Garden art made with recycled tires

More RECYCLED tires in the GARDEN!

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How to Make “Lyndy Ladybug” From Recycled Tires


1.    2 car tires, one a little larger than the other

2.    1 large plastic salad bowl

3.    2 plastic flyswatters

4.    Spray paint – Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow

5.    Brush paint –Black and White (small cans)


1.    Power drill with ½” bit

2.    Utility knife

3.    Paint brushes

4.    Q-tips

5.    2x6x8 piece of treated lumber

6.    Four 3” deck screws

7.    1 washer


1.    Clean tires and let dry.

2.    Select which side of the large tires will be down.  Drill 4-6 holes in the sidewall of each tire to allow excess water to drain.

3.    Using the utility knife, cut thin rectangular holes in the bowl, an inch or so from the rim, and just big enough to slide the flyswatters through.

4.    Start painting!

a.    Spray paint the flyswatters.  I used Valspar Gloss spray paint/primer-in-one in the “Gold Abundance” color.

b.    Lay the tires out on drop cloth and spray paint.  I used XO Rust Gloss spray paint, in “Hot Red” color.  It took about 2-1/2 cans.  I didn’t paint the underside, since they wouldn’t be visible.

c.    Paint the bowl black with brush – I used Rustoleum flat black oil-based paint.

d.    Using the same paint, add spots (hearts) to body tires with brush. Warning:  thanks to the treads, the spots will take time and may seem like a real pain in the backside!

e.    With white paint and brush, add eyes, lashes, and brows to the bowl.  I used Rustoleum flat white oil-based paint.

f.     Fill in iris of eyes with blue spray paint.  I used Valspar satin spray paint/primer-in-one in the “Encounter” color.  I spray the paint onto a piece of wax paper or foil and use a Q-tip as a brush, because the spray paint will pretty much ruin a brush … unless you want to spend the time trying to clean a brush (yuck!).

g.    Using pink spray paint, add mouth to bottom of bowl.  Same deal with foil and Q-tips.  I used Valspar satin spray paint/primer-in-one in the “Thistle Field” color.

5.    Place the lumber inside the big tire, right behind where the head will be mounted.  Install 3 deck screws (center and on either side) through the rim of the bowl, through the tire, and into lumber.

6.    Place the larger tire upside down on a table or other support – so you can see the underside of the bowl head.  Slip the flyswatters through the holes you cut earlier in the bowl and bring the ends together.  Using the washer and remaining deck screw, secure the flyswatters through the tire and into the lumber.

7.    Put it all together!  Lay the larger tire with head on the ground – right-side up this time! Stack smaller tire on top.  Fill them to within an inch of the inner circle on the top tire with soil.

8.    Plant with flowers of choice.  I chose to use a bunch of reddish-orange geraniums.

This is how I did it, but if you make one, let your creativity run the show!   And don’t tell me you don’t have any … you just have to let it fun free for a bit, so HAVE FUN!

THANKS A BUNCH for your interest in Lyndy Ladybug – her ego (and mine!) may never be the same!


Happy Gardening!
Lynn Lapka

13 thoughts on “More RECYCLED tires in the GARDEN!

  • By Viola Bender - Reply

    Did you have the direction for the tea cup one it was on Facebook yesterday but no directions. So cute all in pink & white.

    • By Jan Bills - Reply

      Not yet but check back soon, Viola!

      May all your gardens grow,

  • By Connie Gibson - Reply

    Love this!

    • By Jan Bills - Reply


      May all your gardens grow,

  • By Kristy Wyganowski - Reply

    did I miss it? do we cut the salad bowl in half?

  • By Rose Hager - Reply

    How big did you make the feet and hands on the frog.The length and width

  • By Barbara Lee - Reply

    Hi I am trying to make ladybug tire planter and pick is really small and I am looking at the face and it looks like the tire was cut and the head was set in the tire . Can you help me and let me know how it is done.. I don’t see it in the instructions. Thank you

  • By Lauren - Reply

    I just LOVE all of your creative garden art and planters. Looking forward to wading through your other great posts. So nice to see beautiful, doable projects using recycled items!

  • By Angela - Reply

    I made the frog and this one!! Super cute!!! Have you ever tried making a bumble bee?

  • By Lisa - Reply

    Love this Ladybug,am going to make this one and the frog for out by our driveway,I cant wait to have them finished!Love your site,you have got alot of wonderful ideas!!Thank you so much!

  • By Cheryl - Reply

    I saw the minion on Facebook. Do you have the directions?

  • By Katie - Reply

    Hi I just LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥♥♥ these ideas for using old tyres do you have anymore designs would like to put a few different types dotted throughout our property (7.4 acres). The kids and their friends would find it fun to wonder through and see what is out there. Thanks again

  • By Cheryl - Reply

    How long does that spray paint last out in the sun? And does it peel or chip?

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