-WIN!

Future generation is the most important thing.

~ Confucius

 These very COOL vegetable labels designed by student Ben Huttly are creatively genius and outrageously practical!

The attempt to eliminate waste in a very eco-friendly manner is well-served with recyclable natural cotton twine and biodegradable paper labels.

But here’s the best part: the labels are made from the seeds of the food they so affectionately adorn! I am in love with this plantable packaging idea!   Bravo Ben Huttly!

May all your gardens grow,


‘Edible’ Head Dressings!

‘Hanayui’ is a HOT new fashion trend for Eco-friendly enthusiasts! These stunning pieces are created by the Japanese artist Takaya Harayuishi. A collection of vegetables, fruits and flowers serve as hats or hair adorns for any occasion! One can’t get much closer to nature than this!

Which one suits your fancy?

May all your gardens grow,


Small Worlds: Toledo Museum of Art

Yesterday I visited the Toledo Museum of Art with my Soil Sister, Kylee Hartwig Baumle,  a/k/a Our Little Acre.  Needless to say, we had a perfectly lovely day! Let the holiday gatherings begin!

One exhibit, among many, caught my eye!  Gregory Euclide, an American contemporary artist and teacher, took recycling to the next level!  Here’s a brief summary and picture of his unique art cleverly displayed:

“A two story installation, (Take it with you – Toledo) was built on the Canaday Gallery Bridge at the Toledo Museum of Art. The installation was designed to be the entryway to the Small Worlds exhibit.

Discarded shipping crates, packing foam, paper cut outs of trees from paintings in the collection, 7 dioramas built into the crates, organic matter from the museum grounds, gravel from the Maumee River bank, gravel from the parking lots of Toledo and water from the Maumee River.”

And now, Artist Gregory Euclide’s desciption of his art:

Although he declares he was “simply showing” where land is today, there was nothing “simple” about this display or the message behind it.  Admittedly, he left me with much to think about and consider.

May all your gardens grow,