Proven Winners Container Challenge!

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We participated in Proven Winners Container Challenge at P. Allen Smith’s  Garden2Blog Event at Moss Mountain Farm in Little Rock, Arkansas and had a BLAST!

NOW, Kenny Point (my partner in crime) and . . . → Read More: Proven Winners Container Challenge!

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More RECYCLED tires in the GARDEN!


How to Make “Lyndy Ladybug” From Recycled Tires


1.    2 car tires, one a little larger than the other

2.    1 large plastic salad bowl

3.    2 plastic flyswatters

4.    Spray paint – Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow

5.    Brush paint –Black and White (small cans)


1.    Power drill with ½” bit

2.    Utility knife

3.    Paint brushes

4.    Q-tips

5.    2x6x8 . . . → Read More: More RECYCLED tires in the GARDEN!

Recycled tires in the GARDEN!

frog 7

How to Make “Frieda La Frog” From Recycled Tires

Supplies 2 car tires and one larger truck tire 2 small tires with rims (from cart, wheelbarrow, or mower). 4 plastic bowls Tire inner tube Garden hose Recycled rubber doormat Lid from a broken storage tote Duco Cement Silicon caulk . . . → Read More: Recycled tires in the GARDEN!